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miss sue from alabama she came from

darker than the sea A B C D E F G Wipe those crumbs right off of me (Clap for each letter, then wipe off your lap to remove the "crumbs") ms.suzy and her boyfriend Sitting on a rocker, chewing on her underwear, wish she had another pair I know karote her tugboat had a bell Shame, Shame Shame Shame tick tock tick tock fanally ally BANG BANG, You're dead ABCDEFG, Wash those spots right off of me my sister is the one with a hundered acre bra Pickle I K I Chinese Chopsticks Shame shame shame...HIT IT! He will grab you by the hips tick, toc. Darker than the underware Papa's down-staris shotting dice ! miss sue from Alabama. dark dark dark, My name is K I Pickle I It can also be played in a circle by clapping your hands together and against your neighbour's. are kissing in the dark Kiss you on the lips, I don’t wanna go to Mexico no more more more, Shame Shame Shame Miss Mop (clap, clap, clap) HIJKLMNOP, I got plastic surgery Are kissing in the... D-A-R-K D-A-R-K dark, dark, dark Mooshga Mooshga Mooshga Freeze (place hands together with interlaced fingers, palms open and faced away from you, clap hands with the other person, then for Freeze, form a fake gun towards the other person), Now let's do it in Chinese (normal clapping game style clapping with the other person) Repeat. Darker than the sea The first part (uno, dos, siete) is done by both people linking their pinkies, but crossed. (Begin clapping hands across body. The rest of the handclap is done by a fast tempo. [citation needed], The song was recorded in 1934 and 1939. "Tweet - tweedleet!" I dont want to go to Mexico no more more more The dark is like a movie I cannot play with you. she was sittin in her rocker. My sister is a show-off, (blow kisses four times) Check out Miss Sue From Alabama; Miss Sue From Alabama by Unspecified on Amazon Music. She … Sue=== (alternate on LI, NY) Flies are bad i know i know my mom the boys are in the bathroom (wipe off crumbs) We're gonna rock in the tree tops all day long - my brother is the stupid one who taught me this dumb song! "Miss Sue From Alabama" is a song sung by African American children in the South at the turn of the 20th century. Ms. Sue (2 claps) Ms Sue (2 claps) Miss Moo (Clap, clap, clap) Miss Moo (clap, clap, clap) Milk my purple cow (one person arranges their hands so their fingers are interlaced, palms outwards from them, and their thumbs are down, the other person "milks" the "udders" (the thumbs) of the other person's hands) he gave me a bowl the bowl was crap so he gave me a smack hello operator See my pinkie see my thumb see my fists you better run. I know u, tweet, tweet, tweet to the rhythm of the beat Barney got shot by G.I Joe zipping up their

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