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aarong cheese price in bd

Compare. Net weight 250 gm. Through this system, independent producers conducting fair trade with Aarong are encouraged to organise other artisans from their communities, including those communities which BRAC’s services have not yet reached. Empowering crafters in a nutshellAs one of Bangladesh's largest fashion retail chains under the umbrella of one of the world’s largest NGOs, Aarong’s flagship outlet also claims the largest retail space in the country as part of its presence in the Uttara district of Dhaka. Sort By. Aarong Instant Full Cream Milk Powder 200GM . Add to wishlist. Join our newsletter to get updates on Aarong Dairy. Made from pure, sweet natural cream, collected from the milk of grass-fed cattle of rural Bangladesh. Add to wishlist. Not only has Aarong been a trendsetter in the local fashion industry, with the Uttara flagship store claiming the title of the largest retail outlet of a single brand, but it is also a pioneer of its kind in entering the global market, having opened a franchised outlet in London in 2001, and planning the extension of its e-commerce website to international markets in the near future. Compare. So mom, rest assured that with your love and our nutrition your child is getting the best. One can spread it on bread for quick breakfast or snacks or to add extra taste in any foods. How it all startedWhen BRAC started its journey in 1972, the initial goal was to serve as a relief operations committee for a designated amount of time. The sericulture project has supported women in the rural areas of Manikganj in producing high quality silk, and women in rural communities of Jamalpur in producing traditional hand-stitched nakshikantha. Add. BEGA GOURMET CHEESE 12 SLICES 200G ৳ 290. You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page Next; Show . It’s a delicious cheese that can use in any meal. Aarong continuously develops the artisans’ skills through training programmes, and conducts quality control of the completed items before they are bought at a fair price and then sold across retail outlets in urban markets. Add to cart. A password will be sent to your email address. Compare. 7 Up Can-330ml ৳ 140. Additionally, more than 35,000 other artisans are working at AAF centres, producing and selling goods to Aarong to support themselves and their families, resulting in a total of over 320,000 direct and indirect beneficiaries. Today, there are almost 800 independent producers active in different corners of Bangladesh and working with them are nearly 30,000 rural artisans. Add to wishlist. Philadelphia cream cheese is soft, mild-testing fresh cheese made from milk and cream and good for make delicious breakfast, dinners and desserts. Smooth and creamy cheese with cheesy flavor. AAF gathers and organises both the skilled and previously untrained artisans from various village organisations across the country and provides them with training and employment; its numerous centres serving as Aarong's production hubs. Initially, BRAC had a few scattered buyers in Dhaka, with weeks or even months passing between supply and payment. And at the heart of the story, lies a single theme: empowering rural communities rise above poverty. Thus, Aarong was launched in 1978, creating a linkage between the rural poor and urban retailers. E-mail:, Last modified on Sunday, 17 April 2016 07:34, World Bank, BRAC Join Hands to Improve Road Safety in Bangladesh, BRAC addresses devastation from Cyclone Amphan amid COVID-19 in Bangladesh, GoB will build international standard para-sports complex for athletes with disabilities, BRAC ranked #1 NGO in the world for the fifth consecutive year, BRAC Artificial Insemination Enterprise ». Through BRAC’s innovative approach, the global community now has a prime example of how targeted mobilisation of the poor can support sustainable development efforts, while also generating a financial surplus. Its unique Choco-Malty taste is loved by children all over the world which is a blend of cocoa, milk, and malt. per page. Made from pure, sweet natural cream, collected from the milk of grass-fed cattle of rural Bangladesh. It also recognised that it was the male members of families who marketed the crops and reaped the profits, even though women completed about 75 percent of the agricultural work. Aarong offers a wide variety of products and designs in its outlets including embroidery, block and screen prints, tie-dyes, vegetable dyes, batik, block cuttings, furniture, wall mats, toys, pottery, metal works, jewellery, leather products, candles, handmade paper and paper products. The foundation currently has 13 centres and 541 sub-centres spread across Bangladesh. Currently a health security scheme for artisans and their family members is being piloted to protect artisans against catastrophic health expenditures. No products were found matching your selection. The birth of AarongBRAC observed that women in Bangladesh were increasingly involved in agricultural activities. Aarong UTH Milk is full of protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus which aids in better growth and it also has vitamin A, B, D, and Zinc that helps to build a better immune system. Compare. Committed to being environmentally friendly, Aarong has also introduced dyes free from AZO (restricted aromatic which may be harmful to skin) and PCP (used for chlorination, also deemed harmful) in its cotton fabric production. Click to open expanded view. The workspaces are often right at the doorsteps of the artisans, to enable them to mainly work from home while being able to look after their families.Taking into account the specific needs of its employees illustrates how Aarong through AAF has always infused a conscious effort to address issues such as the environment, gender-specific needs, safety, security and most importantly - the empowerment of women. Smooth and creamy cheese with pizza flavor.

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