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ndis practice standards core module

Please note that we have followed the numbering methodology within the NDIS Core Module itself. The second in a series of ten webinars where MHCC breaks down the new NDIS Practice Standards and explore how they apply for psychosocial service providers. Mapping the NDIS Practice Standards Core Module to QLD HSQS Common Page 6 of 35 The NDIS Core Module consists of four standards, with a total of 22 required outcomes outlined under the four standard headings, as summarised in the following table. This webinar looks in more detail at what is required to demonstrate compliance with the first part of the Core Module: Rights and Responsibilities. NDIS Practice Standards in Psychosocial Support Core Module: Part 1: Rights and Responsibilities Webinar 2 of 10. However, all NDIS providers must meet the Practice Standards covered by the core module. The NDIS Practice Standards are the requirements and outcomes that all providers registering for the NDIS will be assessed against. Waste management is listed as a practice Standard under Provision of Supports Environment outlined in the NDIS Practice Standards Core Module. Human Resource Management Standard (extract from NDIS Practice Standards: Core Module – 2 Provider Governance and Operational Management Standard). This is what you need to demonstrate to the auditor that you meet. Addresses all compliance requirements in the NDIS Practice Standards Core Module. Shows you how to set up and manage the compliance processes assessed at audit. This practice standard aims to ensure clients, providers and other parties are not exposed to hazardous healthcare waste during the provision of care, minimising the risk of harm (NDIS 2019). (2) It specifies the standards concerning the quality of supports and services to be provided by registered NDIS providers. Under these standards, NDIS providers … Webinar 2: Demonstrating Compliance with NDIS Practice Standards: Core Module Rights and Responsibilities. No, not all the Practice Standards apply to you or your organisation. MHCC hosted the second webinar in the series on the 28 November 2019. NDIS verification. The focus of the webinar was to look in more detail at what is required to demonstrate alignment with the first part of the Core Module: Rights and Responsibilities. Verification applies to NDIS service providers (including corporate bodies and companies) delivering lower risk/lower complexity services and supports. Do all the Practice Standards apply to me? Note: Rules made for the purposes of section 73T of the Act are the NDIS Practice Standards (see section 9 of the Act). Provides the tools and know-how you need to manage compliance and pass NDIS audits.

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