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castle loft bed plans

If you do that, I suggest putting a 1×3 24” wide behind it to keep the top from getting broken (I didn’t do this at first and part of it got broken right away). For the bedrails support we ripped 1 1/4″ strips and nailed and glued them together in a L-shape. Now, draw a line of where the slide will sit. I just made the front door panel longer and attached the slide right to the tower with a few screws. Again, I drew on the windows with pencil, used a drill in the corners to get started, and cut out with a jigsaw. 11.) Get your 1×2 boards that are 11 ½”, 12 ¼” and 15 3/4” long. The Princess Castle Tent Bunk...See More Information At, This unique children's loft bed is ideal when space is at a premium. For the flooring, this is usually stored fairly easy and functional; with widespread materials used embody hardwood and laminate. Miss Ava requested a lot of pink so… we went all “pink power”! Tweet; Pin It; Tweet. Remove all sanding residue on work surfaces as well. Discover collection of 26 photos and gallery about castle loft bed plans at Sunny pine finish and manufactured from engineered wood Color: Sunny Pine...See More Information At, Put a little castle in your little princess' room with the whimsical Schoolhouse Princess Loft Bed. 29” from the bottom of the front of the stairs and measuring 16” from the back of the top. Attach the sides to the back, just like the slide sides. We installed them 9″ from the top on all sides with 3/4″ wood screws. compound miter saw, 2 – 3/4″ Plywood 56.5″ x 48″ (Slide sides) 18.) Ahhh, wood filler, what would a Barely Competent Woodworker be without you? Take the piece 15 ¾” by 13” for the platform and attach to the supports. Don’t throw our your “innards” from your windows. The design of a contemporary home aims to mirror the present-day style and taste and sometimes options the newest innovations and sources. Make sure to turn off followers and to open home windows to make sure good ventilation. So the project was approved by the House Upper Management (Known to men everywhere as our better halves). 24.) It’s best to measure each space and cut each board to fit as to avoid gaps. Super easy and turned out great. Then comes the slide. I don’t remember exactly how it was decided that I would build a castle loft bed for my daughter. 56 (approx) – 1×2 at 11.5 (Railings) Then I used the same technique as the one mentioned in the book shelve parte to glue and screw the tall tower to the castle wall. The main part is that your kid will love it, will remember it for the rest of her life and even love it more because she knows that dad’s love is greater than his woodworking skills. I drew a line straight down for 23”, then drew a line from this point to the front of the slide and made two straight cuts. DIY tutorials, Woodworking plans and more. Out of this, cut one at 11 1/8, one at 18” and four at approx. Attach all the pieces together. First I made the towers 6ft tall but did not change the height of the mattress platform. margin: auto; If your child is dreaming of a magical bedroom, you can build this castle loft bed -- perfect for a princess or a prince! 1 – 3/4″ Plywood 18″ x 60″ (Tower front) That being said, this is also the part where you can take a short cut: you can use bookshelves that you already have, or buy some prebuild a Home Depot or Loews. All Rights Reserved. A variety of the most recent developments relate to creating a property extremely power-environment friendly. Draw with pencil first and then cut out with a jigsaw. Below is a view from the inside above the door. Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 10/13/2016 - 14:47. Well, because I’m a certified and card holding “Barely Competent Woodworker” or BCW for short. - The castle loft bed plans inspiration and ideas. This will help support the slide platform. Using a cotton rag with zero lint, frivolously apply the de-glosser to the paneling in 5-foot strips. I also eliminated the small front piece that connects the slide to the tower. Please read through the entire plan and all comments before beginning this project. Cut two 2x2s to 77 ½” long. Here is an approximate look at how you can cut the plywood to get the above pieces. 5 years ago You can forego this and instead make a tower or the center piece wider, but I liked how this made the front and slide connect better. The steps were screwed to the castle with 3/4″ wood screws. I like the look better and it eliminates a small rail at the top of this small panel giving it clean look (in my opinion). Since 2009. Assessment expertise- a talented kitchen designer ought to be ready to evaluate the client's price range, specifications and more importantly the lifestyle. - The castle loft bed plans inspiration and ideas. Perfect size project for me. The dimensions I give you are for a slide that is wide enough for kids and a tight fit for most adults. Bedroom concepts ought to also be checked out, though the bedroom spaces should just be designed for there required use and no more. Connect the sides (10” wide) of the tower to the front of the towers (11” & 18”). 15.) The window/ladder step is the width of my croc, since I have the biggest feet in the house and I wanted to make sure I could climb up there. 2 – 1×4 at 25″ (Railing inside slide) One thing that always happens to me when joining long plywood parts together is that they NEVER line up exactly. Because I know myself, I make blueprints. On to the stairs! The trim was cut to length and nailed in place and the 2×4 is attached from the top using 3″ wood screws. 16 – 1×3 at 40″ (Mattress supports) We still have a lot of work to do in this room since we’re revamping it from formerly being my studio, but overall it is going to provide Ava with so much more room in this small space. Reply Tower decorations. The step treads were cut to 9″ x 15 1/2″ and then glued and nailed to the treads on top of the strips with a 1/2″ overhang. Use a carpenters square (tool number 3) and one of those squares with built in clamps (tool number 4) to square and hold the two pieces together while you screw them. Uses a standard twin size Fit for a Princess. Just to clear the air before we start: this build looks a lot more complicated that it really was. Finally, I purchased wall decals so that it really had that princess touch! If you plan on going down the slide a lot yourself, you may want to make the slide wider. Next, the slide. I'm LZ, and I am the owner of The Summery Umbrella shop and blog. #gallery-1 { Below are 26 best pictures collection of castle loft bed plans photo in high resolution. Girls Princess Castle Novelty Curtains included.Girls Loft Bed with Slide, Twin, White:Features metal bed slatsBed accommodates a twin mattressMattress and accessories sold separately (curtain included)Meets ASTM and CPC safety specificatio This Girls Loft Bed or Princess Loft Bed With Sli...See More Information At, Includes only the Curtain.Bed and slide not included- Princess FairytaleProduct DescriptionPut a Smile on Your Little Girl's Face with a Princess Sleep and Slide Loft CurtainIt will be a dream come true for any young girl to have her own princess sleep and slide loft curtain . 3.) Check for square after each step. So, now that we have a TON of ideas, and a good idea in what direction we are going let’s get started! Next, cut your side panels to the appropriate height of your first two panels, and then to your desired width. As you can see from the pics and the blueprints, the top of the bookcases have a nice "gothic arc" at the top. It took me 2 months of working just weekends for only a few hours a day and some evenings after my kids went to sleep. I use sketchup because it’s easy to learn and free. On the inside wall of the slide, I measured up the same 13 1/2” at the bottom of the slide. That old “measure twice and cut once” does not apply to me. Then, rip four 1″ x 60″ strips and glue and nail them to the outer sides of your side panel as shown. 2 – 1×4 at 25″ (Railing inside stairs) I do realize that one day my little princess will no longer want to sleep in here enchanted castle, so all the parts that make the loft bed “castlely” can be removed and put away so that hopefully one day, another little princess will need a castle.

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