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Oh the mental anguish of not knowing if we could ever duplicate our beloved salsa! Canned Hot Pepper Salsa Recipe • 6 Cups Tomatoes; cored, chopped and peeled • 2 Cups Chopped Onion • 6 Cups Jalapeño & Hot Peppers*; chopped • 2 Cups Cider vinegar • 3 Teaspoons Salt • 3 … Sadly, she didn't recall the recipe … Oh, the hunger! It has a tiny handful of ingredients: peppers, tomatoes, and onion, with lime and salt for balance. No luck. Charring the peppers … Lizano-style salsasweet and spicy peach salsa This salsa was originally a happy accident, an experiment with roasting peppers and cleaning out the fridge. I even located our long-lost friend Nina and gave her a call. I began searching for a recipe with the unique combination of six different hot peppers that our recipe had.

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