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diy sofa cover pattern

Teri, sheets will cover a sofa but won’t be very durable. (The diamond print and zig zag print in the photo are for a throw pillow.). How I figured it out: 54″ wide fabric cut into 2″ strips (wide enough to cover the cord + … Something to fix up that sofa you’ve been putting off for a while now, something that expresses yourself. DIY Sofa Slip Covers - the Complete Know How: When I moved house I didn't have any furniture. That 92″ x 19″ back piece really needs the fabric to be 95″ x 22″. (Don’t forget to measure underneath the cushions!). You’ll need about 35 yards of fabric to cover the sofa and you can use any fabric that you like. Otherwise the fabric will pucker in those areas and not be smooth like being cut on a bias. Wish me luck, I am really looking forward to do this project and then smile mysterisly when asked where I got the cover. I know the thought of measuring, cutting and assembling all of those pieces — t…, It seems a lot of people are intimidated at the idea of making their own piping or even using piping at all. I am SOOOOO ready! You never know when it might come in handy. Consider linen diy slipcovers for a new look. Draw out a piece of fabric in 1 yard increments. Your instructions are well written and easy to follow. I started looking at some of the “cheap” slipcover options (meaning not custom made and under $200, which was my estimated fabric budget). Just measure your couch like you measured the base, but pretend the cushions and/or pillows are permanently attached. We decided not long after I started this project to move. To choose my fabric, I did a few sketches on the computer, inserting various Home Dec fabrics I found online, until I found the ones I liked. Hi, I'm Lex! Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Two kittens that pretty much treat the entire couch like their own personal scratch post. A great summer look! Score!). Now that you have minimum fabric requirements for each piece of the couch, we need to figure out our total yardage needed. (Black dotted lines show tucks. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. How to Design and Sew a Slipcover, Part 1 – DIY Home Decor Tutorial. Just curious, how much was the total cost, do you remember? Make sure it’s to scale. We scored a couch, loveseat, and chair set at a secondhand furniture store when we first moved in. 1. I try to sew a coat for my Couch but i can’t figure out how…, Hi Tamy- Your email address will not be published. There are several online stores that carry it economically. After I sketched it out, I decided to also do the backs of the pillows in a different fabric. I wasn’t going to do piping on my couch, even though the original upholstery has piping. You might not need certain measurements, but when in doubt, measure it. One of the aforementioned puking cats died unexpectedly. While this may seem overwhelming, just take it step-by-step and you’ll have your measurements in no time. Except that everyone keeps asking where part 2 is and uh… there sort of isn’t one yet. I should note that I chose canvas because I wanted something with a decent weight with no nap. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Instead of trying to figure out how to layout that oddly shaped back piece of my couch with the little round bumps from where the arms are, I’ll just say I need a piece that’s 92″ wide by 19″ long. Cheers. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. to help give you the best experience we can. Can we see a picture of the finished product? Figure out how much fabric you need. Below is a step-by-step tutorial for my custom looking linen slipcovers. How to make slipcovers - covering a sofa frame. This mock cover should conform to the sofa's general shape. Make it 1.5 yards and you’ve got plenty extra. I also wanted something I could wash. So I need 30 yards of cotton cord and enough fabric to cover it. Sew the canvas fabric for this adorably white sofa cover! Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a33b7e9cef21b2d9b1cbb9e36571e632" );document.getElementById("b5ca529233").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are certain pieces of my slipcover that will be tucked into the couch when in place. Some prints like stripes, dots, and plaid would be okay turned sideways. First, my apologies on the lack of a Part 2. Hard work though…, I would like to tell you that this write-up is awesome, great written and include almost all important info, I,too, could not find a slipcover for my love seat. This made it easier for me to remember what pieces needed tucks and where. Measure the couch. I’d hate for you to go through the whole construction process only to find they won’t last long. I don’t know what the going rate is for cotton canvas, but that was a smart idea over upholstery cloth. I am getting ready to do this for my couch and hair. I saw a commercial a few years ago that featured two women sitting on a couch that was covered or slipcovered in a sort of crazy quilt type patchwork. We've got the drop cloth upholstery info you need for your next DIY project! I added the lengths around all those pieces and found I needed about 27 yards of piping. It made it especially easy since they’re all sure to match, not that I was too worried about that with the Mix and Match look I was going for. *** Update 11/17/11 *** This tutorial has been seeing a lot of action this month, and that’s rad! I purchased ready-made covers at a sale but they are a very bad fit. I’d been thinking about slipcovering it for a while, and once Spring Fever hit me, I decided now was the time to do it. After a lot of trial and error, I think I have a pretty easy method for both making piping as well as sewing it into a seam. Then I decided, ah, what the hell. That’s okay if you need/want to do that, but you’ll probably need extra fabric to match the pattern up at the seam. The downside is that the couch takes quite a beating, especially from our two cats. If I bought 1 yard, that’d be 27 one yard strips (which doesn’t account for seam allowances to sew them all together). Our remaining vomiting kitty got lonely in the subsequent months, so we got 2 kittens. The red lines are where I want piping. Oct 15, 2020 - Explore Julie Mulherin Brown's board "Slipcovers DIY", followed by 1276 people on Pinterest. This process can be easy by following these measuring tips after the jump.Measuring the cushions and frame:Please refer to the diagram and matching steps. Pay attention to the widest parts of your couch if you’re using prints. Actually, I decided on the fabric, and then I started doing rough estimates of cost and started asking myself if it was worth it. You can buy it premade or make it yourself. I skated in at about $120, which was $80 less than my budget. So you’ve got a perfectly comfortable, functional couch… it just looks like hell. I did mine on the computer, so I set up a grid that was in 6″ increments. I fell in love. It features all kinds of curvy details: flared wings, arched top, rounded tight back and scrolled arms, just to name a few. I did actually cut it on the bias… though I have no idea if I took that into account when I was calculating how much fabric I needed. Instead of using self fabric for the welt cord, I used …, Don't you love the graceful contour of this traditional high-back wing chair? A couch with a base cover AND cushion covers AND pillow covers requires a lot of fabric. “I made it”. I liked none and all had mediocre-to-bad reviews, so I made the final decision that DIY was the way to go. Let’s say 30 yards and call it a deal. If you've got an ugly old sofa you're dying to get rid of, don't be too quick. If you are looking to change the color scheme in your home, it may include changing the color of your sofa. Will it look ok if it isn’t one big piece (minus the cushions)? However, if I’d chosen one of the damask fabrics (like the cushion or pillow fabric), turning it sideways isn’t going to work. The original couch cover is a chenille type fabric, and the nap makes the wear and tear extra obvious. I’d also bought from them before when I made cushions for a chair, so I knew I liked their prints and their quality. So I need 30 yards of cotton cord and enough fabric to cover it. They’re all 100% cotton canvas, except for the solid green base fabric, which is a 100% polyester indoor-outdoor canvas. However- I’ve been hitting the thrift stores and am going to use bed sheets to re cover my furniture …. I have unpicked them and am using your instructions to remake them. This allows the fabric flexibility when going around curves and rounding a corner (such as pillows). Next time we’ll cover making a muslin, so in the meantime, go buy yourself some thrift store sheets to use for that.

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