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been brutally tortured and killed by the Japanese. The grenade between my legs ripped off 20 percent of my left thigh, 5 percent of my right thigh, and fractured both legs. Preliminary box list only for Edward L. Sanderson's research files and completed biography of James (Jimmie) Trimble. "They started to ask around St. Albans and found out "His name will not be forgotten and his brave spirit lasting tribute to Private Trimble, a talented baseball player and Many of his letters were playfully signed "Private Jim. During work on an article on the connection between Washington baseball and Japan I came upon the story of Mr. James, “Jimmy” Trimble. ", Jim White, another friend in Trimble's platoon, recalled that Trimble "was always optimistic, always laughing and joking and trying to buck people up. game, was charged with the loss as the 12th Marines won, 6-2. PO Box 5500. Poor eyesight prevented him from qualifying for officer training in the Navy so he entered the Marine Corps, but not before he, like many others at the time, got engaged. rug-cutting," declared the school yearbook in 1943. Meanwhile, the division was suffering heavy casualties from Genealogy for James Trimble, III (1824 - d.) family tree on Geni, with over 190 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. The battle plan for Iwo Jima was for the Fourth and Fifth Divisions to move across the island, cutting it in half. WWII | By his senior year at St. Albans, Trimble had caught the attention of Washington's sports reporters. That kind of thing. Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, where he was taught a little of the "I had seen the game where DiMaggio's streak ended," Mates recalled, "and Jimmy wanted me to replay the game over and over and over. on patrol and find out where the mortars were located. His coach, Bill Shaw, a member of the 1932 U.S. Olympic baseball squad, considered him to be one of the finest baseball prospects he had ever seen. On February 19, 1945, Pvt Trimble was a part of the division's Amphibious Reconnaissance Company, assigned directly to division headquarters. moved inland in the deathly silence, the Japanese opened fire from Don Mates recalled that he and Trimble had seen the flag and took heart, thinking the worst was over. He had lost 20 percent of his left thigh "I was in for the shock of my life," recalled Mates. Always thinking of you and thankful that you are my mother. Find link is a tool written by Edward Betts.. searching for James Trimble III 0 found (4 total) 2. The two grow in one. The library's holdings of primary source material are managed by an expert staff and shared with scholars, students and the public in the reading room. Stadium. Two days later, by way of celebration, Trimble pitched a 4-0 one-hitter "Ever since I can remember, I've played baseball with older boys," Jimmy tells you. One such hero, a young man named James Trimble III, certainly deserves a place in this volume. and radio operation. But once hostilities ceased on the island, he had the opportunity to was missing. who it was. Baseball leagues and exhibition games were organized whenever conditions permitted, and Guam became a baseball hub in the Pacific. If Pvt. you have been doing." American Veterans Center, Spring 2008, Third Marine Division baseball team (Trimble is Most of the Marines had never even thought about going to college, but he had already had a year of college. Clark Griffith was there to watch him, and Jimmy did very well." Ibid His fiancée, by the way was Christine White. USMC press release, dated February 9, 1945 McCloskey was found a week later in a cave, where he had former major league catcher Wally Schang), minor league third baseman He was convicted in Portage County on 11/22/05.. Crime. after Trimble's death, this field was renamed Trimble Field and the hurled three no-hitters and was rarely defeated. A young Guamanian boy came by selling bottles of 150-proof grain alcohol. [6] It was all wholesome 1940s talk about love for his girl back home. In late 1943, a friend arranged a double date for the two girls, and the friend's date was Trimble. about J.T. The weather is beautiful, a clear sky and bright sun shining on the water. took basic training at Parris Island, South Carolina, where he pitched "After all, I got in the Marines to kill Japs." fashioned by sculptor Terry Karselis. Heinie Manush who witnessed the tryout called him, “the finest prospect he had very seen. 3rd Marine Division All-Stars team that played the 2nd Marine Division Vidal wrote a novel in 1948 that was dedicated to “JT.” Years later Vidal claimed that Jimmy Trimble was his lover. his time playing baseball and watching the Senators at nearby Griffith I quote Lincoln in the about text to make the connection between Trimble and Gore Vidal. Division commander. He enjoyed spectacular success as the school's leading pitcher, throwing three no-hitters. Taps was sounded in memory of the dead, and the choir sang: This excerpt from "Hardball on the Hill" by James C. Roberts is reprinted by permission of Triumph Books/Chicago. Moments later a Japanese soldier with an explosive charge strapped to his waist, jumped in the foxhole and wrapped himself around Pvt Trimble and detonated the mine, killing himself and the young marine. "He was always showing me pictures of her and talking about how beautiful she was, which you could see from the pictures she obviously was. Following the landings, the Third Marine Division took heavy casualties from Japanese rocket attacks launched from the hill that came to be known as Hill No. "Buddy's the best Jimmy Trimble was an all-around athlete at St. Albans, being a basketball forward and football end. sponsored by, © 2018 However, it was soon realized It said in part: "Private Trimble was an outstanding member of the Third Marine Division All-Star baseball team. Totally out in the open, the Marines took huge casualties on the beaches and, lacking protection, had no other option but to move forward foot by foot. He would hold up the picture and say, 'This is what's waiting for me when I get home.' The only difference is that it was Japs, not dogs, running at us through the haze.". Trimble could easily have taken another path and delayed or possibly deferred his military service, instead he decided to give his last full measure of devotion. Home | During baseball season the two boys took the streetcar to Griffith Stadium to watch the Senators play. Vidal had known James Trimble only briefly during their earliest teens, when they both attended St. Alban’s School in Washington, D.C. Young Vidal … Trimble is mentioned All-Star baseball team," announced Major General Graves Erskine, While he never had the opportunity to become a hero in the major leagues, in the words of Bob Feller, he became a "real hero" nonetheless. Maury also saw nothing wrong with Trimble's hitting, recalling that he met the ball well and figured in the scoring. After the capture of Mount Surabachi, the Fifth Division was to move up the western side of the island. Many of the professional baseball players were stationed on the Pacific, Trimble had great success pitching against them including a string of 21 straight wins in the Marine Corps. Battalion clinched the 3rd Marine Division championship in a three-game But baseball was Trimble's true passion, and he excelled on the mound as no pitcher before or since at St. Albans, a school noted as a baseball powerhouse for most of the century. Concluded Elliott: "There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Jimmy would have been a major-league star." A natural athlete he is credited with three no-hitters. Mates described what ensued: Then all hell broke loose. The whole place resembled the At midnight Mates and Trimble were in the second foxhole from the bottom, preparing to trade places with the men in the next one up the ridge. [1] Trimble was all-district end in football, captained the I pulled myself out of the hole and turned to Jim and he reached out his arm and hand to have some help to get out with. Senators owner Clark Griffith, who invited him to a tryout on May 29, Just bring your glove, shoes, and sweatshirt, and we can furnish you with a uniform. Just after midnight on March 1, a flare unexpectedly lit up the area. Of the eight scouts in the foxholes, two were missing. American Veterans Center set about raising $70,000 to pay for Of the eight-man After the tryout Trimble is signed by the Senators for $5,000 with the provision that he could also attend college. On Feb. 27 the Fourth Platoon commander asked for eight volunteers to find the location of the rocket sites and to call in artillery to destroy them. ", He also had a sentimental side, White said. Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea!

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