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invisalign before and after crowding

And now, I'm getting them off. Upper anterior segment flared resulting in excessive overjet / Deep bite / Moderate crowding of upper and lower teeth. Rotated upper front teeth. Dentist diagnosis Treatment was completed in approximately 12 months. Client Concern Client was unhappy with her smile and was interested in getting porcelain veneers to fix her overlapping front teeth and crowding of upper and lower front teeth. Treatment Before. Call 770.663.0955 today for your or your child's complimentary, no-obligation consultation for braces or Invisalign today! Before. Our experience has been great thus far! In this before and after, you will see how Invisalign aligns upper and lower teeth with mild crowding. WE ARE BACK! Invisalign Before & After. 6 months of Invisalign treatment to place teeth in an improved position. After. This was followed by crown lengthening (gingivectomy) procedure to improve tooth size and create a pleasingly natural smile profile. We would highly recommend this office!! Moderate Crowding. A professional A-League soccer player. Your New Favorite Suwanee, GA, Orthodontist For. Dentist diagnosis Before. Dentist diagnosis After. Treatment Crowding in the front teeth with good molar relationship. 4 months of Invisalign treatment using a non-extraction approach to reposition the teeth to recreate a smile that has less visual disturbances and sits on the smile frame a lot better. Dentist Diagnosis Treatment Treatment Take a Tour of our Suwanee Orthodontic Office, Retainers After Braces in Suwanee & Cumming, GA, Significant underbite, crossbite and crowding, Blocked-out lower incisor, deviated midlines, Class 2, significant bite discrepancy and deep bite, Anterior open bite, severe rotation, deviated midlines, Space closure of extracted (periodontal compromised) tooth, Severe crowding and preparation for post-op cosmetic veneers, Severe flaring of incisors, lip-incompetence, crowding, Correction of significant underbite, crossbite and crowding, Correction of misaligned teeth and high cuspid teeth, Correction of severe crowding (No Extractions), Correction of significant Class 2 bite discrepancy in 16 year old female, Reduction of upper and lower protrusion using IPR and space closure, Bite is aligned and lip incompetence corrected, Severe rotation corrected and teeth aligned, Space closure and retraction of flared teeth, Invisalign Treatment Time: 5 months (No Refinements), Incisor tooth extracted for periodontal concerns, Invisalign Treatment Time: 17 months (No refinements), Correction of severe crowding in periodontal sensitive adult male patient, Peg-shaped upper lateral incisors, severe rotations, Spaces to be created on each side of upper laterals in preparation for veneers, Upper and lower arch expansion, No Extractions, Invisalign Treatment Time: 15 months (No Refinements), Severe flaring of upper incisors, lip incompetence, Severe lower crowding and flaring treated with the use of IPR, Noticeable improvement in lip competence and reduction of incisor flaring, Bite improvement and teeth aligned, No Extractions, Invisalign Treatment Time: 18 months (1 Refinement). Narrow smile / Moderate upper and lower crowding / Teeth shape discrepancies / Tongue thrust. Mild crowding of upper and lower teeth. Client Concern Both of my kids are patients at Walton Orthodontics. 3 months of Invisalign treatment with minor repositioning of the teeth to reduce anterior dominance and increase broadness of smile. 7 months of Invisalign treatment using a non-extraction approach to improve the straightness while giving her a pleasing smile that suits the facial profile. Hailey was one of our Dental Nurses at The Dental Room. Client was concerned about her overlapping upper front teeth and crowded lower teeth, making the overall smile look narrow. Mild crowding / Rotations / Asymmetrical / Unbalanced positioning of upper front teeth. Client concern She was very excited to come back to get her braces! Client concern Dentist Diagnosis She was looking for a solution to fit in with her busy schedule with domestic and international travel for work. Invisalign treatment of an overbite (especially when severe) is less predictable than with braces. Client was concerned about the crowding and overlapping of teeth, specifically the upper teeth. 6 months of Invisalign treatment with no teeth removal to alleviate crowding and improve teeth positioning to give her a more symmetrical smile that she was very happy with. Teeth whitening was performed at the end of Invisalign treatment. Invisalign ® has become a real game changer when it comes to straightening teeth. A personal trainer of @sohfit outdoor fitness. Before . Invisalign Before & After Photos Patient #1 – Significant underbite, crossbite and crowding Patient #2 – Deep overbite, high cuspids (“eyeteeth”) Position of the upper teeth is not straight. Client Concern I am super excited! It was a 12-month Invisalign treatment with a non-extraction approach to resolve severe crowding, creating a big smile that suited his outgoing personality as a fitness instructor. Book Your FREE Invisalign Appointment Now. Narrow smile / Moderate amounts of upper and lower crowding / Bite was normal. Treatment 12 months of invisalign with a non-extraction approach. 4 months of Invisalign treatment with a non-extraction approach to reduce the overjet, improve deep bite and fix crowding. 