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ac syndicate st paul puzzle

You need to enter from the front in order to get below the wooden stand that sits above the base of the monument. Note: The screen shot shows the positions of all the gears except the last one, which triggers the puzzle. Top: Sun Start Examining the Monument with Eagle Vision, Gather some Rooks to help to distract the policemen and place your first slate in the base of the Monument. Showing how to solve the St. Paul's Puzzle. If there’s a carriage nearby, take it and go, otherwise run to the next waypoint. To sabotage the contraband, you need to ignite the small crates of explosives near the contraband. Once you’re in the room, hide and wait for the other patrolling guard to walk around the corner, then take him out. Grapple up to the rafters as you approach the target to steal from. Once you have the loot, detach the cargo wagon (the one you’re on when you search the final crate), jump back to the previous train and prepare to defend Ned if you left enemies alive on the other train. Puzzles are few and far between in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate but if you’re struggling on one of the few, we’ve got you covered. Your next task is to search the crates on the train, with an optional challenge of detaching the two reinforcement wagons. If you run out of bombs, access another crate to get more. Continue down the stairs in the southeast corner to initiate another cut scene, then it’s time to flee the scene. Wait until he moves up the stairs and into the crowd, then sneak up behind him and steal (or just kill him). Complete the battle to finish the memory, then pull the lever to open the hidden door and leave. Drive the carriage to the next waypoint, and as you approach, the enemy carriage you’re after will flee and two more carriages will attack the other omnibus. Later on, they will kill Lucy Thorne, assassinate Pearl Attaway and escape by train. Evie and Jacob meet on a rooftop where he discusses her progress with the search of Piece of Eden and he wants to help her, but Evie avoid and asks Jacob to let her continue her hunt alone and meanwhile you just hunt the Templars down. Once the thugs are down, follow Bell to his carriage, then drive to the telegraph station (the next waypoint). Friendly Competition. Examine the artifact and prepare to fight Lucy. AC:S Solve St. Paul’s Puzzle. Make sure you don’t start a Chaos and run everyone out, just keep it simple and easy. For Assassin's Creed Syndicate on the PC, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How do I solve the St. Paul's puzzle? Here I run through a quick guide of the Saint Paul puzzle from a memory in sequence 5, Room with a View. ". You can forgo the ships and head back across the bridge to the north side of the Thames. Head to the building where the vantage point is located (the next waypoint). The end puzzle … You can sneak over to him and use patience to clear a path to Millner, or you can run right up to him and start a fight. When the group moves, move along with them and toss a second bomb when signaled again. Open the item box near the blueprints, then steal the prints. As you open the Vault, Ms. Throne appears and demands the Key to Piece of Eden. If you mess up the rotations you can cancel out of it to reset the gear positions. There’s a guard near the window you came in through, but if you quickly run up the stairs and back to the window, you can take out the guard before the others notice you. Here is how to solve the puzzle involving the rotating cogs at St. Paul’s Cathedral. The police won’t move around the carriage, giving you plenty of time to move up behind Ned’s carriage and complete the task.

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