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aptitude in a sentence

I have no predilection for cricket in fact, I play tennis more often than cricket. All applicants are given aptitude tests before being invited for interview. 14.i am personally of the opinion that an Aptitude for self-study is an important criterion of evaluating ability.

He has no aptitude for mathematics. The race Aptitude and Bailey turned in was even more dominant.

aptitude in a sentence - Use "aptitude" in a sentence 1. Kinnick began showing athletic aptitude at a young age as well.

7. aptitude sentence in English. requires Aptitude and diligence, but it does not require a single ounce of moral imagination. Love of learning implies more than a natural, Fortunately for literature, he has shown no very remarkable, But what is the use of all these insinuations of, They have common ground in their love and, This is the common habit of all so-called educated people who have no metaphysical, When he returned, he had not only forgotten all he had learned, but never showed the same, Trying to find the truth in one of his stories severely taxes one's, He was gay and bright and bubbling over with life; he was quick with his work and had an, The boy took little interest in his new work, but showed some, I gathered that you want me to give intelligence tests, or, From nineteen to twenty-one I developed every, There does not seem to be the same activity, energy, and business, They have great business capacities, and show some, The West Indian has a religious capacity that impresses the visitor as a remarkable, His only claim on the generosity of his teacher and of the public was a marked, The amusement had become a serious occupation, and her dexterity in catching them was only to be matched by her astonishing, Hozier had rented an entresol there, and had employed a man called Spain, who had an, Mosk inwardly cursed the visitor for making this modest request, as he detested parsons on account of their, We were very often asked for cards, and at one place where we stopped and bartered a number of small articles with the natives they gave evidence of their, The reserve officers have in general done remarkably well, and in many cases have shown, I suppose I have what you would call a natural, A French woman of the bourgeois class often has a real, Continuity in a sentence | Short example sentence for continuity, Revolves Around in a sentence | Short example sentence for revolves around, Armistice in a sentence | Short example sentence for armistice, Oppressed in a sentence | Short example sentence for oppressed, Pall in a sentence | Short example sentence for pall, When Asked in a sentence | Short example sentence for when asked, Whoa in a sentence | Short example sentence for whoa, Pretty Good in a sentence | Short example sentence for pretty good, Grand Jury in a sentence | Short example sentence for grand jury, Glen in a sentence | Short example sentence for glen, Competency in a sentence | Short example sentence for competency, Agility in a sentence | Short example sentence for agility, Abilities in a sentence | Short example sentence for abilities, Dexterity in a sentence | Short example sentence for dexterity, Imparting in a sentence | Short example sentence for imparting, Proficiency in a sentence | Short example sentence for proficiency, Impart in a sentence | Short example sentence for impart, Acuity in a sentence | Short example sentence for acuity, Words to describe Aptitude | Aptitude Adjectives. But this tendency is not good for anyone. I hate myself for not having the will power to quit eating junk food. Still, she had an aptitude to learn spelling.'s your attitude, not Aptitude that determines your altitude in life. The ice may drift considerable distances each day.

There was no lack of aptitude to learn in her case. I experienced a feeling of antipathy towards the speaker. 32.take time to assess, your skills, temperament and Aptitude in depth.

Some other good synonyms for aptitude are:. an Aptitude for life-long learning. 1.this thing is a fresh thing, spend not how much silver, return Aptitude agreeable. 37.teaching students in accordance with their Aptitude is an ancient and new ideal of education. There are 7 example sentences for aptitude, and this page shows no. Aptitude sentence examples:1.this thing is a fresh thing, spend not how much silver, return Aptitude agreeable.2.your attitude, not your Aptitude, will determine your altitude.3.the test was to assess Aptitude rather than academic achievement4.i had no Aptitude for … You have to arrange jumble sentences into a meaningful paragraph by rearranging them. 4.i had no Aptitude for accountancy and began to hate it. 10.and many prodigies do not go on to greatness in their early field, while great performers include many who showed no special early Aptitude. He is so mild in disposition that I have never heard him speak in a loud voice. 20.had been never once listening to give crime to ground very the door returns Aptitude on the hoof?

capacity To our dismay the boat began to drift towards the rocks. 11.genius is nothing but a great Aptitude for patience.
16.he has an interest and an Aptitude for his work. 38.grammatical sensitivity, as one of the components of foreign langue Aptitude, is an important factor in foreign language learning. 2.your attitude, not your Aptitude, will determine your altitude. 18.a person having a specified Aptitude or set of interests. He felt annoyed at the stupidity of his son.

I have great aptitude for the teaching profession. I have great aptitude for business.
To speak out frankly, I have no aptitude for business. I have special aptitude for salesmanship. An aptitu 13.i would like the amount of work to be proportional to the income, and for the company to give important positions to people with Aptitude. aptitude in a sentence. 2. aptitude definition: 1. a natural ability or skill: 2. a natural ability or skill: 3. natural ability or skill: . Regular practice should help you achieve a good CAT, GRE and TOEFL Test score.

Jumble sentences rearrangement is a popular topic among all entrance exam. 28.resilience. A hobby should be pursued according to one’s nature of work and aptitude. Aptitude Synonyms and Examples of Aptitude in a Sentence. 40.thanks to his polyglot Aptitude, he made rapid progress. 3. interviews, your vocabulary is often viewed as related to your level of education and general Aptitude.


There will also be an aptitude test on Math and English. 26.village profession education reached to a situation where students were taught according to their Aptitude; need the variety and depth of college coursework to determine your interest and Aptitude. 36.the present study investigates the effects of language Aptitude and working memory on chinese efl learners'reading comprehension. 3. I have great aptitude as well as interest in Economics and Management. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Examples of aptitude in a sentence: 1. Aptitude for computing is beneficial for students taking this degree. 39.hence, teaching students in accordance of their Aptitude is first and foremost in language teaching. My sister has an aptitude for painting.

12.he has a natural Aptitude for painting. 17.margaret had a natural Aptitude for cooking and, with proper training, should be able to make the grade as a qualified chef. 15.measure the capability for a relatively specific task or type of skill; Aptitude tests are, in effect, a narrow form of ability testing. She has a tendency to look on the dark side of things.

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