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characters in each book of the bible

The letters (from Romans to Jude) are correspondence from early Christian leaders to other churches or individuals. His wife and son take advantage of Isaac’s blindness in his old age, and deceive him into giving the birthright blessing to Jacob instead of Esau (Gen 27:1–29). View detailed outline. In the summary below, I present the official name of the biblical chapter with its common name in parenthesis. Laban is Jacob’s uncle, and later becomes his father-in-law. We get it. Joseph the dreamer, known for his fancy coat, comes up 313 times in Genesis. View detailed outline. A collection of love songs (poems)  about love, desire, and marriage. A letter offering encouragements to Christians despite their life of persecution. The book of Acts tells us the history of the early church after Jesus' death and resurrection. Logos Bible Software 9 review: Do you REALLY need it? View detailed outline. Answers the questions “How did God’s relationship with us begin?” and “How did the nation of Israel form?” Key personalities include Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, and Joseph. Hint: none of those five are even in the top ten! When he speaks, he teaches us what he is like, how he acts, and how he desires us to respond. View detailed outline. Joel describes a plague of locusts and other woes upon his people and warns that this is only the beginning of what is to come if the Southern Kingdom does not repent. A narration of King David that demonstrates effective leadership while submitting to God. We know that Sarah is good-looking enough for Abraham to be afraid that important people would kill him to have her for themselves (Gen 12:11–14). Nahum prophecies God’s judgement on Nineveh and the fall of Assyria. This list contains one character from each of the 73 books of the Bible. The most common of these is translated “Lord” in most Bibles, which comes from the Hebrew YHWH (“Yahweh”). Two kings choose to turn from God and ultimately fall captive to other empires. Joseph puts them through some odd situations, several specifically pinpointing Benjamin. Habakkuk asks God to stop violence in Judah and is surprised when God uses the violent Babylonians to accommodate his request. View detailed outline. You may remember him from the story when Abraham pretends his wife is just his sister when entering the land Gerar, ruled by king Abimelech (Gen 20:1–18). View detailed outline. Key personalities are King Solomon, the queen of Sheba, Rehoboam, Asa, Jehoshaphat, Jehoram, Joash, Uzziah, Ahaz, Hezekiah, Manasseh, and Josiah. God calls him to leave his home and go to a new land (Gen 12:1–3). Near the end of his life, Paul gives additional encouragement to Timothy. Since several of these are often translated as “God” in most English Bibles, you might not notice all the different names when you’re reading. Old Testament: Anticipation 2. He himself was tricked by his uncle, Laban, into marrying the wrong daughter (Gen 29:21­–27) . It simply means god, or hero. God sends Malachi to deliver prophecy about the calling of Gentiles and the coming of Christ. Eventually, Joseph’s brothers betray him, sell him into slavery, and lie about it to their father, Jacob (Gen 37:18–35). Its intent is to remind Israelites of what God has given them and what he expects from them. Abraham lies and says Sarah is his sister. A list of all the characters in Bible: The Old Testament. Or we recommend our Gospel of John 15 minute 21 day Book of John Challenge sent once a day by email learn more here. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! View detailed outline. The story of prosperity under King Solomon (the last king) followed by a split of his kingdom (into the Northern and Southern Kingdoms) after his death. Bible lessons blended with science, theology, modern-day life lessons – and logic. View detailed outline. The Beginner’s Guide, El Shaddai, sometimes translated “Almighty.”, El Roi. It’s about God the Father displaying his glory through God the Son by the power of God the Holy Spirit. It not only contains the early history of Israel, but also the Law of God as revealed through Moses.  For example, Exodus chapter 20 records the Ten Commandments. Bible Books Themes recommend Paragraph Summary Themes here. Epistles: Explanation 5. View detailed outline. If you were to ask yourself who the main characters of Genesis are, Adam & Eve, Noah, or Cain & Abel might jump to mind. A description of Joshua’s campaign to conquer the Promised Land and distribute its properties to the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Abraham shows great faith by acting on these instructions, and God intervenes at the last moment to spare Isaac from death (Gen 22:1–18). Bible: God of Jesus. God guides Ezekiel to speak to Israel providing prophetic warning messages over the judgement upon Judah if they do not repent. Genesis mentions Abraham’s wife 102 times.

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