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assassin's creed 3 special iron ingot not showing up

Jacob Zenger now became an assassin, hurray. I have de-synchronized 20-30 times in the area of the end of mission 2 near the dock and can't get the 3rd mission to "pop up." Even though I did them I am only getting credit for 32%. Happens every time! Is it really that hard to have the pivots move or reset every 24 hours or something? You need Iron Ore, Lead Ore, Limestone and Level 2 Blacksmith to craft Flints. 2. Even more with suno side mch a stupide reason, like trophys are nothing for the main game, the´re just like a bonus. Got the game with the new graphics card, played ok although controls were a bit fiddly. Is Ubisoft going to fix this? But 4 (!!!) It's on New York, I know exactly where it is (southwest of the city) but the problem is that it is about 10 yards/metres over the sea. Like many others it is bugged for me. You need Fox Flints, Oak Lumber, Special Iron Ingot, Level 2 Blacksmith and Level 2 Woodworker to craft English Flintlock Pistol. So why don´t ypu just put in the main game, no collectables missions, no minigames after all. But in my opinion trophys belong to the game, i bought for fullprice, so i will have at least the chance to get them all. Naval Duckfoot I have gone to the site where it is supposed to be and it does not appear and I cannot investigate any clues. No way I'm going to waste money on DLC packs or AC4 preorder. its nice that patches are still released but its pretty pathetic that we as paying customers have been completely ignored. So I carried on placing pivots until I located this pivot. 36. I tried a search for it and either the search engine isn't very good or I'm not very good right now. Linsey-woolsey Quitting in the middle has caused many of my bugs and glitches. I have tried it many times to just bypass the bug, I restarted my pc and tried again, neither idea solved it. Their description can be found in the further part of this chapter. You need Honey, Rosemary and Level 1 Innkeeper to craft Tea. Rope Dart Pouch 1 Fine Furniture Bread I'm not the only one experiencing this. Ship Masts Flour 38. You need Iron Ore, Nails and Level 1 Blacksmith to craft Horseshoes. When you craft one of the weapons, you unlock all three variations of its Legendary engraving. Bandages It looks stupid when he pulls arrows out of thin air and just looks stupid with only the bow on his back. 33. 3 - Contact in the northern district. A few of them are annoying, especially ones on a tree since climbing that can be a pain sometimes. I did it. You need Black Powder, Pine Lumber, Level 3 Blacksmith and Level 1 Woodworker to craft Torches. Cheers! Meat Pies Woodworking Tools I started the mission but instead of an icon where the UFO is, the icons stay on the taverns. 35. Well, I bought all the weapons in the stores and didn't complete the task, so I set about crafting all the weapons (e.g. Snakebite Antidote You need Dyes, Linsey-woolsey, Sewing Threads and Level 2 Tailor to craft Quilts. Any answers? By Invitation Only (20G) — Be invited to join a Club. Medical Equipment Whenever I try to play the Tea Party mission In Assassin's Creed 3 on my PS3 it just shows a never-ending loading screen. I have spent SO many hours completing everything, I'm not going to start all over again because of ONE bug, which could just happen again on my next save. Ammunition I read the responses on a few other sites and people who had the same problem were told by Ubi to start a new game. Now THAT would milk the cow really food would´t it? Smoked Elk Meat 25. You need Madder, Level 2 Tailor and Level 3 Woodworker to craft Inks. Like, in the building itself. Snare Pouch 1 19. They will not show up on the in-game map unless you have found them. There is a fight and escape, while escaping the game crashed. Thanks! You need Lead Ore, Rock Salt, Sulfur and Level 3 Blacksmith to craft Black Powder. Keep them coming. Kite and Key You need Special Iron Ingot, Weapon Blades and Level 2 Blacksmith to craft Broken Sword Knife. These are glitches that do not allow you to complete the CORE GAME at 100%!! Alternatively, you can get more Adamant Ingots from the various locations in the inner ring of Atlantis. “In the end, that is the mark of a great game.”. or are they already forgotten focus on AC4, watchdogs and other games.... Здравствуйте! frustrating with powder stores missions. Clothes Has anyone tried this? I have an annoying problem at Sequence 4 - while playing hide and seek after analyzing the first clue I walk a few steps, sometimes more sometimes less, and the game crashes. The chapter below of our guide for Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered contains a map of Eastern District of New York, with marked locations of side quests and recruit missions. Original Graphics Comparison – An Impressive Remake of a 6th Gen Classic. The clothing is not on the corpse when I loot it. Naval Axe Is it in relation to the Tyranny of King Washington? A lot of people's game is stuck at 99% sync because of the game not correctly sync what we accomplished. You need Charcoal, Sand and Level 4 Blacksmith to craft Glass Armonica. Italian Flintlock Hunter/Killer (20G) — Reach sequence 10 in a map on Wolfpack multiplayer mode. The issue I am having is there are two homestead missions close together inside my Davenport Homestead. You need Glass Bottles, Rosemary, St. John’s Wort and Level 3 Doctor to craft Skin Irritation Remedy. You need Rock Salt and Level 1 Innkeeper to craft Salt. If it does, you are reaching the limit. The Truth Will Out (20G) — Unlock a hacked version of one of the Abstergo videos in the story quest. Any information anyone has on this would be appreciated. You need Special Iron Ingot and Level 2 Blacksmith to craft War Tomahawk. You need Sewing Threads, Copper Ore, Level 4 Blacksmith and Level 3 Tailor to craft Small Saddle Bags. They are difficult to finish and will require a lot of time on your part, but we have all the walkthroughs below so check them out. You need Sand and Level 1 Blacksmith to craft Glass Bottles. I've tried everything restarting the mission, memory, even the animus but nothing has worked since. I have a PS3 console. Take ac4 and put it right where the Sun doesnt shine. 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