6 months of Invisalign treatment using a non-extraction technique with the main goal to improve teeth position to create a more harmonious and balanced smile. Started with 7 months of Invisalign treatment to close the open bite and correct irregularities in teeth positions. Client concern Philip Zoom in-chair teeth whitening to improve the shades of her teeth. The precisely positioned teeth create a smile that complements and proud – it does not shy away anymore. Treatment Client was concerned about the crowding of her lower teeth – it makes it hard to keep clean. Dr. Walton, our 5-star rated Suwanee, GA, orthodontist specializes in orthodontic care for you or your child with the most advanced types of braces for children, teens, and adults. Dentist diagnosis Your browser either doesn't support Javascript or you have it turned off. Discolored teeth. Tweaks were made in the design of the aligners to ensure non-interference with phonetics, allowing her to sing with her aligners in with no issues. Treatment 12 months of Invisalign treatment with a non-extraction approach followed by teeth whitening have resulted in a smile that is more youthful. A relatively straightforward case. Client concern Dentist Diagnosis Client concern Treatment Treatment To help you learn more about Invisalign® and how it can help improve your smile, we offer complimentary consultations here at The Dental Room. Once the teeth were in the right position, we whitened them and replaced resin bonding to match with a view to replace with a porcelain veneer in time if required. These types of braces include metal braces, clear braces, Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, Damon braces, In-Ovation braces, braces behind your teeth and short-term braces. 8 months of Invisalign treatment with a non-extraction approach to close the anterior open bite and straighten the teeth. It's fantastic because Dr. Walton is an expert in what he does and that's giving braces. Luke was looking for an alternative solution to traditional braces to fix the crowding of his teeth. Dentist diagnosis All this while playing professional soccer! Invisalign® has become a real game changer when it comes to straightening teeth. To a lesser extent, the appearance of the smile. Doctor Walton has tremendously helped my whole teeth ordeal. Overbite and crowding, followed by restorative treatment to fix shape and discolorations. Smile profile. Client Concern She felt that her front two teeth looked ‘bucky’ and her smile looked ‘narrow’. 12 months of treatment with a non-extraction approach to fix the deep bite, alleviate crowding and de-rotate teeth into position. Their clear aligners are virtually invisible which is a considerable advantage compared to traditional metal braces. Dominance of anterior teeth creating visual disturbance / Narrow smile smile profile. Dentist diagnosis Narrow smile / Moderate amounts of upper and lower teeth crowding. Worldwide, Invisalign® has successfully corrected some very complex cases, and professionally speaking, that is a very important consideration for us, because we want to ensure our clients achieve their best possible smile. Invisalign Before & After. Client concern Another dentistry wanted to remove 4 if my teeth and give me 4 years of braces, but Dr. Walton let me keep my teeth with only 2 years of braces! With its innovative and revolutionary technology, it has become a significant alternative to traditional metal braces.To help give you an idea on what to expect with Invisalign®, and to see some of our ® results, we have taken some before and after photos of some of our clients that we’ve treated. Smile profile. After seeing the amazing results achieved for our clients, she decided to jump on the bandwagon to fix the crowding of her lower teeth with Invisalign. 6 months of Invisalign treatment with a non-extraction approach to create a smile that is not only easier to keep clean, but also looks more youthful. The popularity of Invisalign® has grown exponentially particularly due to its aesthetic. Invisalign was advised as a more conservative option instead of porcelain veneers to achieve the desired results. The way the upper front teeth look. Never had them fixed as he didn’t like the idea of traditional metal braces. Super friendly and helpful staff and Dr. Walton was wonderful with our daughter. After. Severe lower crowding and mild upper crowding / Narrow smile / Gum recession / Rotations / Wear / Aged smile. Client was looking for a solution to improve her overall smile profile, she was unsure of particular needs. At The Dental Room, we’re a proud Platinum Invisalign® Provider (2019), and that means we have already successfully treated many clients with Invisalign®. Please contact us on 1300 810 333 or at to make an appointment. Before. As the lower teeth are prone to relapse, a fixed wire was placed at the back of these lower teeth. The Dental Room was founded by Dr Shawn Rama who is a leader in cosmetic dentistry. Great for kids and teens of all ages. A very challenging case with immensely satisfying results. Crowding of the upper and lower front teeth. Treatment … As soon as we walked in the door, we were greeted and treated as if they had known us forever! Invisalign successfully achieved expansion of the narrow arches and better teeth alignment for an improved smile. Client concern Treatment Client concern He doesn’t want to have teeth removed and needs a safe solution to suit his lifestyle. Treatment The office staff is always friendly and will go out of their way to help you. Careful planning to prevent further recession of teeth. Saturday 8am – 1pm (by prior appointment only). She was also concerned about how aligners would affect her singing. Narrow smile. All this while maintaining her very busy international work commitments. Deep bite causing increased wear / Moderate upper and lower crowding / Rotations of teeth specifically of the upper lateral incisors / Narrow jaw. Severe upper and lower crowding / Severely narrow jaw / Asymmetry / Imbalances / Moderate wear of teeth. 14 months of Invisalign with a non-extraction approach to resolve the severe crowding. Dentist diagnosis With over 15 years of industry experience and knowledge, The Dental Room attracts clients from interstate as well as internationally.

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