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If you think of China's growth strategy [in maritime ports], they've invested all along the peripheries of Europe. VIDEO: Trump Says Airlines and Cruise Industries Will Come Back. Besides the new container terminal and the shopping mall, the investments it calls for include a new cruise ship terminal, warehouses and other logistics facilities, four hotels, maintenance and improvement of existing facilities and equipment, including in the ship repair zone, and acquisition of new equipment, including eco-friendly buses. 04 . The Trump Administration's Department of Homeland Security has forced China's state-owned Cosco* to sell the Port of Long Beach over security concerns. About 1,700 people are employed at the Piraeus container terminals, many working for 16 days a month, without benefits or job security, says Giorgos Gogos, general secretary of the port workers' union.

Don't see the graphic above? Joanna Kakissis/NPR Matthias Simoens, 31, is a Zeebrugge port worker who coordinates the stevedores on shift duty. 27.

Zeebrugge union representatives declined to speak to NPR. "We also had smuggling before the privatization, and of course, we will have it after the privatization, because smuggling occurs in ports," he says. "There's new equipment, new piers, a railroad connection.". "There are many reasons why a country is careful about condemning another country," Kouroumblis says. "With his visit in Athens, the Chinese President Xi Jinping reaffirmed his commitment to strategic infrastructure investments in Greece, as part of the Belt Road Initiative," Athanasia Kokkinogeni, Europe senior analyst at DuckerFrontier, told CNBC via email Thursday. That's the year the state-owned China Ocean Shipping Co., known as COSCO, started buying stakes in the port of Piraeus. Alkis Konstantinidis/Reuters "Chinese investments have risen quickly, underpinning growth in the energy, telecommunications, and real estate sectors. "It's a complicated job because, around us, we have bigger and stronger terminals," he says. "Those who tried to organize were fired. The Port of Piraeus is majority owned by COSCO Shipping (Hong Kong), the 3rd largest container ship company in the world. Those ports handle about 10 percent of Europe's shipping container capacity. My father worked here," he says. And it's my home. "The EU pushed us to do it. "All these investments will create jobs," Lampridis says. In 2003 the port had its IPO, after which the Port was Majority owned by the Greek State (74.5%), while the rest was held by investors. It is part of China's 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, which aims to better connect the country to commercial hubs in Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania. ". Greece's Fragogiannis also told CNBC that Greece and China could announce further investment deals. Six years later, the company controlled the port. The investment master plan was developed with consultants McKinsey. The workers were too scared to speak up. Your e-mail address is only used to send you our newsletter and information about the activities of It is mainly engaged in container terminal operations, container manufacturing and leasing, shipping agency and freight forwarding. "This is the new, open COSCO," he says. READ MORE >> Monthly Return of Equity Issuer on Movements in Securities for the month ended 31 October 2020. "If a European company had taken over this port, we'd be properly compensated and work under humane conditions," he says. ", Labor concerns at the fastest-growing port. ATHENS, GREECE – COSCO, the Chinese-owned owner and operator of Greece’s Piraeus port, resubmitted its 800-million-euro ($US 900 million) investment master plan to the state Port Planning and Development Commission on Friday. hide caption. COSCO SHIPPING Ports Ltd., headquartered in Hong Kong, is a subsidiary and listed company of China COSCO owned by COSCO Group. EU about to impose $4b worth on US goods, Cleaning Up LNG Becomes A Target Of EU In Blow To U.S. Shippers, China Strangles Strategic Australian Imports in Revenge, Second wave of COVID forcing OPEC and Russia to look at deeper oil cuts, The SnotBot: Drone that catches samples of whale snot: VIDEO, Inside the coolest ferryboat home conversion we’ve ever seen, New York’s East River Gets Tiny Turbines To Tap Tidal Power, Caterpillar bets on self-driving machines impervious to pandemics, CMA CGM launch world’s first 23 000 TEU container ship powered by LNG, FedEx Wants to Use Small Self-Flying Planes for Remote Areas, FOR SALE: Change your life. Why was Candace Owens a Speaker at the 7th New California State Constitutional Convention? The Port of Piraeus is the largest port in Greece and one of the largest in Europe serving as the main sea gate of the European continent at its southeastern edge. READ MORE >> 2020 Third Quarter Corporate Presentation. All Rights Reserved. COSCO-owned OOCL orders mega-ship fleet. The decision is linked to a merger and major reorganization of China Shipping Group and COSCO Group earlier in 2016. LEAKED VIDEO: When you gotta go…You gotta go.

