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creative indomie recipes

So, are you guys drooling yet from all these scrumptious desserts made from Indomie or are they actually NotFormie? This Pack size and Chicken Flavor was the first introduced to the Nigeria Market, in order to give consumers a taste of Indomie. Knowing different method of cooking a particular meal is the best. Why Is Everyone Talking About JASA & The RM81.5 Million Allocated To It In Budget 2021? Indomie noodles have been able to capture the hearts of most Nigerians with a series of good products and of course their often captivating commercials. I like to add onions and fresh pepper. Busy men go for stronger foods like eba or fufu. Mum always try to make us add pumpkin leaves cos she believes noodles has no nutritional value but thank you all for the egg and noodles combo recipes. In English for till it is firm but but hard. I told you that a combination of tea and bread is the most popular breakfast recipe in Nigeria. The frying pan contains the fried tomatoes onions and peppers, cook and stir for about five minutes and you are done. See recipes for Dry Indomie with egg too. Step 3 Eventhough most of them look dubious to the tastebuds! Indomie Chicken Frikasse this Valentine – Valentine Recipe, Six delicious steps to enjoying a plate of Indomie Offal Mix, Enjoy to make “Indomie Rose Mary Stir-fry” this valentine, How to cook Indomie with Mackerel & Green Peas. , I just noticed that Indomie is popular there I have some Naija’s buddies in here though, thought they eat Indomie because they are live in here . Hmm!! i av a tip that makes my nephew love his noodles. Beside I won’t always like to travel with my laptop, so if there is any possibility of paying and getting the hard copy, I don’t mind. … Delicious!!! All Right Reserved 2020. Sudirman, Kav. And pls can u send me some recipe that is ideal for diabetic person. This is the latest indomie recipe from the Nigerian kitchen. You can tell me about what you think via the comment form below. Hmmm thank you for your good work am so happy to join this site, now my husby can not eat outside unless am the one that prepared the food all thanks to you! Somtimes i carry a pack in my bag n eat wit any soft drink wen i get d chance. Our noodles are made from carefully selected ingredients, the best quality flour and fresh spices from the natural resources of Indonesia giving it a unique and delicious flavor. Step 1. Part 2: Indomie Stir Fry, Ayamase – Delightfully Yummy Ofada sauce!!! U indeed waterd my appetite for a more spicy n delicious way of preparing my super indomie noodle! But I prefer the one with extra ingredient such as carriot, green beans and swt corn. This indomie looks delicious even without tasting it. And when they said, ‘most creative recipes’, this is far from what all of us have in mind – turning them into actual jello desserts! All Rights Reserved. Step 2. Please keep it up, you are really talented. of indomie noodles super pack, carrots, onion, chopped, of ginger powder, veg oil or any oil, of round beef, cajun spice, dry grounded red bell pepper This 12yo Is The ONLY M’sian Finalist In An International Piano Competition & She Needs Your Help To Win! Hummm. The latest season of MasterChef Australia has been a vibe, especially the 15-minute immunity challenge where contestants — including fan favourite Jess Lemon — had to serve a … I eat it raw anywer, anytim, any day. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Lastly, I am going to show you how I made the plate of noodles above with carrots, green beans, and cooked eggs. Pls… Tanx, I also like Indomie, is one of my favorite meal. Is these recipes advisable for those selling it?. Thanks for your contributions on indomie recipes.but u missed one thing along the line.u didn’t tell us how to add the fluted pumpkin leave,is it going to be added to d fried tomato,onions and pepper on the fire or to the indomie in the bowl with the ingredients?..pls explain better. 