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mexican words in english

Tomorrow For some slightly more NSFW words, make sure to read our ultimate guide to Spanish curse words here. But one of the difficult aspects of any language is learning the regional differences, especially when it comes to slang. Mira güey, ¿salimos hoy o que? Chelas, or cheves are beers, and the word comes from a beer cocktail (michelada) that mixes beer with lime, chili and tomato juice. south Té Agua que no has de beber, déjala correr Translation: If you’re not going to drink that water, let it flow. Map No One example is mijo and mija, which is mi hijo and mi hija (“my son” and “my daughter”) smushed together. A little Deberías ponerte algo mejor que esas chanclas para salir – You should put on something better than those flip-flops to go out, Apúrate que no vamos a alcanzar el camión – Hurry up or we won’t catch the bus. I have a problem. Farewell You This is a slang term to refer to a kid, usually one who’s a bit of a punk or pain to deal with. – Do you want to drink some soda or do you want me to serve you something else? No puede ser, que jalada toda esa historia, ¿como quieres que te crea? Buenas Tardes ¡Jajaja! Earrings “That kid needs to calm down. Receipt Iron It can be an interjection, meaning “For real?” or “No way!” when used like ¿Es neta? No lo recomiendo. How much is this? which means the same thing, but is a little more colourful (similar to damn!). This section of our pocket Mexico Travel Guide includes some useful words and phrases in the local language of your destination. Guaranteed. Like Qué huevos, which more or less means “What balls!” to say someone did something that took guts. Detener gancho This is an exclamation, typically used when someone’s telling you a story. Some of them are not appropriate to use with strangers or even with your family. Boat The more you immerse yourself in Spanish and practice these phrases, the more natural your conversations will sound. Mañana tengo que volver a mi chamba wey, o me despiden – I have to go back to my job tomorrow man, or I’ll get fired, Ve al changarro ese y ve si tienen algunos dulces – Go to the store and see if they have any kind of candy, Esa camisa está chafa – This t-shirt is bad quality (or fake), Me pagaron esta semana, puedo poner unos cuantos varos más para la pizza – I got paid this week, I can help with a few more bucks for the pizza. Similar to the sources used for the travel guides, World Interpreting provides links to information references even for contents we believe constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material. Vender Shower When something goes wrong, you can say ¡A la verga! Post office Coffee with milk This one has a couple of literal translations, including “asshole” and “pubic hair”. norte pimienta negra Este es mi amiga/novia/mujer azúcar ustedes (familiar, plural) In English, how we refer to “testicles” as “balls”, in Spanish, they’re huevos. No entiendo. Download the exact curriculum that thousands of BaseLang students have used to become fluent in Spanish. La cuenta, por favor Closed White wine Afuera ¿Qué tal? plancha It’s cheap The literal meaning is “don’t suck”. Book an Interpreter Now. It’s your simple reference tool for basic greetings, when you go shopping, and when having a meal at a restaurant. huevos revueltos I’m getting irritated.”. A slang word for both formal and informal route buses, even though it means “truck” in the rest of Latin America. Cool as it is, he has broken down the key [...]. sur Both words mean “thief”. Sounds similar to a canteen, and they serve a similar purpose, since this term means “bar” for Mexican folk. I’m thirsty Las chelas no van a alcanzar para todo el mundo, hay que abrir un pomo – Beers aren’t going to be enough for everyone, we have to open a bottle, Creo que el pomo no hacía falta, estos son muy malacopa – I think the bottle wasn’t even necessary, these guys are extreme lightweights, Esta mañana amaneci crudo – I woke up with a hangover today, Hoy no tengo ganas de ir a la cantina, vayan ustedes – I don’t want to go to the bar tonight, but you guys can go. Knowledge of a few basic Spanish phrases is quite handy especially when asking for help, asking for directions and starting a conversation. World Interpreting, Inc. If I’m learning a language like that, can I do the Fluent in 3 Months Challenge?” As someone who speaks Chinese, Japanese, [...], I still remember my first gig as a Spanish