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What is a Pitch Deck for Film and TV Projects? It’s embraced by the start up culture for pitching ideas and raising capital. Most of the big-name web apps like Mint and Foursquare started out … In this section, you want to highlight with images, the best 2-3 comparable films that have been made and released that are quite similar to your film in scale and scope. And its your stellar film pitch deck that is high quality, eye catching and engaging that will do this for you. BEST The quote above, from a former player, highlights the mental strength of these women and their ability to overcome the odds stacked against them. It needs to sell your ideas and boost interest in the project. And nobody has that kind of time to waste!”. What is important here is to show how your decision-making has been ideal to bring together just the right kind and sets of people that will concisely achieve what your business needs to make revenue and profit. There is no set standard or formula to follow. Ideally you want to have the director’s professional headshot accompanying the statement, but its not essential. Pitch decks are essential fundraising tools for startup companies today, whether a founder is after $500,000 or $20 million. A film film Powerpoint template is a tool thought out to accompany you through all the process and support the success of your project. Here are some examples from our work with our clients. Explain the motivations behind the narrator’s scripts and the ideas you will share with the audience. In this section, explain how you’ll weave together the story. This coveys that you are a bonafide film business and production unit and not some greenhorn. Talk about the overall vision for the documentary, why you think the film needs to be made, and how you hope audiences will respond. Wanna more hear about it? A really good image of your company is usually a good replacement for the stock picture we have included in this template.Â, From an intro, we typically go into the problem your product or service is solving for a new potential market. However, we believe in the power of keeping this effectively succinct.Â, After all, this is a template, so let it guide you to make the best of it. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you wish for your documentary to be made available to people with hearing problems, include captions. The Pitch Deck helps to accomplish this mission. Learn more. Writing a documentary is somewhat ambiguous. A carefully designed pitch deck should feel like a journey through your story. Break it down!Â, Leave financials clear in transparent ways, such as the formats we present here, which allow you to convey a vision of your business financials over time.Â, How much investment is required to take your company to the next level is part of what is defined in your fundraising slide. So, here is a new startup pitch deck template we have made available for you. What technologies or innovations will you use that make your startup unique? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. WordPress Download Manager - Best Download Management Plugin, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window). How do you cut through the noise and get the attention of film execs and investors? This is occurring with the studios and the networks, as well as with independent financiers. It will serve as a perfect primer for reading your script and ultimately – signing on the dotted line. A summarized filming style gives readers an idea of what the documentary will look and feel like. Independent Yours needs to be persuasive and compelling. For interview-style documentaries, include in the writer notes the types of questions you’ll ask. If you don’t, you’ll need to get started creating a pitch deck before you put your developmental projects out there. On the next page of the pitch deck you have to provide the log line for your film. Download this presentation template at: One look at the artwork and the beholder should ‘get’ what the film could be about and gets interested enough to want to explore further. If your pitch deck can’t cause. As of this date, Scribd will manage your SlideShare account and any content you may have on SlideShare, and Scribd's General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will apply. If you’d like to have your pitch decks reviewed professionally and to discuss them in detail, you can do so by signing up to the indie filmmaker inner circle. The Project: Building Hope documentary was complete by the time the pitch deck was created. The Look Book initially developed as a reference tool to share ideas with the creative team for how the project could look - in terms of setting, actors, sequences. The documentary follows their three-year journey as they reconnect with their own identities and bring hope to struggling communities. For example, if your documentary is about worldwide droughts and food shortages, use images of barren, dry, cracked soil or a lone plant growing out of the ground. Samples of my Pitch Deck Work. Over the past year I’ve witnessed an interesting development in how film and television projects are being considered. Technically speaking, a Pitch Deck is a slide presentation typically created using the Keynote or PowerPoint app. She’s been on both sides of the desk, buyer and seller, so she keenly understands the critical importance of having a persuasive Pitch Deck. ¥ Documentary budgets are different … Therefore, to raise funds you need extra materials which will sell the ideas and the business plan behind your project. You can even hire a design agency to compile the deck and convert it to PDF. We will go over it together to make sure you can make the best of your upcoming business presentation.Â, A very sober first slide that introduces your company name and your presentation purpose is generally okay to stand on stage or in the office as you and your audience get ready for what you are about to showcase.Â, Take it easy and keep this simple. NOMINATED See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Now, let’s look at two examples of documentary pitch decks and explore what they’ve done well — based on the points we’ve shared. Independent To entice investors to open and read it, your email needs to stand out from the rest: Follow up within a week of sending your first email. The deck consists of 15 to 50 slides, with each slide consisting of a visual image, brief text, or an elegant combination of both. A headshot to go with this write up is helpful, though not necessary. To make sure your pitch deck is more strategic and clearly communicates value to investors, here’s what you need to know. Hire a photographer and a graphic artist to create original images that reflect the look and feel of your documentary. Inspiration from successful startup presentations. After over 13 years working in the industry, he recently founded his own agency Strelka - where some of his favourite projects have included poster designs for Neill Blomkamp’s Zygote and The Vanishing starring Gerard Butler. One way to understand a Look Book in this capacity is like a Pinterest Board. A client of ours, an independent producer who previously was a top studio executive, with over a billion dollars in box office grosses, recently retained our services to create pitch decks for two of her film projects. Hopefully, as our example shows, some of your competitors will have a somewhat similar offer as yours already in function in the target market, but your offer will come in to solidify a strengthening factor that is attractive to investors and in the market.Â, Analyzing and acknowledging your competition is a great practice as it shows how studied and knowledgeable you are about your area of business.Â. As she expressed to me: “It’s truly one the best ways to see the project and have a laser clear understanding of your intentions. And your pitch deck is one of the most important ways to secure it. My question to you is this: do you have this sort of pitch deck in your arsenal when you’re out developing your project? Give your documentary the best chance for success by including the following information. The deck does a good job of carefully conveying how these women triumphed over adversity before it gets into how readers can help. Download FREE Screenwriting Resources Now! So much time can be lost in misunderstanding the intentions of a project. You want to evoke the feelings of the characters and their world. Also highlight their viewing needs and how you’ll account for this in your budget. Want to jump directly to our pitch deck infographic? The Founders pitch deck does three things really well: The images focus on the 13 women as they played golf and traveled to tournaments. BEST Film Using a feel-good tactic is a great way to elicit a positive emotional response from investors. High quality visuals, layout and colour palette all need to come together to showcase the world of your film in a coherent, visually engaging and emotionally exciting way. The deck does two things well: The second page of the pitch deck explains what type of documentary this is.

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