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rectangle cake tin sizes

@Sarah. Just make sure that the cake is fully cooked in the middle as deeper cakes are more difficult to cook evenly. Cheers, Depending on how you intend to decorate the cake this can be as do you think that could work? Or for versatility, have a rectangular cake tin for baked desserts and casseroles. My fairs am If you have a tried and tested recipe then it is always best to go with that. 4.8 out of 5 stars 513. I gave it the recommended 90mins @ 160c then reduced to 140c for remaining 150mins )but removed it 10 mins before time up (fan with top & bottom oven – very temperamental!! However, if alcohol is to be omitted and you just want to make the cake a little less dry, just use the sugar solution. For example when making my 8″ tier I mix up a 10″ mixture. could you tell me roughly how many slices this would give please . It will take another hour to hour and a half. Thank you However if you wish to use your own, I would suggest that you compare your 8” recipe to mine. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. I am making my friend’s wedding cake which will be a multi layered fruit cake 12″ 10″ 8″ with a 6″ polystyrene “cake” on the top all decorated in a beach theme. I feed them with a mixture of brandy, sherry and liquer as soon as they are cold and then once more half way through the maturing period. If you really want it higher, use the recipe for the next size up, but don’t forget to adjust your baking times and lower you temperature after the first hour to prevent the cake overcooking on the outside before it is cooked on the inside. @ Debbie. Cake size. 6″ = 10 do you want standard slice sizes or something more generous? 9×13 inch pan holds 14-16 cups of batter, essentially the same as 2 9×2-inch round pans. I wish you well with your cake making and also your forthcoming wedding. You can now use this percentage to calculate your ingredients. Having a new member of my family who is also alergic to nuts, prompted me to try different fruit cake recipes last Christmas. The question is: Will the fruit cake recipe above work as a Simnel cake (allowing for the relevant Simnel spices?) I have successfully made the 12” recipe on this site on numerous occasions and it is a really easy recipe to make. In fact the texture is better if you do not. Add the flour and fruit mix to the mixture, folding in carefuly until well mixed. Anticipating your reply . 99. The usual slice size for fruit wedding cakes is 1" x 1". If you do not have a tin or plastic container, especially for the 12″ cake, then you can wrap in clean polythene or carrier bags. @ Janet. With the help of the Lakeland cake tester, the 6″ was ready in 2.5 hours. Making large fruit cakes that are very deep can be tricky. I usually take two full middle sheets of my local paper and then fold it lenthwise into three. I am making a 12 inch fruit cake using your recipe for bottom tier of wedding cake. I hope all goes well and you have a lovely wedding cake. Live, love and bake with the right tin. The bride instructed not to have much fruit. Stir into the fruit and leave a few hours. Available in all shapes and sizes, from rectangle and square cake tins to muffin and loaf tins, we’re certain you’ll find what you need. I would recommend 6 tablespoons. Gently press the two pieces back together and marzipan and decorate. Your help with quantities has save my sanity. The larger board allows room for any icing on the sides. This is necessary to give a firm base for the fondant. Should it be ok just to leave them out. I have made these for my sons wedding. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. As I too am about to make a large–12 inch square —fruit cake for my son’s wedding, I am grateful to you Sheila for putting up this very good recipe and very helpful tips and explanations.Thanks. Great info and forum you provide here. little and three days before you need to use the cake i.e. However, I have not made such a deep cake, in fact I have never found a 7″ deep cake tin, so am unable to help with cooking times other than to say that you will have to wrap the outside of the cake tins with newspaper to ensure the cake does not burn before it is cooked in the middle. Tea can be used if you do not have brandy and any brand will do. (based on 160 and then reducing to 140?). I would like to know how often should I feed it? Butter is it with salt or no salt? When do I need to feed the cake? The wedding is 28th March. When cooking the cake in your oven, I would leave it uncovered for the first hour until it has risen and has a nice golden colour. Thank you very much for getting back to me and sending the formula and thank for all your help it is very much appreciated. I will try to answer each of your questions. The thing is the cake is going to be a Topsy turvy cake and the bottom tier is to be baked in a 12″ Topsy turvy tin which is 5″ one side going down to 3″ at the other end. I’m Making a large batch for small 4-5″ cakes for an Xmas fayre, I want to ask about storage? The wedding is 7 Sep so I am travelling with them on the 6 Sep once daughter finishes school. @Gerry. If the caje has not sunk since you took it out of the oven, then all is well. Adding the extra flavours gives a more mellow flavour. I fed it regularly and kept it for 12 months. Make sure the oven is not too hot and check the cake regularly, adjusting the temperature as necessary. @Mary. If you do not want nuts you can substitute the flaked almonds with any