language tutor. Zero to conversational in a month. Café Have conversations faster, understand people when they speak fast, and other tested tips to learn faster. es caro Slang word for money, capable of replacing the word “pesos” since it can hold a numerical value, like “bucks”. Work Waiter, the bill please I’m hot (temperature) checar. derecho Buy mantequilla You probably recognize this word as “strawberry”, but in Mexican slang, “fresa” is used to describe a person who is a snob, stuck-up and basically, thinks that they are better than everyone else. sal Sometimes you’ll see it spelt güey, but it’s pronounced the same and means the same thing. This means “chick” or “chica”. But it doesn’t need gender changes like the whole word. By learning these Mexican slang terms, you’ll have a better chance of endearing yourself to the locals – or at the very least make a Spanish speaker laugh. Idahosa is back once again for another guest post about using rap to learn a language, and this time he's bringing this absolutely amazing demonstration, where you can hear him rap in eight languages, four of which he doesn't even speak! la derecha Quiero que mi bistec bien hecho costo, I have a reservation for 5 people The last thing you would want on your vacation is a social faux pas because you accidentally violated a norm or practice verbally. Money left Gracias – Wow, since when do you work so much? Vino That’s because in some parts of Mexico, “chaqueta” is a slang term for masturbation or touching yourself. I don’t know acá How long? Barco or ¿Qué pasa? unos / unas Toll road Cheese To check, Dónde está la estación de autobuses? This one literally means “That what or what.” or “That what nor what”. This word has 3 uses a) a fart b) being buzzed/drunk c) being a problem. Dónde está la estación de metro? Este es mi amigo/novio/marido Restaurant Here’s an example: Ese chamaca necesita calmarse. Everyone is compa. Quiero mi filete a medio cocer. Camarero, la cuenta por favor Wey means “dude” when talking to friends. east cerveza What is your name? Boleto Taxi Unconventional language hacking tips from Benny the Irish polyglot; travelling the world to learn languages to fluency and beyond! The lightweight person who gets drunk extremely easy or extremely fast – we all know someone like that. Por favor cuanto tiempo? botanas Do you have a favourite that I didn’t list here? Cena huevo Please Embassy Can also be used as a curse word to enhance an insult and its characteristics (the same way “fucking” in English is used. Recibo Coins In a moment, I’ll share what the Fluent in 3 Months (Fi3M) community thinks, and take a look [...], The post I wrote over the summer about the 29 life lessons learned in 8 years travelling, stirred up a lot of interest (it's been read by almost a half a million individuals) but it led to a lot of questions. A difficult and demanding job, or an unpleasant situation i.e. mucho After that, it’s just $149/mo for unlimited one-on-one tutoring. This is my friend/boyfriend/husband Similarly, this literally translates as “father”, but in Mexican slang means cool. Where is the bus stop? Coffee Pharmacy west How far? pan Salt (Pos is meant to be pues). chabacano There are no towels If you really want to insult someone, use this phrase. Bus station Sell Lemonade Breakfast Airport How are you? World Interpreting, LLC offers first-rate professionaltranslations to and fromany language. pescado Cerveza Toilet If you live in North America, you’re probably most familiar with Mexican Spanish and Mexican slang thanks to the proximity to Mexico. Prawn hace calor Ice pay, pie Banco (No) me gusta Download the exact curriculum that thousands of BaseLang students have used to become fluent in Spanish, We sent you an email with a link to download the guide. You are welcome Red wine Natives use this word to describe people of Mexican origin born in the United States, or people who were born in Mexico but emigrated to the US at an early age. For example: So you wouldn’t use it as compro for a guy. my travels around the Spanish-speaking world, essential words and phrases to start speaking Spanish now. Ticket office 2. A lot Embajada Cómo estás? Tenemos un chorro de películas por ver esta vacaciones, deberíamos comenzar – We have a ton of movies to watch on vacation, we should get started, Pues el teléfono me lo robó un ratero, así que no tengo – A thief robbed me off of my phone, so i don’t have one.

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