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is a book publicist worth it

I started to worry: What if they were “working” on materials for two months? For example, you can become the go-to sci-fi or young adult author when a local journalist needs a quote or when conference organizers need keynote speakers. All Rights Reserved. I started to question what this meant for timelines: If they weren’t starting to work on anything until August, that meant my campaign had no real start date. If you choose the wrong publicist, you can end up wasting not just money but time. Liz Worth is a Toronto-based author. I also couldn’t help but wonder what might have been if I’d worked with a different team, or if I’d just done it myself from the start back in the summer. And then call those references and ask about their experience. Join Irwin Law to celebrate the launch of Delve's newest publication, "In Your Face" by Natasha Bakht! No publicist worth her salt will guarantee results—she will, however, guarantee a herculean effort to get people to pay attention to your book. The views expressed in the Writer-in-Residence blogs are those held by the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Open Book: Toronto. A publicist is a marketing genius who knows how to hack the system and get you in front of audiences that you wouldn’t be able to do on your own. I also looked back at the outlets that the publicity team had pitched to and circled back to some that sounded promising. The average publicist has nurtured business relationships with hundreds of high-profile contacts, including journalists, buyers, bloggers, tv show producers, etc. I ended up being able to salvage some publicity. If you self-publish, it definitely makes sense to hire a publicist. At least once a week, an author asks me, “Should I hire a book publicist?”. For starters, you’ll need to build a website (or at least a page on your existing site) to promote your book. Before you go, check out these related posts: Enter your email for your FREE 7-Day Bootcamp and learn: We've sent you an e-mail, thanks for subscribing! The 9 Best Independent Publishers in the US, Why Agents want to see Polished Manuscripts, 2 Reasons Why Every Writer Needs a Blog (and How to Rock One). We had agreed on a campaign that would begin in August. The gatekeeper is a producer, editor, writer, or reporter. I sent some suggestions for places I hoped my book might be pitched to, and I also asked if they could look into some guest column opportunities that I’d seen some other authors participate in. Even though this agency did have some great reviews, you don't know what isn't being said. You could hire a publicist to help you promote one book, or you could hire a publicist to help you promote your brand. buyers and librarians) know about your book. My father had just died and my book was due out in six months. Ask them where they see your book being covered. Trying to get a magazine to work outside of their editorial mandate is a futile effort. That’s important to understand because, quite honestly, it’s unlikely that you’ll earn back your publicist fees in book royalties or sales alone. Now that we’ve discussed the multiple benefits of hiring a book publicist, let’s focus on how to successfully work with one. 3 tips for generating article ideas for book publicity, Want to sell more books? Others…not so much. That’s because there’s a gatekeeper between the publicist and the results you want, whether it’s an appearance on “The Daily Show” or an interview about your book’s topic in the Chicago Tribune. I wondered if I'd gone in feeling too confident about my own experience with promotion. I’d seen some friends participate in something similar and was excited to try it. After all, your book is only new for a short window of time. Be warned that marketing your book requires full-time dedication and a never-ending to-do list. I wondered. Marketing is a different beast; it is paid coverage. Start your search early. Even the Big 5 publishers don’t provide a lot of help. Learning — and doing — takes time. Do you hate to even ask your friends and family to buy your book? It was too late to do anything else. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why you should hire a publicist to promote your book. The views expressed in the Writer-in-Residence blogs are those held by the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Open Book. But if it wasn’t even making it into an editor’s inbox in advance, it had no chance. Unless you’re willing to gamble, ask the publicist for a list of references before agreeing to work with them. It’s a career investment. In the end, you hope their efforts lead to more book sales, but the publicist is not a book seller. In the proposal, the publicity team suggested some ideas for a tour, which I would have to fund myself. It’s worth noting that I said hire a “local publicist” not a “local book publicist.” It’s hard to find a book publicist in most mid-sized or smaller cities. Now, I’m going to talk about what happens if you decide to maximize your chances of getting press for your book by hiring a publicist. One of the lessons here is to know as much about how to do this yourself as possible so that you can better monitor the outside services you hire. Here’s how a publicist can help: A publicist can make sure that the right people (i.e. Even if it wasn’t chosen for the Fall coverage I was hoping for (because let’s face it, the Fall is a busy season for books), I at least wanted it to be considered.

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