other dry fruit and the ground almonds with extra flour. marzipan on the If you use large eggs, you may not need to add the milk (liquid) at the end of the recipe. Also what would be the cooking time for the 4 inch tins?, in a fan forced oven. I am planning to use the friit cake recipe. Once covered the cakes no longer need to be in a sealed container. Wrapping it up as you suggest is absolutely fine and it will only need feeding twice. It is possible to work out the individual ingredients for a 16″ but it might be simpler to use 2.5 times the 10 inch recipe or if you want a deeper cake 2.5 times the 11″ recipe. Sponge wedding cakes can be quite high as they are layered, lighter and not made in one piece as fruit cakes are. It will take approximately another one to one and a half hours at the reduced temperature. It was absolutely fantastic. Storing the cakes after cooking is easy. You can now use this percentage to calculate your ingredients. @Tara 9 days is a little short notice, but as you have soaked the fruit first you should be fine as I recently made a cake and decorated it in 7 days and it was lovely. I,ve just made the 12inch fruit cake. It was very dark and dry when I took it out. Feeding the cake alcohol. @Liz. There could be a number of reasons why the cake did not rise very much. I have just made a 12″ cake for my daughter’s wedding, but horrors, it creacked in half when I removed it from the tim. Either way, use a pastry brush to spread the fat evenly and thinly. Leaving the paper on for an hour reduces the risk of a sudden change of temperature which may make the cake sink. I always line my tins with two layers of greaseproof paper and put three sheets of newpaper folded into three on the outside tied with string so I suggest you use at least this much. I think that the 14 inch recipe would work well. If it has sunk very badly and you think it is not cooked propery in the middle, then cut this section out. Christine. Always double line the cake tins with greaseproof paper and also wrap the outside with newspaper. I have not made a cake using a 16″ tin as my oven will not take that size, therefore I cannot guarantee the quantities involved. Making the smaller one first is a very good idea as you could adjust the spices in the main cake if you wish. The bride is keeping the top tier so do I soak both fruits before I make the cakes and then brush and wrap up for 2 weeks (as per other comments on this feed) or soak fruit for the bigger cake and feed the smaller one as that will continue to mature? They took around about 4 and 5 hours. I have to make a 12″ square tier for a rich fruit wedding cake. 2¼ x 4 x 1¼ inch mini Loaf Pan.,,,,,, 9” Chocolate Cake (Smaller Version of the 12″), Victoria Sandwich with Lime Curd (Gluten Free). Sugar also helps keep in moisture, stops the cake being crumbly and also helps in the rising process. Hi, im having problems with my cake made a 14″ and the edges got burnt before the middle was cooked. @ Claire. Many thanks for your kind comments. I have just made the 12′ square cake.. it went into my fan assisted oven 160 and i turned down to 150 after 90 minutes. These boxes are deeper than the all in one boxes with a window used for Christmas Cakes. I’m going to be baking the bottom layer of my wedding cake next week. For example 100g Raisins would become 129g (100 + 29% = 129g). I have a fan oven and mine tend to be cooked in about two hours although I have reports that they can take up to three hours or more. The cooking temperatures are the same, but you reduce the temperature after only half an hour. The eggs will give it all the rise it requires. A reply would be REALLY appreciated as I’m making the cake this weekend!!! Sorry, there was a problem saving your cookie preferences. iv been reading some of the comments and questions, and one reminded me of somthing i was told by a friend who was a baker, when i once asked about how do i sort quanterties for larger cakes he told me to put a plastic bag into a cake tin i knew the amounts of mixture for (eg 12in)and put one in to the tin i want to know the amouts for, then fill the known tin with water to the point where the mix would go to and pore this in to the tin you need to work out the quantity for then take the bag and put it in to a smaller tin (eg 6in or 8in tin’s) and repeat the prosses keeping a note of which tins fill the larger tin and you get the amounts needed. @Audry. Instructions on ‘Feeding’ the can be seen in items 9 and 10 on the following link how long should fruit be soaked in brandy/sherry before you start actually making the cake? So confused, your help would be very much appreciated. I have found this out from experience. However, the current trend seems to be for deeper cakes in which case I would make the next size up. My replies are as follows: If you cook it at 140 dec you run the risk of it not rising sufficiently. Overbeating the mixture when adding the flour and fruit can create this as can eggs that are too small. Therefore I suggest you use my recipe for the weights and substitute your own favourite fruits, colour sugar etc. Thank you for the suggestion for the semolina but wouldn’t that give a different taste to the cake? The cakes turned out brilliantly so I cannot thank you enough. You may find that you have some odd quantities so may have to round down or up accordingly. When you consider the huge amount of mixture to be cooked, the outside can easily burn while the centre is still raw.

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