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html alt text on div

Accept. Also my XHTML doesn't validate. Tutorials, references, and examples are constantly reviewed to avoid errors, but we cannot warrant full correctness of all content. We recommend to use

tag only when no other semantic elements introduced in HTML5 (such as, /* Use another value to see the result */. This works great for content, but I’ve started using it in interface elements where it makes sense. The alt attribute can be used on the following elements: An image with an alternate text specified: An HTML form with an image that represents the submit button: The alt attribute has the following browser support for each element: If you want to report an error, or if you want to make a suggestion, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail: tag is an empty container that is used to define a division or a section. Read Me, I've read you can do that with DIVs while seting the display to block and changing the cursor state. The other alternative I suppose would be some sort of javascript. Here, you can mention a class name for the div element. text: Specifies an alternate text for an image. Tip: To create a tooltip for an image, use the Note: For elements, the alt attribute can only be used with . How to add alt text to a DIV? Why validate? Do you mind me asking why you want to display alternative text to the image being displayed? When we build layouts, we deal with multiple blocks defined by the
tag. Imaginons la fenêtre du navigateur comme un système de coordonnées : Le principe du positionnement CSS fait que l'on peut positionner une boîte n'importe où dans le système de coordonnées. The
tag can NOT be inside

tag, because the paragraph will be broken at the point, where the

tag is entered. It is possible to place any HTML element within a
tag, including another
. Since
is a block-level element, a line break is placed before and after it. After that, you can apply the text-align with the center as the value to the div element class CSS. You can't nest a block level element i.e div, p etc within an inline element as in a anchor you can use a span which is for enclosing lines of text or inline elements. You may find that the title is only relevant when the background picture is there???? Guidelines for the alt text: The text should describe the image if the image contains information; The text should explain where the link goes if the image is inside an element; Use alt="" if the image is only for decoration Hugo., you should be able to manipulate this so that the. D'après le modèle des boîtes (cf. it (because of slow connection, an error in the src attribute, or if the user uses a screen reader). You seem to have used some empty spans though I'm not sure why they don't actually span anything if you want the title attribute move it to the anchor along with the styling. To apply styles inside a paragraph use tag, which is used with inline elements. Note: The alt attribute is required for the element. The positioning of these blocks is at the heart of layout: placing elements in the correct relative positions across all screen sizes is one of the most important tasks. You can't nest a block level element i.e div, p etc within an inline element as in a anchor you can use a span which is for enclosing lines of text or inline elements. The content is written between the opening (
) and closing (
) tags. Negative margins can be applied to both static or floated elements. Use span instead? Before you make your first post it is vital that you READ THE POSTING GUIDELINES! To apply styles inside a paragraph use tag, which is used with inline elements. Let’s learn more about these techniques. The
tag comes in pairs. Just use the 'title' attribute; Please post ALL your code - both CSS & HTML - in [code] tags I have a div with a background-image (set to repeat on both x,y-axis) and I'd like to make an alt text so when you hover over it it shows the desired message. In modern websites float-based layouts are being replaced with Flexbox. The
tag also supports the Global attributes and the Event Attributes. See the below image to find the solution of how to center align single image inside div element using CSS and HTML. title does work, although I have found that it sometime has a low response time. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) est un langage descriptif utilisé pour structurer le contenu d'une page (ses textes, ses images, ses liens, etc.).. (Alt text that just duplicates the caption is just tiresome.) ---------------------------------------------------------------- It does not affect the content or layout and is used to group HTML elements to be styled with CSS or manipulated with scripts. While using W3Schools, you agree to have read and accepted our. HTML Reference HTML by Alphabet HTML by Category HTML Browser Support HTML Attributes HTML Global Attributes HTML Events HTML Colors HTML Canvas HTML Audio/Video HTML Character Sets HTML Doctypes HTML URL Encode HTML Language Codes HTML Country Codes HTTP Messages HTTP Methods PX to EM Converter Keyboard Shortcuts Was used to align the content inside a
tag. title attribute! Is this possible? Seems you can't enclose a div within . DIV are divides and are used to split areas of a page up. Un document HTML est un fichier texte qui contient des balises (ou tag en anglais). Please validate and ensure you have included a full Doctype before posting. Examples might be simplified to improve reading and learning. Hugo. rooty, Ces balises doivent être utilisées d'une certaine façon pour décrire correctement la structure du document. What could I do with the XHTML W3C error though? width="145" height="126" If you want to position div relative to particular element you can use a combination of position: relative and position: absolute. CSS float property, or "floats" allows elements to appear next to, or apart from, one another, which lets us create different types of layouts, including multi-column pages, sidebars, grids, etc. la leçon 9), le titre apparaîtra de cette façon: Si nous voulons positionner ce titre à 100px du haut et à 200px de la gauche du document, notre code CSS pourrait être le suivant : Le résultat sera le suivant : Comme vous pouvez le constater, l…

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