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cbm to chargeable weight

It rests on the below principle. N. 6 packages, total weight kg. It is quite obvious that a cotton shipment will occupy more space compared to a steel shipment. Imagine a shipment of cotton and steel. = 64655.33 cubic inches, Step 2: Convert the imperial measurement (cubic inches) into cubic meters We are happy to help you. Note that when using the air cubic conversion factor of 167 that volume and weight need to be metric. The comparison is made between the two and whichever costs more is charged … Air freight chargeable weight of calculation if gross weight is > volumetric weight. = 269574.48 cubic inches. NY 11096, USA Volume/Volumetric/Dimensional Weight: Cargo weight based on dimensions of the cargo Actual Weight: Actual weight of the cargo weighed on a scale Lb or lbs: pounds Kg or kgs: kilograms Cft or ft3: cubic feet Cbm or m3: cubic meters Tonne or mt: metric ton 1,000 kgs / 2,204.6 lbs . If the pallets actual weight is 260 Kgs it would be charged against the actual weight of the shipment. After listing the measurements, you may now use the formula or air freight as discussed above. Air cubic conversion factor = 167 Though the ocean freight is usually charged in accordance with its weight yet if the space that it occupies is greater then it can also be charged on the basis of the volume. Via Quintiliano, 27 20138 Milano = (47.25in x 63in x 45.28in) x 2 Do you need assistance moving your goods either via air? +1 347 301 7468 Weight? E-mail:, Kerry Logistics Europe:, Kerry Logistics Corporate:, Tuvia Italia S.p.a. © 2018 all rights reserved - P.IVA/C.F. N. 10 packages, total weight kg. +974 4485 0653 | +974 5559 5469 (Urgent); Sun - Thu: 8.30AM - 6.00PM | Sat: 8.30AM-12.20PM | Fri: Off; Home ; About; About. The taxable weight is then 4.32 m3 x 333 = 1,439 kg < 1,550 kg, The shipment cost sarà quindi calcolato sui 1,550 kg di peso effettivo. Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito. It is calculated in the same manner, however you need to know the right measurements of your shipment as illustrated in this image: How to calculate chargeable weight of irregularly shaped objects. In the field of transport and logistics the parameter to be used to calculate the rates is the weight / volume ratio, different for each type of transport (air, sea, land). The volume of the shipment is 8 x 75 x 65 x 80 = 3.12 m3, The taxable weight is then 3,12 m3 x 167 = 521 kg > 450 kg. What is the meaning of CBM? Volume = (length X width X height) x 2. To convert cubic inches into cubic meters, follow this formula: 61,024 cubic inches = 1 cbm, Step 3: Finalise the volumetric weight The volume of shipment is 6 x 120 x 75 x 80 = 4.32 m3, The peso tassabile is then 4.32 m3 x 300 = 1,296 kg > 550 kg, The shipment cost will be calculated on the chargeable weight of 1,296 kg. This includes the weight of the shipment and the pallet. CBM Converter - How To Calculate Cubic Metres (CBM) When Shipping. The actual weight of the pallet may be 150 kgs from which the Airfreight will be charged against the volumetric weight 210 kgs. The following example explains how the air freight chargeable weight is to be calculated: The gross weight of an air shipment can be higher in value compared to its volumetric weight. This calculation result is only for reference purposes. 6000 cubic centimeters per kg. The air freight will always be charged per kilogram against the greater weight whether it is the actual or volumetric weight. Air cubic conversion factor = 167 In both cases, shippers will be choosing the measurement with greater value. How is this to be calculated? Air shipment volumetric weight constant = 167 kgs / cbm Volumetric Weight= Total volume of the cargo x air shipment volumetric weight constant Volumetric Weight= 7,2 cbm x 167 kgs/ cbm = 1202,4 kgs So what’s the difference between these two measurements? 08248610159_REA MI 1212332 - CAP.SOC. N. 8 packages, total weight kg. This is an internationally accepted algorithm. Basic Conversions: 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters (cms) / 1 cms = 0.393701 It is best illustrated using the below illustration: You must be thinking, why is there a need to have two different measurements in knowing the air freight chargeable weight of your shipment. Chargeable weight is the greater value which is 750 kgs. RESET CALCULATE. This is fair enough because cotton shipments will occupy more space while steel shipments will weigh more. How do I calculate the air freight chargeable weight of shipments? CBM is also critical for calculating dimensional weight, chargeable weight, calculating freight class, or for requesting a freight quote. Transport rates are calculated based on the greater of the total weight or actual weight of the total volume (called also “taxable”) of all the packages part of a shipment. In this instance, the volumetric weight is chosen as the chargeable weight. 550, dimensions of each package 120 x 75 x 80 cm. Before we start exploring the calculation of air freight chargeable weight, let us first learn what it is and why is it necessary? kgs= lbs. cm= inches * Width. 1,550, dimensions of each package 120 x 75 x 80 cm. However, a steel shipment will be weighing more. KK Freight International Should both be charged using volume? Ocean kgs. TUVIA ITALIA CBM, or cubic meter, is the freight volume of the shipment for domestic and international freight. They choose the higher value between the volumetric weight and the actual weight of the cargo. EQUIVALENCE : 1 CBM = 167 KG EXAMPLE. = 177kgs, Step 4: Convert weight into kilograms = (47.25in x 63in x 45.28in) x 2. = 4.42cbm x 167 At times, the volumetric weight becomes of bigger value than the gross weight. Use our easy to use online quote tool otherwise, send us a message for assistance. мы говорим по-русски. To convert pounds (lbs) into kilograms, follow this formula: 1 lbs = 0.4536kg, Step 5: Compare the gross weight with the volumetric weight, Gross weight vs volumetric weight = 750 kgs vs 177kgs.

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