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dressed cattle prices

delivered. Weekly cattle slaughter was estimated at 638,000 compared to 658,912 head last year. Former Cattle Breeding Coordinator Introduction Dressing percentage is a factor used to calculate carcase weight from a known or estimated liveweight. Total year to date was 26.75 million head, 3.8% below last year. You’re Ready for Feedout. Alberta 5-600 lb steer prices are at the lowest point since September 2017. December live cattle gained 32.5 cents on Friday to $108.30, extending this week’s gain to $4.05. High winds downed trees and sent cattle drifting across the country. Dressed prices that started at $162 moved to $167 yesterday. Example –1250 lb live steer sold at$83.00 per cwt would net $1037.50.Dressed –cattle sold on a dresses weight basis.Example – 1250 lb steer with a dressing percentof 63% yields a 787.5 lb carcass at $133.00 percwt would net $1047.38.34Things you need to know to convert Live andDressed Prices. CME cattle posted strong rallies this week with futures closing near weekly highs. The largest week over week price decline was on 800 lb+ steers with prices off $8-10/cwt. Friday’s Choice boxed beef cutout was $208.32 per cwt., $0.83 higher than last Friday. Neogen launches Igenity® Feeder, a Commercial DNA Sorting Tool, Profit Tracker: Profit Margins Erode For Cattle And Hogs, Carving Out Answers to How COVID-19 Survives in Meat Processing Plants. Wide regional variations in prices for fed cattle were found this week and the cash trade was slow to develop. Cattle feeders also experienced the season’s first winter storm, with feedyards and packing plants losing power for a time. Feeder steers and heifers sold uneven from $3 lower to $2 higher. Nebraska prices averaged $103 to $104, with dressed prices at $160 to $162. November feeders were up $1.675 Friday to $137.40, rallying $7.75 this week. AMS reported limited number of yearlings selling steady to $3 higher. Steer and heifer calves weighing from 5-600 lbs traded $3-4/cwt lower. Cattle on a high roughage diet, such as hay, silage or pasture, have a lower dressing percentage than cattle on a high proportion grain diet, even if the cattle are marketed at very similar fat levels. Alberta slaughter cow prices were trading at a $5 and $10.50 per cwt. Iowa saw the lowest prices at $101 to $103 live and $163 dressed. Slaughter volume will be pushed higher this week and it is demand driven. The ability to determine dressing percentage allows a producer to estimate the carcase weight of a live animal, for Canadian feeder cattle exports to the US for the week ending October 17 Alberta weekly auction volumes were the largest of the year totaling just over 88,000 head. Large volumes of cattle moved at $107 live and $166-167 dressed across all regions. Is Your Silage? ( File ). Dressed cow bids were reported mostly steady from $165-$170 per cwt. “Receipts were light in the calf and yearling producing area of the Southern Plains this week as a winter storm rolled through making transportation of livestock treacherous,” AMS said. Derrell Peel: 'We interrupt this La Niña with an early winter storm', Cattle Markets Hampered By Season's First Storm, Lisa Moser Kansas State Research and Extension, New Vaccine for Cattle Protects Against Fetal Calf Loss From EBA, Mike Wolterbeek, University of Nevada, Reno, Cash Cattle, Futures, Boxed Prices All Higher. Election Countdown: Are Commodity Markets on the Verge of a Tipping Point? Live – cattle that are sold on a live weightbasis. “The Southern Plains had areas of flooding, freezing rain and snow; sometimes all of them in a short amount of time.”, Stocker cattle Cattle in Texas and Kansas sold mainly at $106, steady with the previous week. It is also used to compare liveweight prices with dressed weight prices. Slaughter rates for the first four days of the week was well under the previous week. At the Lethbridge Research Station, the entire digestive tract of slaughtered steers was weighed. Cattle feeders also experienced the season’s first winter storm, with feedyards and packing plants losing power for a time. Travel was impaired in many areas of the plains. High winds downed trees and sent cattle drifting across the country. Cattle in Texas and Kansas sold mainly at $106, steady with the previous week. Select traded at $194.33 per cwt., $2.93 higher than last week. Packers took on large numbers of cattle in all regions confirming the thought they do not believe in a high risk of a market decline. Nebraska prices averaged $103 to $104, with dressed prices at $160 to $162. No segment of the cattle industry has been spared from the uncertainty and turmoil driven by COVID-19, but the dynamics for the slaughter cow market have been a little different from the live cattle markets, according to Josh Maples, agricultural economist at Mississippi State University. NW_LS410 Des Moines, IA Fri, Nov 06, 2020 USDA Market News USDA BEEF CARCASS PRICE EQUIVALENT INDEX VALUE CHOICE SELECT Index 600-900# 600-900# Values => $181.17 $164.36 Change => 1.34 0.21 ----- Current Index Reflects the Equivalent of 160,919 head of cattle.

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