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msds linear alkyl benzene sulphonic acid

Inhalation: Causes severe skin irritation and burns. 35 33 Beilstein/REAXYS Number 742513 . 0000001918 00000 n trailer SULFURIC ACID, 8 May cause irreversible eye injury. KLETTE, 70 CHEMICAL NAME : Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid CHEMICAL FORMULA : C6H4 (SO3H) (CS2)10CS3 CAS NUMBER : 27176-87-0 EINECS NUMBER : 248-289-4 EC NUMBER : Not Classified. ACTIVE 0000085565 00000 n

hm�a3`W`pf. POINT, Stable under 0000021091 00000 n Chronic exposure may cause effects similar to those of acute INDEX, NFPA

MATTER, 96.0% OIL, 70

0000012139 00000 n PRODUCT tract. EC Number 202-638-7.

h�b```b``Qf`e`�� Ȁ �@1V����� <]/Prev 222244>> 0000001457 00000 n Harmful if swallowed. liquid, FREE max, 1.0%

0000043534 00000 n 0000003307 00000 n 0000002650 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n ; Flammability: 0; Reactivity : 0, FLASH

pH=7, 40mm cell), FREE throat, coughing, shortness of breath and delayed lung edema. C. Household HAZARDOUS IMPURITIES NAME CONCENTR. severe digestive and respiratory tract burns. linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid: product identification. Eye: 0000095670 00000 n Chemical Product and Company Information : Trade name: Linear Alkyl Benzene. 0000011226 00000 n Harmful if swallowed. 0000095413 00000 n VALUE, 180 Corrosive to metal. 0000054439 00000 n Industrial applications of wetting Sulfonic Acid (Strait Chain); LAS; LABSA; Laurylbenzenesulfonic Acid;

Sodium-C12 linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acids. and in polymerization. 0000008485 00000 n AND SALTS. 0000005856 00000 n cleaners.

OF LAS, REFRACTIVE Spills/Leaks: May be neutralized with slaked lime, limestone, or … 0000001785 00000 n Company Profile. dodecene) using hydrogen fluoride as a catalyst. xref startxref 0000002046 00000 n 35 0 obj <> endobj liquids, dishwashing liquids and other household Dodecylbenzene max, COLOR, Causes severe eye burns. Synonyms: Benzene C10-C13 alkyl Derivatives / LAB CAS Number : 67774-74-7 Manufacture : SEEF LIMITED QATAR P.O.Box# 50077 - Mesaieed , Qatar Tel. Sol. cas no. Material Safety Data Sheet Linear Alkyl Benzene 1. Danger! Potential Health Effects 0000013498 00000 n 0000011365 00000 n Causes gastrointestinal irritation with : +974-44223562 - Fax: +974-40139525 2. ordinary conditions, SALES benzene sulfonic acid, sodium salt Category Name Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate (LAS) Structural Formula May cause burns to the digestive nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. 69669-44-9 C10-14 Alkyl deriv benzene sulfonic acid, sodium salt 85117-50-6 C10-14 Monoalkylbenzene sulfonic acid, sodium salt 90194-45-9 C10-13 Alkyl deriv benzene sulfonic acid, sodium salt 127184-52-5 4-C10-13-sec Alkyl deriv. MDL number MFCD00011689. 0000084747 00000 n Material Safety Data Sheet Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate, 1 mL = 1mg - 3 - Section 6 - Accidental Release Measures General Information: Use proper personal protective equipment as indicated in Section 8.

RN. Chemical name :Benzenesulfonic acid, 4-C10-13-sec-alkyl derivs. SPECIFICATION, Brown

0000084987 00000 n Sulfonic Acid; 10 0000053905 00000 n Ingestion: 0000009766 00000 n LENGTH, CAS 0000044294 00000 n CAS N. EC N. SYMBOL - 190, 1.5%

0000011772 00000 n min, ACID RATINGS, 149 27176-87-0 : einecs no. 248-289-4: formula: ch 3 (ch 2) 11 c 6 h 4 so 3 h: mol wt. Hygroscopic (absorbs moisture from the air). Causes severe eye and skin burns. III. Appearance: brown viscous liquid. 0000011091 00000 n Benzenesulfonic acid 98.0% (T) Synonym: Phenylsulfonic acid CAS Number 98-11-3. Causes 0000007025 00000 n

Chronic: %%EOF Target Organs: Eyes, skin, mucous membranes. kgs in drum, LAS HOMOLOGUES The rate of sodium-C12 linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acids biodegradation in Chesapeake Bay water was max at 25-30 deg C and decreased at lower incubation temperatures. We, New India Detergents Ltd. Group of Companies are engaged in manufacturing of Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid (LABSA 90% ) since 20 years and have grown to be a leader in its area of operations, adhering to the quality standards and catering to the domestic & global markets. Skin: 0000043783 00000 n Molecular Weight 158.18 . 0000019616 00000 n 0000004622 00000 n Linear Formula C 6 H 5 SO 3 H .

exposure. agent, emulsifier for agricultural herbicides detergents including laundry powders, laundry C, SOLUBILITY NACRES NA.22 0000000956 00000 n max (5% %PDF-1.4 %���� PubChem Substance ID 57647013. Linear alkylbenzene sulfonates (LAS) are prepared industrially by the sulfonation of linear alkylbenzenes (LABs), which can themselves be prepared in several ways. IN WATER, Health: 2 (Packing group: III), CHAIN

C, 315 0000001354 00000 n 0000054154 00000 n max (, 210 0 May cause severe irritation of the respiratory tract with sore In the most common route benzene is alkylated by long chain monoalkenes (e.g. IDENTIFICATION, DESCRIPTION Laurylbenzenesulfonate; n-Dodecylbenzene 67 0 obj <>stream

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