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mirror affirmation technique

I am important. Copyright © 2020 – aspire to inspire | All Rights Reserved | Do not sell my personal information and do not download or share the authors’ pictures without permission. Say out loud or repeat in your mind several times for several weeks. Learn how your comment data is processed. This means not simply repeating the affirmations with a hollow heart. Read here to know more about me. Ditto for affirmations. I deserve to feel good. So I have gone about my day affirming myself. But when I pass by the mirror at the gym do you think I naturally and automatically affirm myself? Not feigned confidence, but real honest to God confidence. Do it every day for 3 weeks and see how your life changes. Do them till you get your desired results. I am complete. The one drawback is that for some reason people just don’t do it, they may feel silly, or think it won’t help, so I’ve recorded a very short video on affirmations, which is now up on Youtube, to make it easy for everyone, so get comfortable, relax and get ready to feel good. I love and approve of myelf. The Mirror Technique. Required fields are marked *, ©  2020 The Joy Within. Let’s start. Here is a series of them I use often. I am at ease. love, my dreams, abundance). Life is eternal and filled with joy. This means that mirror work manifestation is incredibly powerful as it can help boost your visualizations which help you work with the law of attraction. You can learn some of his techniques here with a list of free PDF Downloads of his books. This method is an effective way to enhance your visualization skills and prepare you for out-of-body exploration. When using a mirror in affirmational work you don’t only become aware of resistance to saying things, but you can become aware of where you are holding low expectations of the world, yourself, or your life. Louise Hay has made big advances in the spiritual community. I look forward to every moment. Unless I am paying attention, in which case, yes, I turn to the positive affirmations: look at you, it’s obvious you’ve been working out, way to keep that body strong, man you are looking GOOD, etc. Byron Katie says: “A thought is harmless unless we believe it. Go and stand in front of the mirror and compliment yourself, smile with yourself. We only ever recommend products/services that we love, and feel are valuable to our community. : Learning How to Let Love In, Your Mental Attitude is the Key to Your Success. As a hypnotist I favor this technique, because it is given when our subconscious mind is the most susceptible to positive suggestions. “I’m good enough. Stay Healthy and be kind. It sure is cheaper and … This affirmation blog and audio were just what I needed right now, and your posts have been belong me over the past several months get to where I know I have to walk away. However, copy of the whole content is again strictly prohibited. Then I read your blog and it affirmed what I just said to myself. So I asked him what his self-talk was like. I now choose to create a life that is joyous and abundant. I catch myself scowling or turning away sometimes. Ideally we want to be in the Theta wave frequency, which is the state just before we fall asleep. I could not agree more. I often bounce thoughts and ideas off of him, because his attitude is always positive and to me he is the epitome of what a healthy self-esteem looks like. No person place or thing has any power over me. Say out loud or repeat in your mind several times for several weeks. I have noticed for the first time, however, how negative my self-talk has become and realize how I need to seriously work on self-love. Find a list of Louise Hay affirmations here. Today I invite  freedom, peace, and joy to my life, to my heart, body, mind, and soul, #2. Today I will find ways to make others feel great and give them a reason to smile, #4. I have a friend that oozes confidence. She wrote “Mirror Work: 21 Days to Heal Your Life,” where she walks readers through 21 practices to help readers find their self-love and healing. You must have a mirror in your room or bathroom right. And, yes, damn, I’m a sexy bitch! I guess I’m getting closer to health in that I am finding it easier to do. It’s easy and simple to do, with little effort. Repeat whichever you find resonating while looking directly into your eyes in front of a mirror (in the mirror concentrate on one eye, both eyes do not happen). I’m smart enough and doggone it people like me.” – Stuart Smalley. I create only joyful experiences in my loving world. Quite simply the mirror technique is getting in front of a mirror, a good mirror where you have a good close up view of your eyes and simply repeating positive versus to ourselves several times per day. I find clients complimenting me on my manner and work. I first learned about the mirror technique in the self help classic The Magic Of Believing by Claude Bristol. It  may seem like a lie at first, but if you try and you keep trying, it will get easier and you will start to feel good about yourself. The Universe totally supports me. See first, and this is the step that is left out of so many self-esteem building exercises, you have to acknowledge the negative. A belief is a thought that we’ve been attaching to, often for years.”. Looking at myself in the mirror and saying nice things to myself felt SO unnatural and like a lie. Begin by placing a full length mirror in the room you have selected for out-of-body exploration. Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss – Be You, Self Love Mirror Affirmations for Wellness and Awareness, The Most Powerful Affirmation for the Right Job with the Right Pay, Kapalbhati Pranayama – Steps, Benefits and Precautions, How to Get Diwali Ready Skin this Winter – Guest Post. Adjust the words to feel like they come from you and you meant them. But here is the point: I have to make an effort to do this. We, who have suffered put-downs by narcissists for years, NEED to give ourselves affirmations. It is that I am free to have confidence. I am aware of my thoughts and this helps me attract positive circumstances and wonderful people no matter where I go or live. - MerakiMusings, How to Program Your Kid's mind with Positivity - MerakiMusings, What is Self-Love?

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