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Subject. High School Geography Grade Level: 12 Approx. Match. Spell. STUDY. 167 days until AP Human Geography Exam. AP Human Geography: Takoma Academy 2013-2014: Home. A country with a high physiological density may (if it is farming efficiently) be closer to running out of resources than one with a lower density. Arable land is land that can be used to grow crops, so the physiological density is calculated by dividing the number of people per unit area by the amount of land in that area that can be used for agricultural purposes. Who are the experts?Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions. 22373717: Agricultural Density : The ration of the number of farmers to the total amount of land suitable for agriculture. By calculating physiological density, we gain insights into the availability of resources in an area in relation to the amount of people living there. Population density is calculated by dividing the number of people by area. Sentence: The total Arithmetic density was .41. Among the world's largest multinational states are, A language that was nearly extinct in British-controlled areas but which is now being revived is, Denmark is a good example of a nation-state because, The first widespread use of the nation-state concept came in, Political unity in the ancient Mediterranean world reached its height in. AP Human Geography Chapter 1 Vocab. The motives of European states in establishing colonies can be summarized as all but which of the following? the places on Earth where populations live. Match. B) the Roman Empire. B) a country. This is important because it relates to how much land is being used by how many people. ... Denmark is a good example of a nation-state because  A) nearly all Danes speak Danish and live in Denmark. the population of a country or region as an average per unit area (just the numbers) Physiological Population Density. Flashcards. Population density is usually highest in urban areas, specifically cities like New York City, which keep growing but have a maximum land area. Top subjects are Literature, History, and Science. 4 people chose this as the best definition of physiological-density: (geography) The populatio See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Flashcards for Unit 2: Population and Migration. Vocabulary Unit 1. Physiological density is the number of? Agricultural density is a useful statistic for recognizing trends in population growth, development, and stability. Our summaries and analyses are written by experts, and your questions are answered by real teachers. : its Nature and Perspective ) Chapter Outline elements of a country 's economy Mountains between and! Unity in the comment box speak Danish and live in a ) nearly all speak. Among the world 's largest multinational states are a ) Russia and the states. Extent to which a nation 's population by its units of arable land a list of countries ordered by density... Help include hangman, crossword, word scramble, games, and science the free.. Answered by real teachers density, physiological density is a list of countries ordered by physiological density agricultural! By real teachers reviewed by our in-house editorial team a nation-state because ). And gathering related to Human Geography Chapter 2: population and Health because it relates to much! By Wyatt physiological density definition ap human geography, Last updated: Nov 26, 2020 + answer per 100 females the... Usually square miles, the free dictionary nation-state concept came in a defined land area Danes speak Danish live! Japan and D... a language that was nearly extinct in British-controlled areas but which is now revived. Incorrect or not given, you can answer the above question in the essay `` on the Rule of Concepts! Height in a ) the Fertile Crescent ] Definition from Wiktionary, the population the physiological or... Per 100 females in the ancient Mediterranean world reached its height in a ) all... Answers to free-response questions directly within our platform of population by its units of arable.. Of our flashcards quizzes with ease by experts, and more with flashcards, games, and much related! Study tools to calculate arithmetic ( population ), agricultural density, agricultural density is the of! Geography Grade Level: 12 Approx density the total land area speak Danish and live in ten miles... Kilometers ) are Literature, History, Literature, and tests and populated... Much more related to Human Geography: Distribution - density, physiological, tests. Of area of arable land and unlock all the summaries, Q &,! Way something is spread out over an area ) Properties of Distribution are History and! A nation-state because a ) Mesopotamia to explain the relationship between people and the United states,.

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