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Batman vs Captain America #. Wiz: But his sheer willpower, selflessness, and desire for justice stood out. Batman's CAPE is a Superhero, Even Without Bruce Wayne, How Captain America Once Became IRON MAN Instead, Marvel Just Killed Off The Avengers' Maria Hill, Doctor Strange Was Once Bitten by Dracula, Marvel Shows Why Deadpool Was Born To Be King of Monsters, X-Men Are Losing The Battle For Earth In The Dumbest Ways Possible, DC Comics: Marie Javins Officially Named Editor-in-Chief, Batman: The Joker Has Lost What Made Him Special. However, writers smartly chose to make the fight as even as possible and award Batman the win without Captain America getting embarrassed. Boomstick: And Bats has no problem continuously going toe-to-toe with evil in the name of Justice... Vengeance. Marvel Just Made Secret Identities Relevant Again, Magneto's Worst Moment As A Father Is Too Graphic For The MCU, Punchline's Joker Obsession Began Eerily Similar To Harley Quinn's, Spider-Man Theory: How [SPOILER] Became Kindred, Doctor Strange Killed The Ancient One Himself (In The Comics), Juggernaut & Conan Lead Marvel's Most Dangerous Avengers, Star Trek: Captain Pike's Prequel Was Already Told in Marvel Comics, Doctor Strange is Being Blackmailed Into Saving Spider-Man, Wonder Woman Just Had Her Own Game Of Thrones Moment, The Hulk Could Originally Fly in His First Marvel Comic, Wolverine’s Newest Bloodbath Reminds Fans He's No Hero. 1. For two of Marvel and DC's biggest characters, the only outcome was going to be by decision - there wasn't ever going to be a knockout in the fight. Essentially, two gods who represented both comic universes challenged each other with fights between heroes with the loser's universe being wiped from existence. Cap even proclaimed he's never fought someone who he was "so evenly matched with" - including the Red Skull, Hydra and Zemo. MY ONLY WEAKNESS! Boomstick: You mean he can see EVERYTHING I do, just because I have a phone? As he retrieves the shield, Batman is flying towards him (Due to the grappling hook), and rams the shield into Batman's chest, knocking him into a wall. 'MERICA! That poor kid... that Opera really must have scarred him. Wiz: He's boxed Thor to a standstill, was deemed worthy to wield Mjolnir and has even managed to incapacitate The Hulk with his knowledge of Pressure Points. Boomstick: Luckily, Mr. America doesn't rely only on his shield. Boomstick: Meanwhile Hitler was creating a new group of Super Nazis with lasers, called HYDRA. (*Cues: Attack of the Batwing - Batman (1989)*). Wiz: Captain America did have the endurance and power advantage, and Batman himself has admitted he COULD lose a hand-to-hand match against him, but there's a big difference between COULD and WOULD. The ensuing explosion makes Captain America stumble, and become woozy. Cap is jerked down, and the hook wraps around a lamppost, breaking the Star-Spangled Hero's neck instantly as he hangs above the street. An alleyway is shown, and we see Captain America drop from the top of a building. Essentially, two gods who represented both comic universes challenged each other with fights … Boomstick: Oh yeah, because that makes it SOOO much less ridiculous. As soon as Captain America collapses, Batman grabs the Shield and walks behind Cap. As they emerge from the sewers, Cap declares Batman the victor of the fight since he came up short in the fight. Boomstick: Ask him where I left my keys... Wiz: Aside from Mass Invasion of Privacy, Batman's resume includes such accomplishments as dodging Darkseid's virtually unavoidable Omega Beams, withstanding the vacuum of space for 24 seconds and breaking free from a coffin, buried 6 feet underground, in a straitjacket after being deprived of sleep for days all while having a cocktail of unknown drugs in his system along with The Joker's latest Venom Toxin. Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle. The Caped Crusader managed to hit Captain America with his batarang, but immediately rescued Cap from drowning. The first was, This is the second episode to feature a returning combatant, after, This is the first fight to feature a character who previously lost, with the next 13 being, This is also the first time a returning character fights a character from the same franchise that his previous opponent was in, with the next two being, This is the third Marvel VS DC themed episode, after, The is the first time DC wins, the next eleven being, This is the first Batman VS Captain America themed episode, with the next one being. The victors of each fight were decided by fan voting. In the end, fans (unsurprisingly) chose the Dark Knight to win the fight against Captain America. (*Cues: Captain America: The First Avenger - Triumphant Return*). Tip for Criminals: if you know Batman's after you, Avoid anything shaped like a Bat. Wiz: Which is the absolutely stupidest way of saying that his brain can process images faster than a normal human. This is not first time Batman and Captain America have fought. Wiz: Inside Batman's Cowl is an array of High-Tech Gear commonly used for listening to Police Scanners and Communicating with Allies, but in combat, Batman finds more use in its Night, Infrared and Ultraviolet Vision. Batman approaches the good Captain slowly and takes a combat stance. DEATH BATTLE Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Boomstick: WHAT THE FUCK?! The connection between Batman and Captain America is that they are both famous comic book superheroes who rely on their peak physical prowess and military-grade arsenal rather than traditional super-powers as well as being the first member of their respective teams (The Justice League for Batman and The Avengers for Captain America). Wiz: But the most iconic aspect of Cap's attire is his famed Shield. Boomstick: A homeless guy sold me a Super Serum once. One battle even featured Captain America fighting Batman - but who came out on top? He became an expert in the art of disguise and a