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As a music therapist, you'll also help clients work through a variety of cognitive, emotional, and social issues. For example, you can take photos of people, places, pets, or wild animals. They research wines to learn about the type of grapes included, the vineyard that produced the bottle and the vintage or year each bottle was produced. As a PI you can choose to work for an agency, law enforcement or for yourself. Fun Factor: Enjoy free meals at new and exotic restaurants or companies. You might be hard-pressed to find someone who loves live music and concerts more than you do. A degree in film production or broadcasting may be required. That means Davis could start the season as the team's No. Landscapers are also plant experts, but they tend to focus on using plants, trees, and other elements to make outdoor spaces pleasing to the eye. Even when the most notorious and famed celebrity chefs come up with new recipes, they often send them to recipe testers and developers. If you really make it to the top as a world renowned Chocolatier, you could even make as much as $100K a year. Hall? You can pursue it full-time and work specifically for a company or you can provide your taste buds for specific survey-esque tastings where you get paid a flat fee. Find Art Director Jobs. Below I’ve listed, in alphabetical order, 55 fun jobs that pay well. That's why one of the following careers may be a good fit for you. If words and writing are your forte, than editing is a great job. A lot of enjoyable work goes into video game design, and it can take up to two years for a game to go from concept to final product. At the top of the list has to be the Cleveland Browns, who reportedly expressed interest in Williams at the trade deadline last offseason before bowing out due to the enormous price tag. Fun Factor: Get paid to watch shows and movies. Get started by checking out the list of ten unique and exciting careers below. They're experts in growing plants. That's because hungry polar bears are waiting for the water in Hudson Bay to freeze so that they can begin migrating further north. Translators are needed for politicians, embassies, federal agencies and more and are most often used to convert text from one language to another seamlessly, though a lot of the work also entails being an interpreter. Average Salary: $43K Annually (employed full-time). They decide on topics of discussion, select music to play during their shows and interview guests or moderate panels during the broadcasts. Fun Factor: Get paid to use your hacker skills without worry of the FBI beating down your door. That's exactly what art and music therapists do. After all, when you talk about your job, it's fun to have people stop and ask, "You do what for a living?" If you already work in one of these fields, tell me about your experience in the comments below! While their defense outperformed expectations last season, it's a unit that needs more production on the edge next year. It is the kind of career you can pursue full-time or part-time. Forget just being a chef for a restaurant. You’ll need a certification to land this job. Blasters—also called explosive workers or engineers—typically work for mining and construction companies, but some of them are enlisted in the military. When searching for the best jobs for you, it can be helpful to perform a self-evaluation. Useful at any range. Have fun creating innovative, widely used software products that help solve problems, make processes more efficient, and impact the lives of consumers worldwide. Fun Factor: You get to make delicious treats out of chocolate and eat way too many samples. Another reason why this trade makes sense is that the Bears are still low on draft picks due to the Khalil Mack trade and cap space. If you’re already spending your days watching Netflix, then you might as well get paid for your binge watching efforts. Primary duties: Also known as disc jockeys (DJs), radio announcers provide music, news and commentary during live broadcasts for radio stations. Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock Imagine how incredibly awesome it would be to design video games for a living. editorial analysts) watch shows, movies and specials in order to tag them with metadata, so that suggestions can be provided to fellow Netflix watchers based on their preferences. Teams such as the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Jets would be wise to inquire about Judon, as the options in the draft are pretty limited after Ohio State's Chase Young. Doesn't earning a paycheque while living and working in a majestic park setting sound pretty amazing? The most well-paid aren't the happiest, according to the results, as reported by the BBC. A CPA allows accountants to operate at the highest level and is a prestigious license to have. The need for skilled tradespeople is expected to become even more acute as more baby boomers hit retirement age … With retail shops, restaurants, resorts, ski hills, mountain lodges, and guided tour operators, many job options are available. You might have noticed that all paper towels either smell delicious or have almost no smell. If you have a wine education program in your city, it can definitely help open doors for you. A trade for Williams would allow Wynn to slide into a guard position, potentially replacing Joe Thuney, who is set to become a free agent as well. As a result, there is a high demand for snake poison every year. a postgraduate degree or doctoral degree may be required. A degree isn’t needed, but having one in fashion or design will give you more opportunities. So why not reignite that childlike love for highly imaginative moving pictures and join this promising career field? It can be a tough industry to break into at first, but if you’ve been running around your city doing hardcore parkour just for fun, then a job as a stunt person sounds perfect for you. On the weekends you can work at weddings or parties, and during the week you can make money by taking head shots or stock photos. Can you walk into a room or interior space and instantly envision what it "should" look like right down to the light fixtures and wall décor? matches students with schools and is compensated when a visitor requests and receives information from our clients. Banff National Park is one of the most popular natural destinations for tourists. Also, if wine isn’t your main interest, you could also check out work as a certified tea sommelier. If you enjoy scuba diving and being outdoors, then you are a perfect candidate for this unusual job. To get started on this amazing path, you need to attend school to learn about subjects like programming, algorithms, and operating systems. They need to be sure that all of their recipes' ingredients marry together beautifully and that the measurements and directions are communicated perfectly before releasing them to the public. You'll work with explosive substances and employ them in order to take care of tasks like bringing down buildings or blasting through rocks. If you like planning events and don’t get sea sick, definitely check this one out. You only need a high school diploma to get this job and along with your paycheck, you can expect to get paid a few tips while on the clock as well. It’s the perfect job for a people person. But in today's creative culinary world, beavertails are topped with almost anything you can imagine. While a degree isn’t required, most wineries will look for someone with a background in Chemistry or Enology. Photograph: Carl Court/AFP/Getty, thinktank looking at national wellbeing has released some, Not so happy? Below are the top 10 occupations, their mean income and their life satisfaction rating. They will likely use one of their first-round picks on a receiver, but they could double-dip by sending one of their three third-round picks to the Titans for Davis. You could operate a food truck or develop a line of specialty sauces. The most fun jobs should allow you to apply your interests to the role and therefore find some level of enjoyment and satisfaction in your day-to-day work. Every offseason, there are a handful of NFL stars who are moved via trade. Fun Factor: You’ll get paid to use your fabulous sense of fashion. Join Over 1.5 Million People We've Introduced to Awesome Schools Since 2001, Home>Canada > Articles > Fun Jobs for Canadians, "I recommend using because you can find the program that you are interested in nearby or online.

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