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do earwigs bite

Do Earwigs Bite? They have no venom, so earwigs are not poisonous. Earwigs belong to the order Dermaptera, which is Latin for “skin-like.” The most prominent group of earwigs belongs to the suborder Forficulina, which is Latin for “little scissors.” The forcep-like cerci that extend from the abdomen may in fact, resemble little scissors. Fortunately earwigs bite lacks venom or poison and therefore they are not dangerous as other insect or bites of reptile. But if there is location that is cool and moist, such as a basement with leaky pipes or humid atmosphere, earwigs may venture there to escape the dry heat of the sun. These rearmost appendages are used as a weapon against attackers and prey, but are they capable of harming humans? Earwigs prefer to live in dark and moist areas. In worst case the bite may lead to blister and may further progress to develop infection if not treated. If you suspect an infestation, our pest control professionals will be happy to conduct a free consultation. The term earwig is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word earwigca, meaning “ear creature.”For at least a hundred years, the legend has passed that earwigs have a preference for slithering their sleek brown bodies into the ear canals of resting humans. While their pincers are used primarily to aid in reproduction, hunt prey and for defense, earwigs will pinch humans if they are picked up and agitated. All rights reserved. While not a native species, they travel easily through products and materials that are shipped from other areas. Besides, the prongs are also useful for capturing their prey and for matting. Why do earwigs bite‏? Earwigs do not reproduce indoors nor do they tend to spend long periods of time there. Of course, if it isn’t an earwig bite on your finger, then what other pest is lurking in your home? Itching around the area is common feature after the bite. Over the years, earwigs have earned a reputation through horror movies and myths. If an infestation does occur, understand that when moving and unpacking cardboard boxes or other paper items is one of the most likely situations in which you will get pinched. Learn what attracts earwigs into homes, in addition to what creates a welcoming environment for the pests. Among the most common types of materials earwigs are attracted to include: When these types of items are kept in your basement or in crawl spaces, it is an open invitation to earwigs. No one ever wants to find bugs, rodents, and other pests within their home. If you need to store this type of items in these areas, make sure they are tightly sealed and use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. The theory is that earwigs are attracted to the oil and will fall in, eventually drowning. have earned a reputation through horror movies and myths. Treating earwig bites is important to relieve pain and swelling besides preventing it from becoming infected. Earwig bite … You can help prevent earwigs from infesting your yard by following a few simple tips: There are some do-it-yourself tips for getting rid of earwigs in your garden, such as burying an empty tuna can filled with vegetable oil in shallow dirt.

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