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gathering with a serger

I used this gathering method on my latest workout top and it worked very well. Got a bit more fabric to gather? This is not difficult or time consuming at all. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. So here goes my guide for various ways to sew gathers with a serger/overlock machine (without using a gathering presser foot). Gathering fabric couldn’t be more basic to sewing. However there will be a bit more bulk too, so that might be a thing to consider when using this method. Okay but if you have a lot of gathering to do like I do with all the ruffles I make for my Etsy shop your arm might get tired pinching the thread. Next make the tension on both needle threads very high. I'm the creator behind The Last Stitch, a leading resource for learning modern sewing techniques in an easy to understand manner. Tag Archives: Gathering with your serger. After all, the quicker I can do something, the more creating I … One thing I know for sure: I will never be without my serger again. I used this gathering method on my latest workout top and it worked very well. In a previous blog, Specialty Sewing Machine Feet for Gathering Fabric, I took some pictures and linked to a couple of videos of using special sewing machine feet to create gathers and ruffles. May I ask why the knife should be turned off? My favourite method lately has been zig zagging over a string of crochet cotton (catching it in the middle of the zig zag) and I’ve been really happy with that. I agree Johanna that the gathering will be more stable or substantial somehow with serging. When you get to the end of the fabric, continue sewing off the edge and give yourself several inches of tail off the end before clipping. The main idea we want to go for in adjusting our settings, no matter the model, is that we want our left and right needle tensions to be turned up high, while both looper tensions stay where they are. I don’t feel like a serger expert because I use a small set of stitches constantly, but lately, I have been experimenting to expand my serger skills. It is essential to know how to gather if you want to sew ruffles. Instagram Live schedule for this week July 27-31. Read how we use cookies and how you can control them in our "Cookie Settings". One of the features that many serger sewers don’t realize their machines can do is gathering! FANTASTIC tutorial! I really like the zigzag stitch over a string of crochet cotton too and have used that one a lot and as you say much more stable than regular sewing thread which can break sometimes and mess up the whole gathering process. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies.

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