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actiontec wcb6200q not working

All the trouble shooting I was doing was with the new products (WCB6200Q, ECB6200) all supported MoCA 2.0. Power on the ECB2500C and the WCB6200Q next to each other. I asked this very question to both of the Actiontec reps with whom I spoke on the phone, and they both asserted these devices were compatible with each other, so it seems like perhaps this incompatibility is not widely known within Actiontec. Eero is not even the only game in town. I need to know where to place a splitter to get the MoCA to talk to the extender. I am going to buy a 3200 extender, and/or increase my speed, I have not decided which yet. #1 seems simpler given I have had no issues with coverage except outside, but I am wondering if I am better off getting away from verizon equipment. WCB6200Q extenders, connected to my G1100 via coax, work with the G3100? Business Blog; Education Blog; … I also have an Ethernet cable connection going from my Modem/Router to the Extender. If I ever want to strengthen further, buy another moca adapter for first floor. You also need to configure your computers Ethernet adapter to the same IP range. You're being smarter than i am, ‎07-28-2020 It would be surprising but unlikely that they didn't know this modem could only do MoCA 1.0. Last, if the answer is no could the WCB6200Qs at least be used as non WiFi extenders for devices connected to them by Ethernet? You should get the following lights on the WCB6200Q (Power, 2.4 & 5). To access the GUI of the WCB6200Q do the following.1. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Steve, did you get your problem resolved? See how coverage is. (Purple cable in picture below), Next, take another ethernet cable and plug it into a laptop or a computer (Yellow able in the picture below). I STILL do not know how to post a screenshot along with this post given that you cannot drag and drop a file into the post, select a file or the other usual methods. You may want to verify with the ISP and Manufacturer. I have a Starburst recommended splitter. Anyway, I now have 3 coax cables not being used for anything in the house. The instructions can be found at this link. Spectrum tells us they can’t do anything … Only when I went back to my original setup with ECB2500's did everything work normally again. Hi, Will my existing WCB6200Q extenders, connected to my G1100 via coax, work with the G3100? This should bring up the login screen to the WCB6200Q. The only funny thing was that I couldn’t obviously tell when the ECB6250 went through reset---no blinking lights, no change in color of LED’s, even if I held the reset button down for 20 seconds. Password phrase -> input the same as your router's for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. I was not pushing down the MPS button on the ECB6250. I was more concentrated on why you weren't able to get the coax lights light on the units. I'm using MoCA 2.0 Network Adapter ECB6000, one bi-directional splitter 5-1675 Mhz 6kV - Coax ports are 3.5 dB, with a Technicolor DPC3848VE DOCSIS 3.0 modem. I purchased the WCB6200Q to fix some dead areas. I connected the input port on the ECB2500C to the Extender and still no light. Would a single press of this button at any time cause an issue? 11:16 AM. Make sure the coaxial cable on both sides are linked. The bottom line question is--can I tie all three cables together with a coax joiner and it should work (given that the wiring is good)? This is as much time as I am going to devote to this. I had four free cables included in the price of the house, so added 3 coax and 1 phone line to bring in DSL. LAN Coax: a MoCA-based network segment on the router. It is not a splitter, so is there something special that I should be looking for, in order to make these lines talk to the adapters correctly? Re: G3100 and WCB6200Q Extender - do they work together? I am very happy with the technical support I got from Actiontec and all the devices being mailed back and forth while we troubleshot the issue. 2) Buy a G1100 from amazon ($99 renewed?) I tried to make them work and no go they even state that on their sales page. The WCB6200Q would flash a red LED and go through an obvious boot-up of it’s lights. I tested the device at the other locations that have a working MoCA adapter and the light still never turned on. Thanks! I asked how likely that was or how good this item is if I have ordered two brand new ones and they both show up broken out of the box? IMHO, the addition of a mesh would be 'yours' independent of the provider, and you can likely add/customize as you need. Some of your questions I can answer, others not. Recently, I found someone has successfully connected. Privacy | I have to ask did you try the test described above with the photos? If yes, will they continue to work as a SON as it did with the G1100 for roughly the last year? I need to reopen this discussion to seek clarification on G3100's MoCA support. and then buy a mesh system to plug in there and run wifi through that. Open Internet Explorer or Safari and in the address bar type (NOTE: If this unit came from a ISP use the IP on the sticker).5. HIi everyone, we just got service setup with spectrum using a modem and 5260 router. After testing them, I disconnected the unit that was connected to the laptop, took off the end of that coax cable and put it in the splitter and the coaxial light died :(. This should not be so hard. If I can't get the problem with my WCB6200Q figured out, I'm going to have return this second device and give up. I wish Verizon can create web-based emulators for all the configuration interfaces. Install it next to your new router, connect the ethernet to a router LAN port, connect coax to your cable plant. What kind of splitters are you using if any? Then your issue is with one of the other devices that you are using. Also, if you can upload some pictures, that will be very helpful (please redact out your MAC Address, passwords, and other identifiable information). How far are the devices from each other? C. Power on the ECB2500C  You should now have the Power and Coax light green on the ECB2500C and the WCB6200Q Coax light should have come on as well.3. Thanks for your response. Configure the Ethernet adapter IPv4 address on a computer/laptop to the following    IP =    Subnet =    No need to set gateway or DNS. If yes, will they continue to work as a SON as it did with the G1100 for roughly the last year? A. It is kind of similar to E3200 with 802.11ax and MoCA 2.5.

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