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ecommerce website color schemes

The vivid yellow and green in this custom BigCommerce design for School Wear United are both high energy. Strength, passion, power, life, dominance, youth, importance, activity, aggression, fierceness, and danger. Don’t contrast yellow with red or orange. She likes Oxford commas and owns four different copies of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. Connect Homes’ landing page comes alive with bright yet mellow colors. In the case of brand identity, color can be used to convey meaning or information about the brand, as well as create a sense of uniformity and cohesion between different products on the website. This colour is anything but bland- and can be used effectively to symbolise neutrality, innovation, and knowledge. Do your colours work against each other, or do they send complementary messages? The only issue is that you can’t set a primary color to extrapolate a palette from, you have to randomly generate it every time. Sleek ecommerce stores use this color to show their authority and reflect the high quality of their products. Without further ado, here are 10 ecommerce website color schemes to inspire your next design project. Some of the most commonly used colours are given below. Different companies and products choose different colors to identify their brand. Good Examples of Grey in Use: The Color Brown in Web … Slack uses a tried-and-true landing page color scheme tactic, where colors are mostly used to highlight important calls to action and other essential elements. There are three different main types of color blindness: deuteranopia, protanopia, and tritanopia. For example, if green was your isolation colour, you would use it on your add-to-cart buttons and the text links that lead your customers directly through your sales process. That’s why it’s the colour of choice for so many banks and professional services. IKEA and McDonalds both use yellow to make the buyer feel happiness when seeing and thinking of their brand. Strong reds and confident blues express authority and conviction, while rich browns add a touch of warmth. The lessons learned from these sites can help you create the perfect color scheme for your web design clients. To get a better understanding of how ecommerce websites use color schemes to accomplish both of these goals, let’s take a look at a few examples of effective ecommerce website color schemes. BucketListly uses colors pragmatically, using the yellow to highlight keywords, CTAs, and countries visited so far. The vibrant yellow cuts through and separates itself from the background and other objects. As easily as that, you have an attractive, modern website with one of the best colour schemes for ecommerce websites. This rich colour scheme offers plenty of possibilities for variation. With the bright blue of clear ice, lit by sunlight, in the top left, to the cave-like darkness at the bottom, it sets an ominous and adventurous mood for the visitor. Calm, relaxation, health, wellness, elegance, purity, traditional, reassuring, comforting and conservative. For a landing page, you don’t have to overcomplicate the design, and that also applies to colors. Most people associate the color green with nature, plants, and vibrant, restorative environments. Madies is a line of freeze-dried fruit snacks, aimed at a more fashion-conscious consumer than brandless dried fruits sold by bulk. Colour psychology is not an exact science, but the best colour schemes for ecommerce sites leverage it influence customers. But how can color accomplish all of this and still maintain a consistent brand identity? The last thing to consider when creating a website color scheme is how different people will see the colors. She uses the absence of color as much as the colors themselves. You can also use grey, but beware that in bright light, all but the darkest shades of grey can disappear. Don’t contrast purple with similar shades of blue. Gray is the colour that we see when we think of technology- and for good reason. The Color Grey in Web Design. When choosing standalone primary colors for your logo or design, you should consider whether it is still on-brand for consumers who are color blind. Analogous colour schemes use colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. This is the colour most frequently used to market to women and girls for its feminine appeal. The blues, yellows, and oranges are bright, playful, and tie directly into their colorful, unique products. 62-90% of consumers’ initial impression is based on color choices alone… which means that finding the right color scheme for your site isn’t just an aesthetic decision – it’s a business one. For example, if the website includes a gradient or a picture with colors beyond the main color scheme, the generated palette tends to be inaccurate. This is a subtle yet powerful way of keeping your customers moving toward purchasing. It affects around 1 in 12 of Northern European descent. It’s a way to communicate with them on an emotional, almost subconscious level. With the right approach, creating a website color scheme that could be used as a starting point of your design process can be achieved, although hiring the right web developer/designer is oftentimes required if you’d like to get the right professional look and feel your brand needs. This is especially important in ecommerce website design where information needs to be communicated quickly and expressively in order to convert casual browsers into committed buyers. It uses a mix of softer colors like turquoise, light blue, and beige, to instill a sense of natural ingredients. Although the pastels backgrounds color … Each colour has its individuality and evokes specific emotions within the viewer. When you pick a color scheme for your website, it’s essential to avoid going overboard and spending weeks on the task. In this article, we’ll cover 25+ fantastic website color schemes for landing pages, ecommerce, and personal sites, and how you can pick your own without wasting time. Whether you offer marketing, customization, or web design and development services, the Shopify Partner Program will set you up for success. Grey is a neutral color, and one that can seem conservative and formal. So they are perfect for buttons. Make sure to check out our Microsoft Teams vs Slack in-depth comparison. A set of three colours formed using green, purple and orange is secondary colours. Perfect for communicating with an audience that leads an active and vibrant lifestyle. We’ve scoured the web for great examples of color schemes and even separated the sites by category, so it will be easy for you to find inspiration from relevant websites. Perhaps the best way to do this is to look at the most popular choices by industry. 