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holleder stadium concerts

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Turns out it was their lead guitarist with a wireless.

Community | Dead 101 | Features | Show Archive | Store | Visual Archive. Please. The town people were out on their porches just watching us walk from the stadium down main street were you could purchase beer and food, ect. I do believe that the name of the stadium in Rochester was Hollander Memorial Stadium, not Holleder.

"- The Wheel $30, $30 - I was at this show and I remember at the time thinking how disappointed I was in the boys, as the show was only OK and there was nothing outstanding. And I liked how the GD rocked. Life without the Dead is not life...and so we carry on... Lots of Hells Angels and Cops but a great first show . As the sun is about to set behind the tops of the stadium Jerry steps up to the mike. remember my friend muddy,who has sinced passed away gave me a big bag of caps at this show... ended up throwing my only pair of shoes at the good rats..walked around blind and barefoot for the next couple days,,,,,,,, """ nothing left to do but,SMILE. Sunny in the stadium. The sun just about cooked us alive! One of the WORST choices to open for the Dead in the 100+ shows I saw. Once again Jerry saved my head. They also played a version of FOTD that was so slow and unlike what I knew from the record. Looking back, I can see now how the Goodrats were not a particularly compatible choice for an opening act. I thoroughly enjoyed both opening acts, The Greg Kin Band and The Good Rats. He was drafted by the NFL's New York Giants but …

2020 Concerts and Events Tickets at Holleder Center - Christl Arena Venue, West Point NY - Holleder Center - Christl Arena Tours, Schedule and Tickets 2020, Search up on all upcoming Holleder Center - Christl Arena events schedule 2020 and get Holleder Center - Christl Arena venue tickets for the best seats at a very affordable cost. More, Recreation & Such great preformances.

An industrial park now sits on the old site. 1977, 50th Store | Visual Archive, Submitted by TigerTrance on Mon, 06/04/2007 - 18:39, Submitted by raindep on Sun, 07/08/2007 - 19:33, Submitted by whatthefunk on Mon, 07/09/2007 - 12:37, Submitted by jerryskid on Sun, 10/21/2007 - 10:28, Submitted by kimmerjo on Tue, 04/14/2009 - 10:14, Submitted by on Wed, 03/24/2010 - 12:01, Submitted by ktronan on Wed, 04/28/2010 - 11:09, Submitted by pomo1 on Sat, 05/01/2010 - 09:24, Submitted by kuu on Wed, 09/01/2010 - 10:14, Submitted by ajd69bee on Thu, 03/22/2012 - 21:43, Submitted by hbob1995 on Tue, 08/07/2012 - 20:27, Submitted by Shaky on Thu, 01/24/2013 - 09:56, Submitted by control49 on Sun, 08/11/2013 - 13:52, Submitted by scram on Fri, 07/21/2017 - 21:29, Submitted by scram on Fri, 07/21/2017 - 21:34, Submitted by linclink on Tue, 08/08/2017 - 20:49, Submitted by JohnSilver710 on Tue, 05/08/2018 - 17:10, Submitted by Shaky on Thu, 09/13/2018 - 16:12, Submitted by mobheels on Fri, 11/20/2020 - 09:22. [url=]Edit this setlist[/url] | [url=]More Grateful Dead setlists[/url], Holleder Memorial Stadium, Rochester, NY, USA, Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, NY. The place was packed but it was very easy to walk around and go anywhere you wanted. At one point the band played facing them with thier backs to us! Please search for a new event or check out a popular upcoming event below. We had the impression that we were somehow the enemy that was supposed to pillage their village. Might be worth doing some research. We bought some acid in the parking lot that turned out to be no good, so we bought another round of red dragons. I think the unusual opening acts were to recognize artists with Rochester roots. He played for the Army football team and was an All-American in 1956. Shaky, let's get a look at those pix if you still have - I may be there. The festival, held every other year, helps musicians “make a statement about the importance of inclusion and give African American musicians a place to convene.” Free concerts were being held in venues from museums to churches. (I believe it does not exist anymore).Don Holleder was a local Rochester boy who attended Aquinas High School and then West Point. Man was it hot that day. Check out how they ended the show. I took many pictures of this day in and outside the stadium. Looking high, looking low. Picks, Dead Camped in a field some where. The beer was flowing nice and cold and we needed it that hot day. 2009: Classical exposure: The Gateways Music Festival, one of the only music festivals in the country featuring African American classical musicians, was returning to Rochester for several performances that upcoming week. He was drafted by the NFL's New York Giants but opted for a career in the military instead. The Dead played a very spacey show, as they often did in hot outdoor venues. Threw a rubber rat back at good rats. “In a blistering sun that produced 106 degrees in the shade, Jews, Catholics and Protestants stood among the ruins and made a prayerful promise,” the story said. On August 21, 1977, 20,005 people, the largest crowd to attend a Lancers game at Holleder Stadium, watched Pelé lead his Cosmos to a 2–1 victory over the hometown Lancers in the first round of the 1977 NASL playoffs. A few fans stood waiting with the TicketMaster website pulled up on Blackberry devices. It was a meltingly hot day. We were about ten yards from the front of the stage. Excellent trip! Holleder Stadium was the home pitch for professional soccer's Rochester Lancers, who played at Holleder from 1967–69 as members of the American Soccer League, and 1970–80 while in the NASL.

