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idriss al rifai

On the money side, I put all my money in, family’s money, friend’s money. I remember the days when I was just tired of people seeing me as the company and do not even see me as a person. There is quite a lot that needs — people get drawn a little bit by passion. But, at the end of the day, we hit it off. Stay up to date on our entrepreneurs, events, research and more. Basically, we enable eCommerce through [19:19]. So, I started it. So, being able to put everything into a story that is compelling that convinces people, I think it’s very important to get that for a startup. Alejandro: Got it. Today, we have a very exciting founder. We want to drive the change in the Middle East and Africa and provide a better experience for the customer: easier to use, faster and more predictable and transparent. I think that people get convinced if you see passion. We left Iraq when I was three years old. Ecommerce in the Middle East is still nascent – local and international brands have a challenging time navigating the market in which inefficient processes and the lack of post addresses lead to long delivery times and high return rates. You just need to regroup people that are extremely motivated that are willing to go to work with you no matter what it takes. We also believe that a very similarly painful experience is shared by consumers in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait. : Key ingredients. Let’s put the facts, and then let’s put 80% of luck that came into this because let’s not pretend everything is because of hard work. It’s really not my game. He holds degrees from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Paris (Sciences Po) and the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. I went to six banks. As crazy as it seems, whether you’re talking about Dubai, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Egypt, there is literally no address. If you can leave a review as well, that would be fantastic. That’s first. You just realize, “How can this make sense?” But that’s how it is. How do you really get them to trust you and to build that type of relationship to say, “You know what? I’m @idriss_alrifai at Twitter. The non-delivery rate, which can be as high as 25% in some of the markets, so think about it. Prior to this Idriss Al Rifai worked as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG). You’re going to figure it out.”, Alejandro: How do you get, for example, like a VC that is in the U.S., NEA, Top Tier VC here, and very, very respected. Just share your GPS. Then I managed through a connection of mine to trust me that I wasn’t doing anything shady. Al Rifai has developed and optimised a last mile delivery solution specifically for the e-commerce needs and requirements in the Middle East. Previously Idriss worked for MarkaVIP, a leading ecommerce player in the MENA region, where he headed the operations and built an in-house logistics department for the company to expedite deliveries. Al Rifai has developed and optimised a last mile delivery solution specifically for the e-commerce needs and requirements in the Middle East. Anyway, we changed the whole agreement, the whole term sheets, everything. : Okay. This is not the job of the customer. I was a professional basketball player, but just professional to be like a bench-warmer, as we say. Idriss Al Rifai: My dad is Iraqi.

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