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imaginary conversations in my head

Brief quotations and citations, with attribution, are freely permitted, but reposting entire articles requires permission. This is yet another reason for gratitude to the merciful God who wove these bitter thoughts into a crown of thorns and placed it onto the head of His precious Son so that I might be forgiven and made pure. You sound obsessed with your ex, I think you need to start distracting yourself from thinking of your ex, he is starting to take control of you, so make yourself busy, stop thinking of him, get busy with school/work/activities and such, Whenever you think of him start thinking about something else, just make yourself stop, by the time you will start thinking of him less and less. 4. Change ). In response to your first, it appears that you’ve presumed your point before making it. Am I the only one doing this? Yet it would be a lie to say that these are the majority of my customized mental dialogues (and even these good imaginary conversations are often tainted with selfishness and a desire to impress). Like the fresh-faced big-screen lawyer waxing eloquent in his closing argument, I’m standing nobly for righteousness. 0 0. This only adds to the enjoyment. I’ve had several remarkable conversations recently. Every guy who’s ever gotten engaged understands that a mental rehearsal can be a healthy, righteous, and loving thing. And I always succeed. I am truly not a crazy person! In my imaginary conversations, I’m always explaining myself or arguing. I always win. Share this conversation. I couldn’t tell you that this is an everyday occurrence (I’d have to actively monitor myself to know), but it’s not unusual. None satisfied me because none were applying the Word to the answer. I always side with justice, with righteous revenge often completing the threesome. This is what disturbs me most about many of these imaginary conversations. Yet more reason to loudly pray, Lord, help me take every thought captive to your Word and your Truth. The variations are frightening. Illustrations danced and sang. But I would register a guess that there may be more than a few out there who have imaginary conversations on a semi-regular basis. Certainly there are times when I have imaginary conversations because I’m rightfully nervous about a potentially awkward or volatile situation. The point is winning, not a fair fight. So push yourself to do what you used to do and make yourself being busy. Most of them are competitive. I would invite you to consider the bitterness, the envy, the scheming, and the unchecked pride that motivates and characterizes so many of my imaginary conversations. Be the first guy to share an opinion and earn 1 more Xper point! And no, I'm not going to jump in another relationship because there's no one I'm interested in doing so with. That said, I do find your article extremely honest and exemplary. I want to humiliate. They may be with a spouse, a parent, a boss, or a co-worker. But since you put yourself in that group (“I’m very concerned for your sanity…and mine…my family’s…), I’m not sure precisely where you stand. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thank you! I don’t mind an underdog. I want to speak the hard words that justice demands; I want to make up for a missed opportunity to tell them what I really think; I want to put them in their place; I want to get something off my chest. There are also times when I’m sincerely trying to prepare for an announcement or a presentation or a sermon and I want to hear how different statements sound in my head or out loud. You may have them in the shower, or in the car during either direction of your commute. The dialogue never ends with me acknowledging defeat or correction. Like that blog commenter or Facebook status-updater who takes ten minutes to craft a single witty sentence, my cleverness is off the charts in these imaginary conversations. But I do still have many conversations where I am right, and it is putting someone down and in there place and even using His Word to do so. Updates: Follow. Now, I don't really have anyone to share my life with: the funny things, the happy things, the sad things, etc. A conversation I had when I was a little kid, something I saw in a movie, How It's Made episodes, or a song. It is mostly music, but it could be anything. We need redemption and transformation, and that’s not at all unclear for those who simply live awhile with their eyes open. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. My declarations and comebacks may be as contrived as a bad action movie, but they sound absolutely Spielberg in the moment. Often they’ll be conversations that you’ll never have (and shouldn’t have), but you still want the private, selfish, finger-licking delight of giving someone the piece of your mind that you could never (and should never) give them in real life. I know the manipulation playbook, and I run every play to perfection. thank you for this. And perhaps some of you who stand with me in the ranks of the less sanctified will join in excavating your own hearts.

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