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how to make a reversible duvet cover

I am so sorry about that. I made this duvet in one evening. Your kind words and visits make this picture snapping/blog writing {thing} rewarding beyond words. The dust ruffle was for a king size bed so there was alot of gathering. Sorry. Remember to subtract the selvedge edges from any measurements you take, all before you begin sewing your piece. Cami, your duvet cover will be featured at the Moonlight & Mason Jar link party this evening! Align the other section to the other side of the zipper teeth and sew it in place. Many people also use sheets to save a buck!! Fold each piece in half. bedspreads and comforters recently posted…. Across each corner of the comforter I sew a 3-4 inch piece of grosgrain ribbon it will be on the diagonal. I love all of your remodels and think you and your husband are so talened and creative, I’ve pinned some of you ideas, Thank you, by the way for the tip on the duvet cover. Using the flat sheets you could up-cycle some of your old[ish] linen sets. But be sure your zipper is open some before you stitch the layers together. For example, if the center panel needs to be 40 inches wide and each side panel needs to be 20 inches wide, cut the center panel 41 inches wide and the side panels 21 inches wide. Erlam is a graduate of the Sheffield School of Interior Design and is a practicing interior decorator and drapery workroom operator. Use a narrow-foot or zipper foot attachment on your machine. Measure the width and length of your duvet, and add 1 inch to each measurement. Now you can google lots of fun tricks for inserting a comforter inside a duvet, but my preferred method is to stuff it in and have a super cute little body climb in and match all the corners and smooth it out. Creator of the blog TIDBITS and product lines @tidbitsplanners and @tidbitslinen Just make sure the sides are pinned smoothly with no wrinkles. No joke, that’s how simple it is to create! Home / Sewing / How to Make a Reversible Duvet Cover. I have a tip for duvet covers and inserting the comforter and keeping it aligned within the “big pillowcase”. Pin the ties in place. Thanks for the great tutorial! That way, you can use the sheets to sew your own duvet cover for far less than it would cost to buy the entire duvet cover itself. Thanks! This allows those extra inches to be consumed by the seams. Please let me know if you have questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them. Open the fold. I seem to get better fitted results when I cut around my objects rather then measure and cut separately. How hard is it, and how does a duvet differentiate from a basic comforter? They offer tons of brilliant crafting and sewing projects, including DIY duvet covers, for you to peruse and try out yourself! I cut my fabric pieces as follows…. Just type in “TIDBITS” at checkout. Unfortunately, the U.S. does not have strict standards for bedding or comforter sizes, which means that they will tend to vary based on the manufacturer. Fold the bottom edge of each fabric rectangle under 1/2″ and press. Thank you! Your home and family are beautiful. Nothing is quite as rewarding to me as knowing I actually helped someone make something they love. The best I could see was 22 inches, and I was worried that it would be a super small opening to fit the comforter in – but it turned out just fine. I’ve been stuck on what to to do for a while now on this particular project, and now maybe I can move forward with it. Luckily, there are quite a few stores and online shops that sell quality extra wide fabrics. This photo was 2 years ago, Anyone here remember 2 years ago when we were in o, ‘Tis the season for gatherings - whatever that m, I’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude for the sup, A new business? Today I thought I would share my sewing project; how to make a baby crib duvet cover. Thanks! These are all free and easy to get started with. You make it seem so easy. Fold up another one inch and press again. I find grosgrain ribbon will stay tied better than if you use a slick satin ribbon, which may start to untie. To keep the comforter in place inside the duvet cover, sew a small loop of fabric to each corner of the comforter. So easy right?! This pattern lets you create a duvet cover for the comforter in your toddler’s crib or converted crib. (Be sure the zipper pull is coming out at the outside of the duvet.). Open the zipper 10 inches. This is what it should look like when your finished. Making a new duvet cover allows you to change the bed coverings to match a new decor, or to have seasonal covers. CraftGossip | Start Here | Contact Us | Link to Us | Your Editors | Privacy and affiliate policy, Among Us Crewmate Plush – Free Sewing Pattern, Felt Acorn Fall Pillow – Free Sewing Pattern, Life is short. I secured this small stitch through the zipper tails with a few back stitches. Here’s an example of how to make a duvet cover for a toddler. Next, you will attach the back of the duvet cover to the front of the duvet by placing right sides together and sewing on all sides except the top! They’ve compiled a nice list of duvet cover patterns ranging from the purely elegant to the fun and chic, so you can sew this cover in whatever style you prefer! Expand submenu Shop Collapse submenu Shop. I love sharing my ideas and tutorials! But in the meantime, dust off that sewing machine and toss the I-can’t-do-this attitude – because I am going to show you every step of the way. You’ll need the comforter before you can decide how much fabric to buy. A duvet cover supports the tone and mood of the room and reflects and enhances the color scheme. To avoid any potential shifting, pin the seam closed and sew it up again with a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Thank you for coming by! *TIP* You can definitely adjust your size for twin, full, and king by google-ing “duvet dimensions”, I would just add a couple of inches to each side of the duvet so you have sewing room! 4. I found it best to start at one zipper end and finish at the other. 3. What a sweet comment! 5. She also writes a biweekly newspaper column, "Design Dilemmas," in the "Lakeshore News" and has been published in "Design and Drapery Pro" magazine. Make your smaller side panels as large as necessary to reach the desired width of your duvet cover.

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