‘We’re Really Afraid’ Hurricane Eta Slams Nicaragua – South Florida Next? The Messy, Booming Business of Recycling Cruise Ships, After 8 months, Japanese cruise ships start sailing again, If cruising is to restart these questions need answering. (A COSCO Piraeus spokesman responded to NPR's questions in writing. "So if the terminal could be a success without me, that would still be great news for the people.
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"They are proud to have Zeebrugge in their portfolio," she says. He shrugs off China's politics. He shrugs off China's politics. California’s Three Delta Entities: What’s the Difference? During a visit to Athens earlier this week, President Xi said: "We want to strengthen Piraeus' transshipment role and further boost the throughput capacity of China's fast sea-land link with Europe. Click here: China's Port Investing Spree. Is everything going to be run as a Chinese terminal?". It saw more than 8.6 billion containers (incoming and outgoing by sea) in 2018 — an increase from the previous year. "It's a blessed location," says Nouchoutidis, 67, reminiscing in his living room, under a watercolor painting of a ship. Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) has ordered five new 23,000 TEU container vessels from two of COSCO’s shipbuilding yards. The film's Oscar-winning theme song is a love anthem to the port. New clues in ferry sinking that killed 852 people, Family of crewman from sunken livestock carrier prepare private search. Port Everglades CEO says cruising “can resume in the United States safely” (!). "COSCO is now the biggest employer in Piraeus," he says. Needs a Gulf Coast Wall, Not a Mexico Border Wall, Exxon to cut 14,000 jobs as pandemic hits oil demand, ConocoPhillips to Concho for $9.7 Billion – Largest Deal Since COVID-19 Hit, VIDEO: Navy explodes largest WWII bomb ever found in Poland, Shipping Exec Busted In Art Auction Tax Scam, Head-On Ship Collision Is Going To Make For A Rough Monday Morning Team Meeting. "I say we give COSCO a chance.". "They have heard bad rumors about COSCO," he says, that the Chinese would break the unions and the laborers would end up working in developing world conditions. It's deep enough for big ships. A previous version of this story misspelled one of Fu Cheng Qiu's names as Qui. Copyright © 2020 COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited. Europe often sends Beijing mixed messages by welcoming trade deals while criticizing China's human rights record. The Greek government is trying to help workers while maintaining a good relationship with the Chinese. China's big state-owned shipping firms are winning more than cargo hubs as they systematically drop tens of billions of dollars to acquire ports around the world. The port of Piraeus has long been a metaphor for Greece, going back to when ancient Greek warriors set off to sea battles. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. It is now in charge of container terminals, cruise ship piers and ferry quays. The port’s management forecasts that total traffic will be 5.5 to 5.6 million TEUs in 2019. COSCO had taken over two container terminals and hired its own workforce.

"For us, it's also a wake-up call.

Since COSCO's takeover, it has become the fastest-growing port in the world, according to the industry news outlet Seatrade Maritime. In 2016, after years of investment, the company bought a majority stake in the Piraeus Port Authority in a concession agreement that runs until at least 2052. notification letter and request form to non-registered holders. This material may not be published, broadcast, written or redistributed. Monthly Return 2020 . Zeebrugge Terminal became a wholly owned subsidiary; MOU signed with PSA Corporation Limited in relation to the addition of berths for COSCO-PSA Terminal in Boao, Hainan; Entered into a leasing agreement with Abu Dhabi Ports Company PJSC in relation to the leasing and development of a 270,000m² container freight station outside the Terminal hide caption, David Liu, the COSCO chief executive at the Zeebrugge port, has retained local managers at the terminal. The group's core businesses are marine transportationand stevedoring. While there are no public plans to turn European ports into Beijing's military bases, Chinese warships have already paid a friendly visit to Greece's Piraeus port. Click here: Chinese Enterprises Are Staking Their Claim On Ports, Fu, who is 68 and a former Red Guard member in China's Cultural Revolution, declined NPR's interview requests. That's already happening, and it's worrying if you consider the stakes. COSCO Shipping Ports(CSP) thinks a “repricing” of overseas port assets is on the cards as it scours Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa for targets. But, he says, the subcontractor Diakinisis has started its own union and is trying to lure workers away from the official union. His attitude has turned off port workers like Giorgos, who has worked at the port for more than 40 years.
Western firms should plan for intense Chinese competition in Europe in 2020 across most industries," she added. They're hired by subcontractors to COSCO like Diakinisis Logistics Services, which, he says, gets a cut of money that should go to worker salaries. For us, these 'expenses' are our income to support our families. Workers operate these "elephants" to move metal containers marked with "COSCO" and "CHINA SHIPPING" onto ships. Panagiotis Kouroumblis, who was serving as Greece's shipping minister when he spoke to NPR last month, declared that "Greece is a sovereign country, part of the European Union, and is no one's colony." COSCO already operates the container terminal in Piraeus under a 35-year concession it acquired in 2009.

"This is the new, open COSCO," he says. Press Releases 2020 . The local union told Debart that COSCO cracked down on port workers in Piraeus and that it replaced local managers with Chinese ones. The unostentatious port city, a short drive from the canals and cobbled streets of Bruges, is busy with ferries, fish trawlers and automobile deliveries. That's because Greece blocked the resolution, calling the criticism of China "unconstructive.". A view of COSCO owned dock and yard in Piraeus on March 4, 2015. Greek port’s COSCO owners resubmit investment plan. All rights reserved. China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited- abbreviated as COSCO SHIPPING- is a Chinese multinationaltransportation service and real estate conglomerateheadquartered in Shanghai. ", David Liu, the COSCO chief executive at the Zeebrugge port, has retained local managers at the terminal.

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