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names that go with margot

I'd like to toss in another vote for Margot Clementine! The birthstone for the month of June, Pearl could also make a... Read More, Margo and Margot sound exactly the same, so why has the Margot spelling hopped back onto the Top 1000, outpacing Margo in numbers more than two to one? But you don't need to trawl through long lists of baby names any more! Along with other Old Hollywood glamour names, Greta seems to be showing slight signs of a comeback; it was chosen by David Caruso... Read More, Megan was one of the first trendy names to spawn lots of spelling variations: This is one of the most tenacious and confusing. I find the vowel sound ending to vowel beginning a bit difficult when going from first to middle, so I like Margot Clementine best for that reason. group First used in Scotland, it got a... Read More, Margot originated as a French pet form of Marguerite, a name that ultimately derived from the Greek margarites, meaning “pearl.” Other spellings include Margo and Margaux. Want a different name? Try our one-of-a-kind baby name generator. If our baby is a girl, we've decided to name her Margot, but can't decide which middle name to go with. However, if Augustine is a family name, I could get behind it for a girl's middle. Here you’ll find the world’s biggest baby name database, the most creative lists of names for girls and boys, the friendliest forums, and the best ideas and expert advice on naming your baby in 2020. Margaux... Read More, Maisie, a hundred-year-old favorite, is in perfect tune with today. I agree with those who say that it should be super feminine and long. – Simply enter names you like and let this genius technology inspire you to find the perfect name. Just curious--are you thinking Clementine rhyming with fine and like the fruit or "Clementeen" as in Winston Churchill's wife? Margot is a beautiful, elegant name. sort Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. This spelling was popularized by supermodel, actress, and tragic Hemingway granddaughter Margaux, whose name spelling came courtesy of a bottle of French wine. More info about the name "Margot" Margot is a French diminutive of Margaret. From Avery to Zephyr, Nameberry is the complete guide to thousands of amazing baby names. But with the ascendance of British Prince Harry's fiancee Meghan... Read More, Pearl, like Ruby, has begun to be polished up for a new generation of fashionable children after a century of jewelry box storage. My first thought was Margot Stephanie. Margot. Baby Name Ideas and Dilemmas: Help, please. Try our alternate name speller to get unique spellings for Margot. The fact that people use it for girls doesn't change the fact that in English, Augustine is a masculine name, just like Wyatt. Take it from someone who a) has a fairly uncommon name and b) has an uncommon spelling of that uncommon name. I think its a very beautiful name, especially with margot. It's like the name Nikola--by itself it's a girl's name in English, but with middle name Tesla it becomes clearly masculine.

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