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draft cumberland dcp

Development Control Plans (DCPs) provide guidance for the design and operation of development within a Local Government Area (LGA) to achieve the aims and objectives of the Local Environmental Plan (LEP). Council has prepared a draft Cumberland Development Control Plan. Please be advised that the City of Parramatta Council is currently re-exhibiting an amended draft Development Control Plan (DCP) and an amended draft Planning Agreement (VPA) relating to the land at 295 Church Street, Parramatta. Contact us for any help on browser support, New planning controls for Cumberland City. Draft Woollahra Development Control Plan 2015 (Amendment No. What does Council provide to the community? Those marked with an asterisk "*" are mandatory. Why has Council prepared a new Development Control Plan? Council adopted the draft Cumberland DCP to come into effect on the date of publication of the new Cumberland Local Environmental Plan. Apart from 'Strictly necessary cookies', you can change other cookie settings if present, at any time by clicking the 'Cookie Settings' link in the footer of the page. Please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service Team on 02 8757 9000 if you have any questions about the new planning controls for Cumberland City. The website cannot function properly without these cookies. The original documents were previously exhibited from Wednesday, 1 August 2018 to Wednesday, 29 August 2018, alongside the Planning Proposal for this site. The draft Cumberland Development Control Plan can be downloaded here. Learn about childcare, libraries, waste and clean-ups, seniors, roads and environment. I understand this includes full publication on the Department's website of my submission, any attachments, and any of my personal information in those documents and possible supply to third parties such as state agencies, local government and the proponent. To make an online submission, please fill in the following fields. Until the Draft Cumberland Development Control Plan is finalised by Council, the existing DCPs from the three former Councils areas remain in place. Date: 19 February 2020, 6.30pm, Filesize: 1345mb, 1 Opening Prayer / Acknowledgement of Country / National Anthem, 2 Notice of Live Streaming of Council meeting, 3 Apologies / Requests for Leave of Absence, 4 Declarations of Pecuniary & Non Pecuniary Conflicts of Interest, 7 Public Forum / Presentation of Petitions, C02/20-362 Quarter 2 Performance Report on the Operational Plan 2019-20 and Quartley Budget Review Statement, C02/20-363 Bi-Annual Report on Councillor Expenses and Facilities, C02/20-364 Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) - National General Assembly of Local Government, C02/20-365 Investment Report January 2020, C02/20-367 Report on Outstanding Council Resolutions, C02/20-368 Quarterly Update on the Implementation of the Stronger Communities Fund, C02/20-370 Draft Cumberland Local Housing Strategy, C02/20-371 New Cumberland Development Control Plan – Draft Chapter on Part E Other Land Use Based Development Controls, C02/20-372 New Cumberland Development Control Plan - Definitions and Additions for Draft Chapter on Part F Precinct and Site Specific Development Controls, C02/20-373 New Cumberland Development Control Plan – Draft Chapter on Part G Miscellaneous Development Controls, C02/20-374 615 Great Western Highway, Greystanes - Proposed Public Benefit Offer for Large Advertising Display Sign, C02/20-375 Expressions of Interest Process - Lease over Hyland Rd Reserve, C02/20-376 Adoption of Cumberland Open Space and Recreation Strategy 2019-2029, C02/20-377 Notice of Motion - DCP Controls for Part F - Pemulwuy Residential, C02/20-378 Notice of Motion - Planning for Rail Services West of Bankstown 2024, C02/20-379 Notice of Motion - Cumberland Lunar New Year Festival, C02/20-380 Notice of Motion - 2021 Proposed Ferry Changes - F3 Parramatta River. On Exhibition Draft Mamre Road Precinct Development Control Plan Cumberland City Council Economic Statement - A statement outlining a number of actions to address its financial situation has been released by Council. Thank you for your feedback on the proposed planning controls for the new Cumberland Development Control Plan. Please review and manage the Cookie settings below. The development controls include setbacks, urban design, stormwater drainage, landscaping, parking and access. Submissions are to be received by 5pm on 17 August 2020. The monetary contribution is to be delivered in addition to Section 7.12 (former Section 94A) Development Contributions payable with any redevelopment of the site. Controls and guidelines for related activities including heritage, telecommunications, tree management, traffic and transport, stormwater management, waste management, sustainability, subdivisions and notification for applications. Holroyd Development Control Plan (DCP) 2013 is effective from Monday, 5 August 2013 and replaces Holroyd DCP 2007. Amendments to the draft DCP for 295 Church Street since the original exhibition relate to the following matters: An amended draft Planning Agreement has been prepared in conjunction with the subject Planning Proposal. To make a submission, click on the following link and scroll down the page to find the form: The draft DCP is on public exhibition until 07 December 2020. A single Cumberland DCP will provide a unified set of planning controls to support the future needs to Cumberland City. 2) - Chapter B3 - General Development Controls Chapter B3 General Development Controls of Woollahra DCP 2015, approved on 10 April 2017 and commenced on 19 April 2017. For any assistance viewing the video, please read our Frequently Asked Questions. Draft Woollahra Development Control Plan 2015 (Amendment No. Community Engagement Consultation will be undertaken on the draft new Cumberland DCP, and this is anticipated to occur in early 2020. Draft Cumberland DCP - Contents (487 KB) (pdf), Draft Cumberland DCP - Part A Introduction and General Controls (1.05 MB) (pdf), Draft Cumberland DCP - Part B Development in Residential Zones (1.4 MB) (pdf), Draft Cumberland DCP - Part C Development in Business Zones (673 KB) (pdf), Draft Cumberland DCP - Part D Development in Industrial Zones (596 KB) (pdf), Draft Cumberland DCP - Part E Other Land Use Based Development Controls (622 KB) (pdf), Draft Cumberland DCP - Part F1 Residential Site Specific Controls (15.1 MB) (pdf), Draft Cumberland DCP - Part F2 Business Site Specific Controls (18.7 MB) (pdf), Draft Cumberland DCP - Part F3 Industrial Site Specific Controls (5.63 MB) (pdf), Draft Cumberland DCP - Part F4 Other Precincts Controls (2.35 MB) (pdf), Draft Cumberland DCP - Part G Miscellaneous Development Controls (3.43 MB) (pdf), Draft Cumberland DCP - Definitions (454 KB) (pdf), Controls and guidelines for residential, business and industrial development, Controls and guidelines for specific land uses, including places of public worship, sex services premises, childcare centres, community facilities and education facilities.

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