1. More grease to ur elbow, If i make payment on phone how wil i get the book. Delicious, creative dinner recipes that are perfect for cooking and enjoying at home! I sure ll prepare this. Love the different ways of preparing indomie.I will like to try the third one.can I use baked green beans or the fresh green beans. We have a professional video for this recipe. Cooking is fun with innovative ways. I like this recipe, though is almost the same way I normally prepare mine. looks very yummy indeed. Also read: There’s a New SALTED EGG Flavoured Indomie and M’sians Are Dying to Get It! It’s Official! MORE GREESE TO UR ELBOW. Thanks Nigerian Kitchen, you guys rock.. my kids & i like idomie but their father never eat it for ones but when i read the recipe out for him he says wao the recipe is going to be delicious.i will try it next weekend. I love it so much but I dont like to add extra ingredient but after watching this clip it makes my appetide to arise…, I luv dis nd I will try it now. Let’s be real, some days are hard to get motivated and inspired in the kitchen, especially when we’ve been spending extra time at home these … Indomie Salted Egg. Here is my first and most popular indomie recipe, the way it serves best for breakfast. Looks delicious. Keep Up the good work. I like the last plate above, looks delicious and well made. Cooking is creativity,the most common way of cooking noodles in my house is the tomatoes, onions, pepper method. See the video below to learn how I made this plate of noodles. Thanks nd keep it up. Thanks for the wonderful recipe. There are several ways to add eggs to noodles. Serving. Thanks alot the new recipes, I definitely going to try the first one. You will find help here on how to Fry Eggs in Nigeria – From Indomie Recipes, Return back to Homepage – All Nigerian Foods, Thank you for this indomie recipes, I eat a lot of indomie as a student in a Nigerian University and knowing about different recipes is very great. bravo. Method will be nice too. I never thought Indomie can be this versatile. This is one of my favorite recipes. Since then I have become an avid fan of Indomie. Just d tot of it maks me salivate. Some might work while others might be an acquired taste but one thing we know is that it is hard to go wrong with Indomie. They have succeeded in adding their range of products to the menu of most Nigerian homes, ours included. I prefer the third method, looking at it, you love to eat indomie. U ARE REALLY DOING GREAT HERE……. I have been searching for a good indomie recipe. i do cook Indomie with vegetables but not the same way as described above. Once your indomie noodles are cooked, serve with fried eggs. WELDONE! Recently, the noodle brand launched a ‘Uniqmie’ campaign, calling out all its fans to contribute their most interesting and creative Indomie recipes. Close d pan n let it cook til d egg is cooked n solid above d indomi. God bless those magical hands of urs,I love ur recipes wld surely try it. Wel, i hav dis indomi recipe I’ll lik 2 share. I soak wit warm water n sieve out wen its soft, add seasoning, dry, grounded chili peper, oil n mix. Keep up the good work. Thanks very much for this delicious recipe I’ll not stop eating indomie as far as I’m concern serious. So now, I love it. wow, I will try the 1st method for my family. i add a scoop of blue band butter which is nourishing for kids and make their noodles tasty too. I just want to learn so much about delicious Nigerian foods. I kinda love this so much because of the use of sweet corn, carrot green beans, and a few other vegetables. While many of them have gone extinct some a still very much around. You’ll find easy dinner ideas for the whole family, fun dishes to cook for two and more. Thanks a lot, I luv indomie, looking at dis one ,I think I luv it more. Jl. … Thanks for the recipe. Indomie Salted Egg. I luv eating noodles but dis ur new method is irresistible nd am definitely going to give it a try. There is no special trick here, just break the indomies to bits and start cooking with an about a cup of water, sliced onions and fresh peppers. Thanks, Hmmmmmmmm i love dis, i love indomie dis sure will b great to give a try, job well done. How to. The extra ingredients tend to spice up the noodle and also improve the color. To showcase a collection of the best and yummiest pictures of our Tribers, « Weekday Dinners – How to cook Indomie 3 ways. Remember, low heat. The mother brand for the Indomie Family. I just lov dat u can eat it however u lik. Indomie Recipes Check out these creative recipe ideas from our Indomie fans around the world or send us your favourite Indomie recipes for others to try. I usually get put off eating it because I don’t know any other way of cooking it apart from adding the pack in the water and leaving it to cook. I love the first recipe. Boil eggs separately, deshell and set aside. Honestly am facinated. I love eating indomie bcos is d fastest food for students so far mostly during exams I love it it’s very sweet and it’s also known as MAMA do Good God bless Nigerian kitchen, I love this, thanks mama u have really helped most of we nigerian youths planing to get married without knowing how to put on the cooking stove more strength to your elbow ma’am!.

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