master of every fighting style known to man. Batman and Captain America exchange multiple blows for hours on end. You've gotta be a real man to give the Green Goliath a nut check. Nothing happens, until he gets his shield back, covered in explosive gel. Wiz: Throughout the underworld of Gotham City, one name strikes fear in the cold, black hearts of even the most hardened criminals: The Batman. (Gunfire sounds as a Bald Eagle flies by while Confetti and Fireworks go off. (*Cues: Batman: Arkham Origins - Assassins*). They've fought twice in crossover comics. Boomstick: And sometimes that's serving Hitler an American sized knuckle sandwich! Cap yanks the cord, and races to get his shield. Wiz: Actually, that's a common misconception, the Shark Repellent was stored in the helicopter that Robin was flying, NOT Batman's Utility Belt. The overarching plot to DC vs Marvel wasn't all that important - as the fights were the main event of the miniseries. Even... shark repellent. I mean, that's the fastest way to piss off a dude. But, the DC vs. Marvel crossover miniseries made those epic fights a reality. Batman dodges it and shoots his grappling hook from his grapple gun in an attempt to pull Cap towards him. In the third issue of the crossover, Captain America and Batman fought in the sewers of Manhattan, where they had a pretty even fight. Also, its built-in Triangulation Imaging System, which hacks into the world's cellphones and creates a Digital 3D Map. He's perfected escape artistry, sword fighting, detective skills, stealth, has a photographic memory, earned 12 master degrees, an expert marksman and is vastly knowledgeable in pressure points. (*Cues: Captain America: The First Avenger - Training the Supersoldier*). Wiz: And, of course, Batman has more knowledge of Pressure Points and fighting styles, because he's mastered all of them, rather than simply being adept, helping him incapacitate and finish off the Star-Spangled Soldier. Boomstick: He can even dodge gunfire at point-blank range by, in his own words "Seeing Faster.". Cap throws his shield in the distance and waits for a second. they release a charge powerful enough to penetrate Kevlar, and even stop the heart of one of Batman's most powerful enemies, Bane. Captain America utilizes this in combination with his super-soldier mind to predict and calculate the shield's trajectory so that it always ends up back in hand no matter how many targets it has struck. Boomstick: I pledge allegiance, to the Cap, hanging miserably from the light post. Well, at least he upgraded to suits not made for a circus later on. (*Cues: Captain America: The First Avenger - Invader's Montage*). LoboGuara5bruxaria/My Favorites Death Battles, 'Disney vs Warner Bros.' themed Death Battles, The Dark Knight Triumphant/ End titles - Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Captain America: The First Avenger - Captain America, Captain America: The First Avenger - Training the Supersoldier, Captain America's Theme - Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Captain America: The First Avenger - The Star Spangled Man, Captain America: The First Avenger - Captain America March, Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Lemurian Star, Captain America: The First Avenger - Invader's Montage, Captain America: The First Avenger - Triumphant Return, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Royale, Danny Phantom VS American Dragon Jake Long,, The connection between Batman and Captain America is that they are both famous comic book superheroes who rely on their peak physical prowess and military-grade arsenal rather than traditional super-powers as well as being the first member of their respective teams (The Justice League for, This is not the first time Batman and Captain America have fought. Batman leaps in and uses his knowledge of pressure points to keep Cap at bay. Good God, is that Steve Rogers or Jack Skellington? Wiz: Despite his incredible physical potential, the military initially decided Super Steve was best suited as... (*Cues: Captain America: The First Avenger - The Star Spangled Man*). Usually, fans can only dream of seeing two of the biggest superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics facing off against one another. Even though he usually comes out victorious, his self-confidence occasionally put him in life-threatening situations he can't escape without help. Cap starts pummeling Batman with punches and kicks (due to his knowledge of pressure points and his study of different martial arts), but Batman starts avoiding the attacks, and counters with a kick. He can disappear and reappear in an instant thanks to his mastery of stealth and the high-tech gadgets he keeps in his Utility Belt, like his batclaw grappling hook, smoke pellets, tons of different Batarangs, and... shock gloves. Batman was ultimately named the winner of the fight but it's not like he beat Captain America into submission. Boomstick: All it takes is a glimpse of that pointy-eared shadow and criminals start shaking in their boots. Cap responds, doing the same. Captain America is a low superhuman, even by comicbook standards. Wolverine took on Lobo, Spider-Man fought Superboy, Storm battled Wonder Woman, and Captain America took on Batman. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. They've fought twice in crossover comics. Despite being a physically perfect human, Captain America more or less has the same weaknesses as any other man, his patriotic uniform can only protect him so much from stabbing weapons. Bane later said "Thank You" the only way he knew how. Boomstick: If he can ninja around SUPERMAN'S Super Hearing, there's no reason he can't do the same to Captain America. Did THIS GUY, just kick THE HULK, IN THE DICK??! Boomstick: I COULD survive a fall out of an airplane, but I wouldn't bet on it. However, water eventually gushed through a sewer vent knocking Steve Rogers on his feet as he threw his shield and missed Batman.

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