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half log siding prices

If rot begins to occur on the back side of your siding you will have no way of knowing until it is too late. Steel log siding requires little or no maintenance. 1 Review(s) This will minimize the paint that gets on the backside and under laps. The reason every piece of literature on the subject says to finish all six sides prior to installation is that siding - especially pine siding - is extremely susceptible to rot. Standard 3x6 & 3x8 Log Siding Profile Sheet, Premier 3x8 & 3x10 Log Siding Profile Sheet. Expect to pay between, Traditional wood or pine for log homes average, The average price for cedar log siding is, For the best results, we recommend that you, Builders (New Homes), Architects & Designers, Average Log Cabin Siding Installation Costs. Protect your investment and do the job RIGHT! Shipping is provided by Fed-Ex Freightways. Use only translucent stains such as Sikkens Log & Siding or choose Cedar Log Siding instead of Pine for solid stains or paint. Steel: Faux log siding made from tough, lightweight steel which is stamped to look like wood. It is usually done by the installers (who are not trained finishers) and it is a big job. Hand hewn surface requires an additional 2 weeks. (88 LF - lineal feet)  3x8 package - covers 36.8 sq.ft. People in extreme climates with large changes in temperature and moisture over the course of a year should use cedar log siding. If there are any delays you will be the first to know. Once the item is back in stock, the price of this item will be on the web page. Both are made in various sizes. See Areas we ship to and Delivery Information. A variety of the half log is the quarter log. Costs are per square foot: Vinyl log siding cost: This price range is for standard (lower cost) and insulated (higher cost) vinyl log siding. EverLog Siding is an engineered concrete log siding and concrete timber siding product used in renovations and new construction. Many homeowners feel that risk is worth the savings however we disagree. 2200 SQFT 2x8 QTR LOG NO REVEAL (1/2 LAP, NO REVEAL) CEDAR-WRC SIDING, STK (BL Grade Equivalent MILLSELECT), PAD, StainEXT, S1S, Smooth Use. It can rot, curl off the wall, bend out of shape and generally begins to look terrible very quickly. and would measure approximately 9' long x 48" wide x 32-36" high. Our half log siding is available in 3×6 and 3×8 in both Pine or Cedar. Concrete: The mixes used for concrete log siding produce faux log siding both lightweight and very strong. Quarter Log Siding is the perfect fit for your cabin or country home. The Woodworkers Shoppe Showroom is OPEN. Timberline has simplified the design lately which you can check out on Lance's new log corner installation video. Half log siding has a bold 1/2″ tongue-n-groove and end-match system. You can select "reveal" or "no reveal" log siding profile for the same price. Edges can be square or beveled. How Much Does it Cost to Install or Replace Kitchen Cabinets? Purchased the quarter log cabin siding to past existing damaged siding, company did a fantastic job! Many manufacturers including those listed sell directly to the public. For example, a log with an 8” diameter might be turned into half log siding 8” high and 3” deep rather than the 4” you’d expect. Improper field finishing and installation. Our DIY Customers sometimes do a better job than professionals because they take the time to read the instructions and do the job exactly right. Check out the features below to see how Rustic Rails Log Siding can help make your next Log Home project easy on the eyes, as well as your wallet. Buffalo Lumber offers full 20 and 40 foot container quotes internationally. PAD cedar is still considered green and moisture content is 20% or higher. We will get your order in the queue so it is ready when you are. Visit below for more details of packaging sizes and square foot coverage of our half log siding. Thanks for all your help with this order. Hi there! Once the domain of natural wood only, log siding is now available in faux log siding materials, each with their pros and cons. More About Us | Contact Us | Terms of Use, Home Remodeling Ideas & Pictures from Homeowners & Contractors, Little Mermaid Bedroom: Decor, Colors and Ideas, Home Sunroom Makeover with Storage Benches, New Asphalt Driveway Care and Maintenance. As you can imagine applying stain to 6 sides of a stick of wood in the field is a time consuming (and money consuming) process. "What is the value of factory finish?". There are no exceptions to this rule- if water stands on wood it will rot. A full unit of (8) 36 sq. Some people just have to have them and some find they don't need them as much once they know what the cost really is. (48 LF - lineal feet) We do not recommend the use of solid stains/paints on Pine Siding or Pine trim. There isn’t a stronger single tongue and groove system out there. The fact is that all wood no matter how it is dried (seasoned) it will expand and contract during the year due to moisture changes in the