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increase coconut yield

The Palconitins introduced Catindig to a low-cost bee housing made from a coconut shell with a metal roof, inspired by the round honeycombs that kiwot bees construct. As coconut pollinators, kiwot bees have helped the farm increase its yield by 35% to 50%. Workers and visitors get to eat fresh, organic food at the bee farm. Catindig started to feel the improvement in yield 6 months after using kiwot bees for pollination, and since then harvests have been good even after typhoons. “The reason for the higher yield is that fewer young coconuts fall to the ground,” Catindig said. HANGING BEE SHELTER. As in the words of Gabiazo, as former hunters, "their interest with the bees is already there.". The presence of bee pastures in this region is also known to improve coconut yields and to provide economic opportunities for women in Dayta’s town, despite the typhoons that ravage the region every year. This includes pollen and propolis products, mostly processed by women. UPLB developed this bee hive for efficient and large-scale pollination. On Catindig’s farm, there are plenty of bee plants, water sources and native trees that naturally attract the native bees and other insects. The park's rich vegetation makes Bulusan an ideal place for beekeeping, while at the same time protecting it and the communities in lowland and coastal areas through beekeeping. Catindig hired Palconitin and her late father, Rodolfo “Tio Ompong,” in 2005 to supervise the nascent bee farm. The elder Palconitin’s practical knowledge of kiwot bees was a result of his curious interest and affection for bees since his teens. Under summer irrigation, 40 liters per palm per week will increase the yield of nuts by 50%. . (READ: Will you survive a world severely battered by climate change?). We depend on support from users like you. People would also visit the bee farm and pitch the hammock they brought with them. Pedro Jose De Castro, who studies the Indigenous Aeta group’s native honey-gathering practices, says program managers should engage Indigenous groups in beekeeping interventions. However, Mr. Vijayan maintained that the possibility of the government establishing coconut plantations was less. As a techno-demo farm, BBu is able to give beekeeping training to more bee hunters and community members through sponsored programs. Image courtesy of BBU Farms. According to a UN-HABITAT report on Sorsogon’s vulnerability to climate change, the province is at risk of extreme tropical cyclones which locals associate with climate change. Its 40 beneficiaries – mostly bee hunters and recipients of lands in upland areas – reside in the outskirts of Mt Bulusan. The municipality of Bulusan adopted the beekeeping project as its banner agriculture program in 2017 with the aid of the Agriculture Training Institute (ATI). One of the 16 regular workers at the farm said the job has helped provide their family enough money. There, his knowledge of kiwot behavior helped with the development in 2010 of a two-tier box that mimics the kiwot’s natural hives. He inaugurated a video programme and YouTube live streaming of the Farm Information Bureau on the occasion. The situation was that Kerala had to depend on other States for coconut husk required for industrial production. The bee farm has also become a testing ground for the beekeeping technology being developed by UPLB, as well as an agritourism destination. ” bees, which are native to the Philippines and are known pollinators of high-value crops like mangoes, pili, and coconut. The pollination hive developed by UPLB is easy to mass produce; supports large-scale pollination services, and allows production of quality products in an easy processing and hygienic way. Dayta, 53, is among those essential workers whose job as a gardener involves watering plants, removing dry leaves, and weeding. Catindig and her farmers trained under the University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) Bee Program headed by Dr Cleofas Cervancia, which involved an intensive beekeeping course. DONATE HERE. She's a UNESCO fellow for climate change and sustainable development reporting in Southeast Asia and a grantee in the 2018 Asia-Pacific Story Writing Grants by Internews Europe. (READ: hive can yield 3 bottles of honey, said Cecilia Olan who monitors all the beneficiaries and also a beneficiary herself. Catindig installed these improved hives near the flowering plants and hung the coconut-shell houses beneath her coconut trees. Foliar fertilizer for young coconut trees should be applied when the weather will be dry for 24 hours. (READ: Catindig got her first kiwot colonies from slash-and-burn farmers who also hunted for bees in the wild. Obama mentions Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in his memoir, This tool can help detect data vulnerabilities in AI-powered systems, PUBG Mobile is coming back to India in a new avatar, New genus of treefrog discovered in Andaman Islands. The target was to distribute two crore saplings within 10 years in the State. (READ: How residents make a living out of their home, Lake Bulusan). From barren to swampy, Kadapa shows the way in water conservation! (READ: Can bees help end hidden hunger?). Some of the beneficiaries bought a few more colonies, giving the hunters who are beneficiaries themselves, additional income. With constant monitoring from her mentors, Bbu became a project site – a learning ground for existing and interested beekeepers and crop growers. As former Bicol Regional Apiculture Center head Maria Dulce Mostoles said, beekeeping “is just right for many families who can’t afford sophisticated housing.” It promotes conservation too. His recommendation? Later on, Tio Ompong’s practical expertise was sought out by the administrators of the beekeeper training program at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB). Later, she says, she learned she could do so through pollinator-friendly agroforestry, a land management system where crops thrive alongside trees. But the government had taken concerted efforts in alliance with several agencies to distribute coconut saplings to increase the production of coconut.

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