Are stadium concerts worth it? (Published Aug. 6, 1998. Along with Aquinas football, the stadium hosted Rochester Lancers soccer games, drum and bugle corps competitions, pro wrestling, and concerts including the Grateful Dead and the Police, among other things. Anniversary, Dave's

Yes the Good Rats were horrible for an opening act for the Dead. Company, Stickers & I drove to this show with my Grammas hoisted '66 Impala-Das Boat...Well drank all night and was not in good shape but the Rats St of Circumstance was new after seeing Lost Sailor of few weeks earlier. Games, Furniture &

Please. Please try again later. Met Tracey thru mutual friends, been married 29 years. maybe it was the heat. Greg Kihn, then Good Rats opened. $100, Over Anniversary, Dave's The Bills continued to host occasional exhibition games at the stadium through the 1960s. It was one those Grateful Dead moments that makes ya feel like you shared that moment with them and the day turned out just fine. I kept filling gallon jugs of water from a some hose outside and then dumping the full jug on willing water beggars so hot it was. Highest stage I ever saw. Looking high, looking low. It was like we were on display for the town to view us. My first show. (Published Aug. 7, 2001.). Greg Kihn, then Good Rats opened. The stadium opened in 1949 as Aquinas Stadium and was renamed in 1973 for Major Donald Holleder, an Aquinas football star who was killed in Vietnam.

(Woke up in a van full of mostly strangers near Lebanon, PA completely disoriented! Unable to process your request at this time. It was Holleder Stadium. The stadium was torn down in 1985, and an industrial park, named Holleder Technology Park, was built on the site. Wembley Stadium's Concert History. (Yet Another) First Dead Show Tale From This Gig. Read Boulevard.The north grandstand was … The games featured four days of athletic competition and were called the country’s largest annual amateur competition. At the beginning of the song I remember thinking about the line "throw me in the jailhouse til the sun goes down" The sun was almost down. He requested a tour of duty in Vietnam (given his age and rank at that point apparently going for him was optional) and was killed there attempting to rescue some fellow soldiers from a tough spot.

Holleder Center - Christl Arena venue, West Point NY events tickets 2020, Search up on all upcoming Holleder Center - Christl Arena events schedule 2020 and get Holleder Center - Christl Arena venue tickets for the best seats at a very affordable cost, Holleder Center - Christl Arena Venue Address: 714 Fenton Rd., West Point, NY, 10996, United States of America. More, Recreation &

He played for the Army football team and was an All-American in 1956. Other low-fare carriers hadn’t fared so well in Rochester in recent years, including Eastwind Airlines, AirTran Airways and People Express Airlines. This week's feature recalls content published Aug. 3-9. (Published Aug. 5, 1993. I remember dancing and having a great time, but have no memory at all of them playing the second set. They used to play alot of local gigs at the Penny Acarade on Lake ave, in Rochester. Loved the Good Rats before this show but they were a poor choice for the DH community and they were Long Island guys not Rochester thought did have a following....deservingly booed from stage....and it was a blistering hot day and the concrete stadium did not help one bit....but beer was cold and the GD were great! Picks, Dead

After the show, in the lot, our ice had melted and beer was warm. He played for the Army football team and was an All-American in 1956. The opening ceremonies included a performance by legendary musician Ray Charles and his 17-piece orchestra and songs included Georgia on my Mind, I Can’t Stop Loving You and Paul Simon’s Still Crazy After All These Years.

This was the beginning of my long strange trip.I was 18.Left Long Island right after work on Friday for the Saturday show.Me,my brother,two other guys and a cooler in my 65 Dodge.We drove all night,dosed and drank beer all morning in that hot,dusty parking lot across the aisle from some guys from New Jersey.Had alot of fun.It bein summer,I took off my shirt,we were all covered in dusty dirt.Every time a car would drive by it would kick up a big dust cloud.It probably helped keep us from getting too sun burned being covered with dirt.Don't remember much from the show any more,nice to see it here in the archive.Would be cool to hear it again.

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