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how to give advice politely

a. Didn´t deel • Would you/we be able to…? Aim for three steps or three takeaways if it’s possible in the context of your advice. Thanks for the lesson. 2. The best advice contains your own emotion. • You might want to consider… thank you very much over and over , carry on . On November I have my LCCI Level 3 exam. Thank you Rebecca, very good lesson. Have a great day! All the best to you. But you can’t always use these expressions. i have a doubt. Many of my coaching clients tell me they don’t. I were= formal and Polite This is why it’s often better to offer your suggestion in the form of the question. Could you, please, just explain, why in this video you said – ‘There is many ways how…’ Because ways is plural, so I would think that it should be – There are many ways. Dry information and stats don’t inspire people to make a change or listen to you. Being inspired is how you get people’s attention. Thank you very much for your lesson.I like it..Have a wonderful day…. giving advise use the doctor,lawyer, preacher,priest ,nurse .you watch him On tv giving suggestions. Thanks Engvid. Simply adding the word maybe before saying “you should” can make a world of difference in terms of politeness. What can someone listening to your advice takeaway with them? Sometimes you need to boldly express yourself. Thank you! They were We all remember when someone got emotional while giving a speech or when we felt the same emotion as the person giving us the advice. We’ve talked about storytelling already. Here are some expressions you can use: • Have you thought about…? When I test that theory, I find out every time that we all have personal experiences that can help others. Go on. I genuinely want to help others so learning to give advice correctly has allowed me to impact more people. Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him who taught humans how to live.he taught us the Mercy You might sound like a know-it-all if you make direct suggestions before knowing all the facts. Resist the temptation,the gossip ,critics, Hai rebecca,If I were u I would ask some questions with vidio, if i were u iwould ask some question with vidio. If you give advice incorrectly, then you’ll risk being disrespectful, pissing people off and not helping others to take the positive action that will assist them. I admire your work and your English classes. The best way I discovered to understand my audience’s problems was to ask them (in the case of 1–1 advice) or for large audiences, to research my audience’s problems through websites like Quora. thank u teacher , it was very informative, i believe that u could clear my somewhat doubts of this situation , i was confused if it is “should or would ” to be used , The first option is the correct one. i’m willing to work in Mexico as un English teacher . ! My best wishes to you. Even if your audience disagrees with your advice, they’ll respect you if you respect them first. • Have you thought about…? Hi, Rebeca nice to meet you and thancks for thi lessons. Some of my advice is useful and some of it is not. Now I know how to give advice in a way that a little more diplomatically,a little bit more gentle. Please help me.I think I was. When life puts up a wall, here’s how to use it to your advantage. No one has exactly the same story or list of experiences as you, so that’s what makes your advice truly unique. I’ve found that our problems all come from mostly the same list. Its really a polite lesson. Focus on the advice that will lead people to take action or think differently. you are amazing…but i am a lit’le bit confused because i think when we say ‘ if i were………..’ it seems ‘past’.. Kindly make it clear to me…!! Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions. if i were you, i would call my mother soon. Listening to radio where lawyer gives advise. that has cleared the concept… Choose the right person to ask. Maybe is usually a better choice for informal situations. The sole purpose of giving advice … I have a question which I have been wondering about, would you please answer me ,,, I’m also an English teacher for elementary level. my first language is not english but i started being taught the language since i was 12, but since back at home no one speaks english, I did not practice at home. Rebecca! Whether you want to be a leader, coach or entrepreneur — knowing how to give advice will help you. With suggestions, we often use the past progressive and simple past. How to Start Improving Your Life When You Feel Constant Discontent, Replacing Modern Conveniences with Simple Pleasures, How To Create A Vision Board That Truly Manifests. Hi , i have found your site to be of great use in me . A salesperson try selling you products. All the best to you. If you have a suggestion for a group to which you belong, use we. If I were you, I __________ give them the news yet. If I were you, __________  would apologize as soon as possible. Thanks so much my awesome teacher Mrs Rebecca. thanks very much for the short yet very nice lesson. Giving advice is a privilege and it should never be taken for granted. No one likes to be spoken down to and you have your own issues. (“Have you considered getting a new car?”/”Have you thought about getting a new car?”) 2. I had learnt when I was in elementary level that we should always say I WAS, YOU WERE, WE WERE, THEY WERE, HE WAS, SHE WAS, IT WAS. I will use this phrase many times in daily life. Using these tenses makes the suggestion less direct, and therefore more polite. Now can optimise my english vucabulary. In addition,we can use all subject pronouns such as, HE ,SHE ,IT , and so on with were without changing the verb to be (( WERE )) It is a correctly grammatical use . We often use the s… We use “I were” in the second type of conditional sentences. c. Hadn´t felt, Thank u very much,im happy to listen ur lessons, Thank you very much for this lesson I like it I hand overed the test 100% from first attempt )))))))))))))))), thanks rebecca,it’s a good way to give an advice. hello! I was said unpolite just because I dont know how to express me more friendly. Appreciated!:). You know the specific friends you’d ask for cooking tips, financial … In this particular situation we use “were” with every pronoun, like Thanks Rebecca 10 out of 10 it was very simple and easy :) . Am enjoying and learning too. Even try telling them up front how long the advice will take to deliver. You might sound like a know-it-all if you make direct suggestions before knowing all the facts. If you want to be effective with your advice you need to learn to tailor it to the audience. 1. Here are 4 tips and 13 expressions for making indirect, polite suggestions. I have to have more lessons like this one. Your experience is the best advice you can give. As a blogger, I’m asked to give advice a lot. You can’t say “I was thinking we could…” if you’ve just thought of an idea. With gratitude to your sincere efforts, That’s awesome. Appreciate their situation even if you haven’t been there yourself and concentrate on being of service. It is a great website. Polite Business English – How to Complain and Disagree, How to give the BEST speech or presentation in English, Good Manners: What to Say and Do (Polite English), Bad Manners: What NOT to say or do (Polite English), Speaking English: How to express your reaction.

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