air. In both half and quarter log cabin siding, a single tongue and groove system and end-matched design create tight fits and excellent strength. The cost to replace siding adds $1,000 to $3,000 for removing the old siding. Here is a summary of log cabin siding cost for the various styles and materials. unreal quality. The Premier Log Sidings offer an even deeper profile than the standard half log profiles (see profile sheets below for more info)3x10 Hand-Hewn Pine w/8"Dia. We can only quote full 20 and 40 foot containers - smaller shipments would be customer arranged. The average 2,500 square foot home will cost between $5,000 and $23,500 for log siding installation, or an average cost of about $14,000. Wood Spruce Log Cabin Siding is currently out of stock and does not have an ETA. Our company ships large quantities daily with each carrier and our shipping discounts are passed on to you the customer! Receive Free Updates & Inspiring Home Improvement Project Ideas Every Week. 2x8 QTR LOG CEDAR SIDING + TRIM FACTORY FINISH, JOB: Project Consultant & Sales Applications CLOSED, JOB: Phone & Order Support applications CLOSED, Buffalo Lumber announces first in a series of AIA CSE Exterior Wood Performance Webinar to be presented March 6th 2019, Buffalo Lumber Company Presents Shiplap Done Right in Modern Farmhouse-Style Home, Bevel siding with rabbet (notched cut) on bottom edge. It's not rocket science but it has to be done right. 2x8" Cedar Log siding allows you to integrate the rustic charm of a log home with conventional frame construction. Cedar half logs cost $5.50 to $8 per square foot. each and are 9' long. Our Price is meant to include an idea of final cost if you order at least 1500 square feet. Add To List Click to add item Meadow Valley 4-1/2 x 9 Wisconsin White Pine Hewn Coped Full Half Log Siding to your list Model # 3010204901-08H Ship to Store - Free! Your opinion matters! Understanding our Prices: We price log siding by the square foot. He has created a video on how to install them and they really are awesome. You will need more elbow grease when you get to it but the risks of any kind of large scale failure (provided you properly prepared and installed it) are minimal. MILL SELECT : STK (Select Tight Knot) cedar log siding wil have Sound, live, small to medium tight knots permitted every 6 - 8 inches. It's not rocket science but it has to be done right. You can specify Kiln Dried or Get out your saw and cut around that knot hole and save a buck or two. Many of our Log siding customers install the siding themselves saving the cost of custom professional installation. I injured my back right after receiving your product and was delayed several months. The majority of the siding pieces are 8 foot long with a random assortment of shorter pieces mixed in and all have our unique end-matched tongue & groove system for a no-waste installation. The Log Home Shoppec/o The Woodworkers Shoppe3308 N. Abbe Rd.Comins, MI 48619. It's literally a "No-Waste" product. If you can afford a flaw or two to save a buck or two this is the grade for you. In these uncertain times we can help you plan. On the other hand we have the AWESOME log tail corner system developed by Lance Clymer at Timberline Log Exteriors. used to say.."outstanding" . The siding comes in widths of 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” with lengths from 8’ to 16 The value of factory finished log siding vs. the risk and cost of problems in the field after installation. I just wanted you to know the half log mantel arrived in good shape yesterday and that we are very happy with it, it is. Gaskets may be added to prevent air leaks. Quarter Log Siding is not only cost-effective, but it also features the easy installation and versatility of Half-Log and Premiere-Log siding. Actual Sq. Add Your Review, Add an additional 2 weeks for Hand Hewn Surface, Log Siding, where each piece has tongue-n-groove on the ends as well as the top & bottom. The risk of a major failure is much greater because the species carries no natural resistance to moisture and insects. 2x8" Cedar Log siding allows you to integrate the rustic charm of a log home with conventional frame construction. There are no lift gates available on these trucks. D-log siding: The shape of these siding pieces give them the name. (800-818-9971). The risk is that water will get trapped behind the wood at some point during the home's lifespan. Chris Buffalo of Buffalo Lumber Company has consulted on over 20,000 wood projects, bid over 10,000, sold over 2,000 and visited over 200 jobsites nationwide. The cost to reside a 2,000-square-foot home with vinyl is $7,100 on average. Copyright ©2006-2020 The Log Home Shoppe. ft., we have our own delivery service that may be the more economical choice. If your street/driveway is winding through the woods, not snow plowed or is inaccessible for the freight truck, your delivery might be to the nearest point of access. Find hiring guides, material costs, expert advice, how-to's and more.

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