1- Helbak Ceramics. Complementary colours are tricky to use in large doses, but work well when you want something to stand out. When someone arrives for the first time on your website, color plays a significant role in what they think. Green is the colour to use when you want to be relaxing. We use a dark purple (#5333ed) as our primary color, turquoise (#2cd4d9) to juxtapose and create catching, yet balanced gradients, and a subdued grey for text (#6E7076). That’s why it is a common choice for buy now buttons. However, being next to each other on the colour wheel means they sit together comfortably, working in harmony. Zenly uses sharply contrasting colors to highlight the actual functionality of the live map app (btw, this how you embed Google Maps on WordPress sites). This custom Shopify design for SVS Powersports uses black heavily. This site might not seem like much at first, but Drybar is another stellar example of how color schemes can be used to connect different site elements and give specific directional cues. For an isolation colour scheme, you can add your logo to a simple ecommerce design … For example, Kinsta’s purple is still a dark blue to red-green colorblind consumers, conveying a message of reliability and trustworthiness. This colour is often the mark of creativity and imagination. The purple in the background creates a cohesive experience from page to page to page. Revise Concept is a clothing brand site, and instead of relying on colors in the website color palette, it uses simple colors and white space to highlight the colors and designs of the clothes themselves. Although this website’s strength is in the incredible imagery, the simple color scheme is essential for conveying Triangl’s strong brand and driving conversions. It shows how much value you can get from a single color in a design when you use it in conjunction with white space and the right concepts. 90% of impulsive decisions to buy a product are based on colour alone. Dot Lung’s personal site does a great job of maximizing the simple color palette with overlays and clean background graphics. That depends on the individual circumstances and your goals with your website. Since the number of red-green colorblind people is much higher than any other form of color blindness, it should be your number one priority to address with your design. For us, that’s 100% on-brand, so there is no potential conflict in the mind of our prospects. This is a problem for mobile users. It’s an important choice, for sure, but choosing the right colors will not help you drive traffic to your website or boost conversions on your product pages by itself. Femininity, youthfulness, innocence, love, tenderness, carefulness, thoughtfulness, optimism and calm. A few, intense colors, along with an opaque beige background color to separate products, help elevate the simplicity of the design. With that many choices, you can’t evaluate all the shades and hues individually and pick the most suitable ones without a reference point. Use this to your advantage by choosing one colour to be your store’s isolation colour for your calls-to-action, add to cart, opt-in, and other links. Check out our list of top online color palette generators to find the perfect complementary colors (and their hex codes!) That’s a perfect match for the landing page of a nonprofit organization. Some colours are more appropriate for luxury products while others are more appropriate for food items. Then, think about the experience you’re creating on your own site through the colours you choose. Helbak's almost monochromatic color scheme helps focus the viewer's attention on the product image and distinguish different product categories from the other. Shopify uses cookies to provide necessary site functionality and improve your experience. The color clash works with the shapes to highlight the modern/futuristic approach they use to tackle the challenge. The best colour schemes for ecommerce websites are designed to create an emotional experience. With such excellent product photography, it makes sense to rely on vast white space to let the products come to the forefront. Autonomy uses colors and contrast to create order in an otherwise chaotic, animated design. Make your website stand out from the crowd (and gain more sales) with the right color scheme Click to Tweet. Are they energising, calming, or neutral? Check out our guide if you’re thinking about launching a podcast soon. Using lots of black creates a more mysterious and masculine feel for a website. That’s the challenge facing all web designers trying to create a color scheme or palette for their design from scratch. The site uses a simple color scheme of dark blue, light brown, and grey to convey a sense of professionalism and reliability, with notes of sophistication. Crisp product images stand out in sharp contrast to the deep black background. Colours play a significant role in establishing a strong brand recognition that helps in boosting conversion. So for now, the best way to identify the exact colors used in web design is still to use a color identifying plugin or extension, or taking a screenshot and doing things manually in a photo editing tool like PhotoShop. You’ll start receiving free tips and resources soon. Choose one colour to dominate, a second to support. The split-complementary colour scheme is a variation of the complementary colour scheme. It is mainly used as a background color because it is devoid of any warmth. wp-includes is a website for every WordPress fan – Tutorials, news and database all related to WordPress! The combination of colors and shapes makes the visitor feel like it is 2020, and that they can trust the company to be cutting-edge.

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