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alkibiades ac odyssey quests

This quest can be located at Patrai in Mount Panachaikos, Achaia. In this quest, Kyra invites you on a little hunting expedition to see if misthios is as good with the bow as with words. She wants to get her hands on the Golden Feather of Ajax, and even has a map that will lead her to it. Golden Ratio is in Argos, Argolis, inside Polykleitos’s Workshop, located southeast of the Temple of Poseidon. Head back to your ship after accepting the side quest and head to the Pirate Island. Mark the enemies in the area, as well as entrances to Zakros’s underground cave on the east and west side. In the quest, you have to find and hunt Kallisto the Bear and loots its pelt before returning to Daphnae. Apparently, a man named Sophanes wanted to become an Athenian citizen, but needed Alexios's help in doing so. The thugs give you a choice to spare one of the couple, or fight the thugs. This will also complete this part of the quest. AC Odyssey: Main stroryline quests, list Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide and Walkthrough. The big stags are easiest to spot because of their antlers. Once you have defeated all the enemies, return to Drakios to face the final contender. One chest is on the second floor, while the other two are downstairs. Then free the caged grandmother and follow her down the road to talk to her. After a quick peck, you’ll trigger the super-flirty-sidequest “Goddess of the Hunt”. Speak to Alkibiades in the Port of Piraeus in Attika. RELATED: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: A Complete Guide To The Heroes Of The Cult. Kill the three cultist guards and then destroy the wine. You must have completed Debt Collector for this side quest to start. This quest can be found at the Warrior’s Rest on Dikte Plateau, Pephka. People are easily offended in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, so you’ll need to watch what you say to trigger these specific events. This concludes our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Side Quests Guide. In this quest, you have to gather 3 more Spartan seals. Return to Hippokrates. Defeat and loot every polemarch to get the seal. Talk to the magistrate once the enemies are defeated. Follow through with your decision, and then talk to Makar or Laneira depending on your decision. Get all the best bits of VG247 delivered to your inbox every Friday! These side quests range from saving people to looting treasure to collecting bear scrotums. Either pay 1500 Drachmae, or participate in a pre-trial. Ancient Greeks might have preferred open-toed sandals, but they sure knew a lot about knocking boots. Version: 1 | Updated: 05/14/2019 FAQ of the Month Winner: May 2019. Give him the package and when he learns it is from Diodoras, he becomes enraged. Survey the area and mark the soldier locations. Next, talk to his slave master on the ledge above. You’ll then have to go and deliver them to Lynkaon’s patients. If you simply had to rock up at the marked location and pick up the Golden Feather of Ajax from the ground under a big ‘X’ symbol, this wouldn’t have been very challenging, would it? You can sneak around and untie the rebel and sneak out of the area. This quest can be found in Temple of Artemis in Sacred Lands of Apollo, Phokis. This quest can be found in Aion Vineyard in Highlands of Asklepiades, Kos Island. This quest requires level 43 and will reward you with Militia Helmet, drachmae and XP. | Terms of service He will be in the room far side of the Fort. You will be given a choice to say if you are the Olympic Champion or not. This quest requires level 34 and will reward you with Conflict Spear, drachmae and high XP. He wants you to escort someone out of the city. When you return there’ll be some dudes to kill. This quest requires level 26 and rewards you with medium Xp. This quest can be found in Hydrea Apple Farm in Eros Grove, Hydrea Island. This quest requires level 27 and rewards you with Minotaur Torso armor, Minotaur Mace, and medium XP. Find and interact with the symbol on the Statue at the Aphrodite’s Beauty in Pilgrim Hill on Kythera Island. In this quest, the freed prisoner needs your help and needs to reach the ship safely. Talk to Augeia and interact with the broken pots and battered scarf. This will trigger the romance scene between the two of you. If you choose to kill the rebel, you must chase him down and your bounty will increase. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Head to Kynthos Ruins in southwest Sacred Lands of Artemis on Deos island. This quest can be found in Kythera Town in Pilgrim Hill, Kythera island. There are eight locked-up crew members guarded by six Spartan soldiers. This quest requires level 25 and rewards you with Lysander’s Chestplate torso armor, high drachmae and Xp. Kill them all and loot them to find the feather. This quest can be found in Skyros Island, Abantis Islands. Talk to Kyra near the Temple of Artemis in Mykonos City. The plan is to burn four Athenian war supplies. The general is alone or joined by one guard inside. Hence, they are excellent source of keeping you busy if you are looking for a break from the main story. Accept the quest and go get his mandrake herbs from the quest marker, carefully dealing with the nearby wolves. Kyra with a Cause will then end, and you’ll get another quest: “Bleeding Hearts and Stolen Money”. In this quest, a friend of Aklibiades wants you be taken neat the border of Megaris. Watch ot for the six Dagger associates who were tipped off by the farmer and kill them. On the island, you’ll find the aforementioned Xenia,a formidable Pirate Queen who has cooked up a treasure hunt for you. The second guard may find a body left inside the other rooms, so work quickly or kill them both. Once you reach the location you will be ambushed by thre rogues, kill them to complete the quest. All Rights Reserved. If you begin this quest and then accept The Final Battle, this quest is replaced in your log. You can complete this side quest as many times as you like.

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